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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR TIME in JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Interacting with Time & Timing elements in Javascript, including timing infinite loops, measuring user's time on website, development of a clock, and more.

JavaScript Timing Events
With JavaScript, it is possible to execute some code NOT immediately after a function is called, but after a specified time interval. This is called timing events.

Simple timing
Example of Simple timing.

Another simple timing
Example of Another simple timing.

Timing event in an infinite loop
Example of Timing event in an infinite loop.

Timing event in an infinite loop: with a Stop button
Example of Timing event in an infinite loop - with a Stop button.

A clock created with a timing event
Example of A clock created with a timing event.

Measuring users' time on a page
This script can tell the visitors of your homepage how much time they have spent on your page. To do that, first we create a function called person_in(). This function creates a new date instance which is called via the onLoad() event handler.

The mystery of time
JavaScript has a number of functions that deal with time…

the months
there is little new to learn to get the months. There is a function getMonth() which which corresponds with getDay(), and as with the days, we need to make an array writing the months in the way we want them displayed.

Visual Clock
This script shows a real-time digital clock using your own images…

Countdown Timer
This script will count down from a set time and will stop when it reaches zero. Very useful and easy to use for sites where a redirection is necessary.

Online Timer
Display how long a visitor has been on your site.

Status Bar Clock Script
This script displays the current time/date in the status bar.

Display Time and Document URL
Display the current time plus the document's URL conveniently using this script.

Time of Day Message Script
This script shows a different message depending on the time of day.

ISO Date
Display the date and time in accordance with the ISO 8601 standard.


Stop Watch Script
Add a nifty JavaScript stop watch to your site! Comes with the basic stop/start and reset feature.

Military to Standard Time Display Script
This script has a textbox containing the time, and below are two radio buttons allowing you to specify how the time will be displayed.

Text Time Format
This script collects the current time from your computer and writes it to HTML format for the browser to display.

Limited Page View Script
Limit the time that a page is viewed using this script.

Clock Pointer
A clever clock that follows the mouse.

Clock Talk
You can set a time for an alert to pop up and say something to your visitor.

World Time for 22 World Capitals
Just doubleclick anywhere on the white space of this webpage and the local time of 22 capitals will appear. Doubleclick again and the worldtime will disappear.

In JavaScript you usually set things to occur in response to certain event, like when the page loads or after the page loads, or when the user clicks on something.

Display the current time
Simply copy this script inside the of your HTML document. It should be placed wherever you want the time to be displayed.

Date and Time Last Modified Display
Use this code snippet to determine and display the date the document was last modified (date and time)…

Status Date/Time Display
Use this code to display the date/time dynamically on the status bar on a particular page. Take a look at the status bar on this page for an example…

Title Bar Date and Time Display
Use this code snippet to display today's date and current time on your web page TITLE BAR.

Timed Events
There will often be times (particularly if you are creating animated effects) where you want a piece of Javascript code to run after a set amount of time has passed. You may even want the code to run over and over at set intervals. To do this we need to u

Introduction to date and time
This page describes the basics of date and time scripting and explains the millennium problem.

Date and time
On this page I give a script to print out the present time and date, both in 24hrs format and in am/pm format. Many people want this on their website, no doubt because otherwise surfers would completely forget what time and date it is.

Internet Beat
The Internet Beat is a new measure of time, meant especially for the Internet. It divides the day into 1000 beats of 86.4 seconds each. It is written with an @ in front of it. The great advantage of it is that it offers a truly worldwide time, so that ...


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