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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR PROGRAMMING VARIABLES IN JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Development of Javascript Variables, including Variables & Operators, Javascript Data Types, Declaring Variables, Defining Variables, and more.

JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Variable type is not defined. Names begin with upper or lower case A through Z and the"_" character. The remaining characters may consist of the same characters it may begin with and digits 0 through 9. Types of variables include…

What's a variable? Let's suppose x=5…

Variables are generally dynamically typed. Variables are defined by either just assigning them a value or by using the var statement…

Data Types & Variables
A "data type" is just that: a type of data (e.g., letters, numbers) used within a script. JavaScript is a "loosely typed" language, meaning you don't need to specify the type of data being declared in a variable…

Variables and Operators Explained
The most basic computer programming term is a variable. A variable can hold whatever we want it to…

Variables and Data Types
Variables store and retrieve data, also known as "values". A variable can refer to a value which changes or is changed. Variables are referred to by name, although the name you give them must conform to certain rules.

JavaScript Variables
A variable is a "container" for information you want to store.

Variable Example
Variables are used to store data. This example will show you how.

Variable Basics and Program Flow Control
Here is what this part of the tutorial covers…

Declaring Variables and Functions
Now it's time to get into some really fun stuff. Yes, variables and functions. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds.....let's start with declaring variables. You'll want to keep all of your variables in the HEAD section for now. Place the declaration

Values, Variables, and Operators
Today we are going to begin our discussion of the basics for the JavaScript Language. Much of what we will be discussing is common to most programming languages. It is important that you get a good grasp of the material so that you will be ready to tackle

JavaScript Programming, Data Types, Literals, and Variables
In JavaScript and many other programming languages as well, literal values, variables, function calls, and operators are combined to create expressions. Expressions are combined to create statements. Statements are combined to create programs.

Prompts & Variables
I have two concepts in this primer. One you'll only use when you want to prompt the user for information. The second, creating variables, you'll use throughout the remainder of your JavaScript life.

Variables can be compared to small boxes with names…

JavaScript Variables
A variable is an amount of memory space reserved to store a piece of information of your code. To use such a memory space, you must first let the browser know that you would need it.

Variables are a basic technique used for storing data in a script. A variable "holds" a specific value…

Global and Local Variables
As you have seen, variables can be used within functions, but not all variables used within a function are the same. There are two types of variables used within a function: global and local.


JavaScript Variables
Variables in Javascript behave the same as variables in most popular programming languages (C, C++, etc) except that you don't have to declare variables before you use them.

JavaScript Variables
While programming with JavaScript, you will constantly be working with two things, data and statements to perform operations on these data. JavaScript, just like any other programming language, uses variables to store data in. You can create new variable

Variables are used for storing values. They can be considered as building blocks of a program. JavaScript allows you to store all kinds of values in variables.

Variables and JavaScript methods
Till now we've looked at two important methods, the alert() method of the window object and write() of document object. You've also seen how text or numbers can be passed to these methods…

Variable types are not important in JavaScript. They may be interchanged as necessary. This means that if a variable is a string one minute, it can be an integer the next.

Declaring and naming variables
Variables allow you to refer to stored data by name, and manipulate the data.

The life of variables
The variables you declare can be global or local.

Variables in JavaScript
This introductory level tutorial will show you different types of the variables in JavaScript. You will see an example of getting type information in the runtime.

A variable is a name, or identifier, associated with a value. The variable can be seen as storing, or holding, the value…

Defining Variables
In this tutorial we will build on what we learned with our first script by creating a variable and displaying the value of that on our web page instead of displaying static text.

Variable Scope
An earlier tutorial in this series introduced you to the variable which contains a value that can be modified or used at various spots within the program. What wasn't nmentioned at that time is that you can't define a variable at any spot in the program a

Variables are like storage units. You can create variables to hold values…

Variables and Data Types
Variables store and retrieve data, also known as "values". A variable can refer to a value which changes or is changed…

If you want to store a value or some text in your script you need a "container". In JavaScript these containers are called "variables"…

Make sure you've done the my JavaScript basics tutorial before you tackle this tutorial…

Statement: var
The var statement is used to declare a variable, and outside of a function its use is optional.

JavaScript Variables
Variables are an important part of programming languages. They are basically used to store values or information…


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