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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR PROGRAMMING of JAVASCRIPT FUNCTIONS: Learn about Development of Javascript Functions, including coding of predefined functions, classes, Functions with Arguments, Parameters & Return Values & References, and more.

JavaScript Functions
Functions are defined using the key word "function followed by its name and variables being passed to it in the following syntax…

JavaScript Predefined Functions
In this tutorial you learn a Predefined Functions of JavaScript…

A function is a block with a (possibly empty) argument list that is normally given a name. A function may give back a return value…

JavaScript Functions
A function is a set of statements used to perform a specific task. Whenever a function is needed, it's "called" from somewhere within the script or from within the page itself. Functions organize scripts into different sections…

Functions and Classes
The most basic purpose of a function is to contain code. A function's advanced features are that it can take parameters and return values.

A function groups together a set of statements under a named subroutine. This allows you to conveniently "call" the function whenever its action is required. Functions are a fundamental building block of most JavaScript programs, so you'll become quite fa

JavaScript Function
A function is a reusable code-block that will be executed by an event, or when the function is called.

Function Example
How to call a function.

Function with arguments Example
How to pass a variable to a function, and use the variable in the function.

Function with arguments 2 Example
How to pass variables to a function, and use these variables in the function.

Function that returns a value Example
How to let the function return a value.

A function with arguments, that returns a value: Example
How to let the function find the sum of 2 arguments and return the result.

Function Basics
Unlike many programming languages, JavaScript can be written in bits and pieces. It may be interspersed with HTML code on a web page so long as the JavaScript conforms to its own programming language rules.

The SetTimeout Function
you want to set things to happen after a certain amount of time? Well, the setTimeout function can help you create some nice scripts that will use time delays to make things happen. Let's take a look at how to call the setTimeout function…

Creating a new method with a function
Learn how you Create a new method with a function…


Creating a Function
In the concept of creating a variable, you assign a one-word title to the output of a JavaScript command or event. Creating a function is doing the exact same thing except you are assigning a title to an entire series of commands. You are combining many J

Passing Information to the Function
The purpose of this example is to go a little deeper into forms and JavaScript. This is where it becomes really important to understand the hierarchy of objects and how functions work.

Putting it all together: Functions from a Function
This example is the final new topic in our tutorial. It introduces arrays. You have already learned about variables…

Instead of just adding your javascript to the page and having the browser perform the tasks as soon as the script is read, you might want your javascript to be performed only upon the detection of a certain event…

Introduction to Functions
A function is an assignment that JavaScript can take care of for you. It is a technique used to isolate a group of instructional code so that other parts of the application can depend on it to provide them with a reliable result.

Built-In Functions
To help with script programming, the JavaScript language provides many functions already built-in the browser. These functions are readily available and you can use them as you see fit.

Functions are the last bit of basic programming you need to know before you can understand and perform your own serious JavaScripting. All programming languages have functions…

Functions with No Parameters
Example of Functions with No Parameters.This HTML page contains a function called…

Parameters and Return Values
Although functions with no parameters are pretty handy for cutting down on the amount of typing you have to do and help make your HTML look better, functions that take parameters are far more useful.

Functions with More Than 1 Parameter
Here are the arrays I've defined more than one Parameter...

JavaScript Functions
A function is a set of statements used to perform a specific task. Whenever a function is needed, it's "called" from somewhere within the script or from within the page itself.

Return Statements of Function
If you create a function and call it once, that works well, but what if you want the function to carry out a task that can by reused within the main script multiple times? JavaScript uses a "return" statement for this very situation…

Javascript Functions
A function is a piece of code that sits dormant until it is referenced or called upon to do its "function". In addition to controllable execution, functions are also a great time saver for doing repeatable tasks.

JavaScript Functions
The very moment you find yourself writing redundant code over and over again, you have a need for functions. Function is a collection of code designed to perform a distinct action…

Constructor Function
Here is an example of how to create custom objects and properties using the Constructor Function.

Constructor Function with an Arguments
Using arguments, we've simplified the code. Rather than creating two more functions that extend the Table function for the two tds, we're using one constructor function for all the table tags.

Constructor Function Methods
This example demonstrates how to create custom methods.

JavaScript Functions: Creating and Using 1
Functions pack JavaScript statements in a block that can be used over and over again. Any programming language worth its salt allows coders to define and call functions.

Learning JavaScript Functions 2
Here is how you solve the problem of using the same function to open windows with different urls…

Global and Local variables in JavaScript Functions
JavaScript functions help us divided our script into discrete chunks of code. Functions contain blocks of statements that can be regarded as separate entities from the main script because they are only executed when the function is called….

Writing functions
Functions are defined using…

JavaScript functions
Functions are the essential building blocks of your scripts. They are used to combine multiple statements in one place. A function can return a result, which can then be assigned to a variable.

Passing data by value and by reference
When you pass data to a function by value, this means that you are passing whatever the variable is holding, not the variable itself.

Basically functions are a way for bundling several commands together. Let's write a script which outputs a certain text three times…

Functions are blocks of code which get executed when called…

Basic Functions
A function is a statement block that has been assigned a name…

Advanced Functions
This material covers advanced features of functions. Since functions are also intimately related to objects, we also look at some other aspects of functions when we look at objects.

Function Object
There are several ways to define a function in JavaScript…

Often when you are writing a program you find that there is a series of statements that you need to repeat in multiple places in the program. Rather than write these lines multiple times making your program huge, we can extract the lines into a function a

Passing Parameters
You have already seen how functions can be used to run the same group of statements from multiple places within your program…

Value of a Function
In this one you will learn how the function can also pass one value back to the calling code. This single value that is returned is considered to be the value of the function itself.

Function: escape
The top-level function, escape, encodes the string that is contained in the string argument to make it portable. A string is considered portable if it can be transmitted across any network to any computer that supports ASCII characters.

Function: eval
The top-level function, eval, evaluates and/or executes a string of JavaScript code that is contained in the codestring argument.

Function: isFinite
The top-level function, isFinite, is used to determine if the argument, testnumber, is a finite and legal number. This function returns true for a finite number and otherwise returns false.

The isNaN function is used to determine if the argument, testvalue, is a NaN…

Function: number
The top-level function, number, converts the object argument to a string representing the object's value. If the value cannot be represented by a legitimate number, the "Not-a-Number" value, NaN is returned.

Function: parseFloat
The top-level function, parseFloat, finds the first number in a string.

Function: parseInt
The top-level function, parseInt, find the first integer in a string…


Function: string
The top-level function, string, converts the object argument to a string representing the object's value.

Function: taint
The taint function is deprecated…

Function: unescape
The top-level function, unescape, decodes an encoded string argument that was created using the escape function.

Function: untaint
The untaint function is deprecated. The Data-Tainting Security Model, which used the taint and untaint functions...

Statement: function
The function statement declares a function with its specified parameters, which can include numbers, strings and objects…

Functions are the central working units of JavaScript. Nearly every script on this site uses one or more functions to get the desired result…

JavaScript Functions
Functions are an important part in any programming language. A function is a block of commands, which can be executed again and again, by the calling the name. JavaScript contains some inbuilt functions…

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