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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR BROWSER DETECTION PROGRAMMING in JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Development of Javascript Browser Detection, including Browser-Based Objects, Detecting Visitor's Browsers, Alerting Users, Redirecting Based on Browser-Type, Browser Information Written, and more.

JavaScript's Browser-Based Objects
JavaScript has several browser-based objects. These allow us to interact with the browser and Web page itself. All of the browser-based objects are placed in a hierarchy, beginning with the window object.

JavaScript Browser Detection
The JavaScript Navigator object contains information about the visitor's browser.

Detect the visitor's browser and browser version
Example of Detect the visitor's browser and browser version.

More details about the visitor's browser
Example of More details about the visitor's browser.

All details about the visitor's browser
Example of All details about the visitor's browser.

Alert user, depending on browser
Example of Alert user, depending on browser.

Redirecting Based on Browser Type
Redirecting based on browser type can be done using a JavaScript function to check navigator.userAgent for the string "MSIE" which will tell you whether or not your visitors are using a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. By modifying window.location,

Detect Web Browser Plug-ins
Using JavaScript you can detect what plug-ins exist within a Web Browser. However, this works only with Netscape Navigator. The following code shows how to detect for the audio/midi mime type…

JavaScript Redirection
Redirection is often used to take viewers to a page depending on their browser's name or version. To redirect a viewer instantly, you just need to add a short command in your head section…


JavaScript Browser Detection
Browser detection allows you to find out what browser your viewer is using, and then perform a script based on it-- or just to send a friendly message to those with your favorite browser.

Browser Entry Alert
This script shows an alert with the viewer's browser name and browser version when entering your page.

Browser Information Written on Page
This script writes the viewer's browser name and browser version onto your page.

Browser Redirect (Version 4 Browsers)
This script sends the viewer to the right page depending on the type of browser being used. If the browser is NS or IE, version 4 or better, the viewer is taken to a page for version 4 browsers. Otherwise, the viewer goes to a page for lower version brows

Browser Redirect (Netscape or Internet Explorer)
This script sends the viewer to the right page depending on the type of browser being used. If the browser is NS, it goes to an NS version of the page. If it is IE, it goes to an IE version of the page. Otherwise, the viewer goes to a page for other brows

Browser Reload/Refresh Button
This script allows the viewer to reload/refresh the current page by clicking a button.

Browser Detection
For various reasons, it may be useful to detect the visitor's browser type and version…

The Technique
Browser detection is based on the navigator object. This object holds name, version, etc. of the browser…

Browser Detection: Example
In this example we send Netscape visitors to Yahoo, while we send MSIE visitors to either Hotbot or MSN depending on the browser version.If it's none of the above the visitor is sent to Webcrawler.

Browser ReDirect
This tool will let you easily create a page that detects the visitor's browser and automatically loads a specific page depending on which browser is used.

Browser Information
If your visitors are not quite sure the details of the browser they are using, you can show them with this neat little script. The script will produce a table that shows the browser name, version, platform name, and whether Java is enabled.

Browser Information
This script does a great job of displaying information about your web browser including version, your computer's platform, if Java is enabled, how many pages you've visited, and screen resolution. Take a look, it's pretty cool.

Browser Name
I always like to show the visitor a little bit more about their computer than just the name. This script does that for me, or you…

Browser Properties
More information about the web browser than you knew existed! Find out the code name, color depth, platform, if java is enabled, resolution, ip address, hostname, and more! Simply incredible.

Browser-Specific Entry
If you maintain a different page for Microsoft Internet Explorer and another for Netscape browsers, you should use this script. Quite simply, it sends the right browser to the right browser-optimized page.

Browser Version
This script will also provide a little bit more information about the visitor's browser.

Browser Version
Unlike the previous browser information scripts, this one supports Netscape 6 and Opera browsers!

Browser & Version Redirect
If you maintain separate pages for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers and want to additionally divide each browser's page into version pages, this script is for you.

History Length
It is surprising to know that a web page can actually know how many pages you have been to this browser session. That is exactly what this script does.

Info Table
JavaScript can write a neat little box to the screen telling the visitor's browser and operating system.

IP Address
This script displays the user's IP address in the title bar, status bar, and/or an alert box.

IP Address Filter
(Netscape 4.0+ with Java enabled only!) JavaScript can prevent visitors with certain IP addresses from visiting your site. Simply enter part of their IP address (the more you enter the greater the chance only the intended person will not be able to enter

IP Address Filter 2
Use this script to block IP addresses. Just add the address to the script and it will be blocked from entering your site.

(Version 4.0+ browsers) Redirects a user to the page based on their language. For example, English language user browsers, which report the language as 'en' in most cases, can be redirected to an English page, while Spanish language user browser…

Resolution Page
When users visit your page, JavaScript will determine their screen's resolution and redirect them to the page of your site that you wrote for that screen size!

User Language and Country
Identify the language and country of the user's browser. Very comprehensive! IE only.

New Browsers Only
It's often necessary to make a script only accessible to the newer browsers (that can support the script without error) and keep older browsers from trying to work with it.

JavaScript's Browser-Based Objects
JavaScript has several browser-based objects. These allow us to interact with the browser and Web page itself. All of the browser-based objects are placed in a hierarchy, beginning with the window object.

Determine the width of the browser window
This javascript gives you the width of your browser window, useful if your design depends on the size of the screen. Note that Netscape & Internet Explorer both use different variable names.

Browser detection through JavaScript: Navigator Object
Getting client (browser) details is very easy through JavaScript. Client name, version, codename and the platform used are available through the navigator object and its properties.


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