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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR PROGRAMMING of CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS in JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Development of Javascript Conditional Statements, including While & If Then Statements, flow controls, nested statements, switch statements, Booleans, Functions, Variables, If Then Statements, Conditional Operators, and more.

Conditional Statements
A conditional statement is used to execute a portion of code, based on the outcome of whether a condition is met. We perform these types of operations all the time in our everyday lives.

Object Properties and Flow Controls
This article, the second in our series of JavaScript Tutorials, covers variables within objects, the use of If, Else and Switch, plus loop statements including For, In, While, Break and Continue.

Statements define the flow of a script, known as "program flow." A statement, like a fully grammatical English sentence, is made up of smaller expressions which, altogether, evaluate into a cogent meaning. In JavaScript, statements are organized as either

JavaScript If...Else Statements
Conditional statements in JavaScript are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.

If statement Example
How to write an if statement.

If...else statement Example
How to write an if...else statement.

If..elseif...else statement Example
How to write an if..else if...else statement.

JavaScript Switch Statement
Conditional statements in JavaScript are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.

Switch statement Example
How to write a switch statement.

if Statement, Boolean, Functions and Variable Scope
This lesson introduces you to two essential constructs of the JavaScript language, the if statement and the function.

JavaScript Programming, Flow of Control
JavaScript supports several different kinds of statements designed to alter or control the logical flow of control in the script…

IF/ELSE Statements
This second If example includes a random number, two functions, and introduces If/Else. If/Else allows the program to decide what to do both when the condition is true and when the condition is false, thus increasing your control of your program.

Sometimes javascript requires the ability to make distinctions between different possibilities…

Controlling Program Flow
In this tutorial you'll learn how to write code to make decisions (e.g. "if the user has selected this checkbox, display this message"), and perform the same action many times (called "looping")…


Conditional Operators
Conditional statements allow you to control the flow of execution of a script or one of its sections. To do this, you use some keywords and associate them with expressions to check. Depending on the outcome of the checking process and other comparison ope

Conditional Statements
A script is usually executed in a top-down approach. Instead of letting the browser proceed as you wish, you can set a condition that would control the sequence of processing. If the condition you set if true, then you can perform a desired operation. Th

if-then Branching
What "if-then" statements do is allow your program to behave very differently depending on what a user inputs…

Example of a Simple if-then Statement
If you typed yes in the prompt box, you should have received a warm greeting before seeing the rest of the page. If you typed something else, you shouldn't have received any greeting at all.

The if/else Statement
Another type of conditional statement is called an if/else statement. It adds another dimension to the if statement. This statement allows for more complex decisions to be made within the script.

Conditional Expressions
There is another method for writing conditional statements, so long as it is a true or false statement. This method uses the conditional operator ( ?: ).

The Switch Statement
The switch statement provides the user with several options and returns a result based upon the user's selection.

JavaScript Conditional
Making decisions is an integral part of any programming language, including JavaScript. They allow your programs to choose from alternative actions to be taken based on a condition.

Nesting If / Else Statements
Using nested if/else statements, this example has defined the value of a new variable that prints…

JavaScript IF Statement
The beauty of programs lies in the fact that they are able to take decisions on the basis of information you provide. In all the programming languages I've come across, the If statement is extensively used for this purpose…

JavaScript IF-ELSE Statement
Each condition has two paths from which we choose one. For example, "If it's raining, I'll stay at home else I'll go out for a stroll."

JavaScript: Else If
We've already learnt that conditions can take one of the possible two paths. That is, when the condition is 'true' the if statement block is executed while the statement block in else is executed when the condition is 'false'. However, as in life, things

Control structures
In this tutorial you'll learn how to write code to make decisions…

Controlling program flow
The behavior of your script depends on user actions, events in the program, results of the computation and many other things. How do you tell your script to change the program flow in response to various events? The three main ways are…

switch case construct
The switch case construct is used in situations where using multiple if statements would be cumbersome. The switch case construct is used to check a variable against multiple values.

If ...Else Construct
The if construct is used for conditional processing…

Conditional operators
In this tutorial you will see the more compact way of using conditional operators like if ... else in JavaScript. Really, the more you live the more you learn…

Some statements in JavaScript are known as conditional statements. These statements have control structures that delimit them which determine whether or not the delimited code is executed, based on some condition…

The IF Statement
In this tutorial we are going to look at a couple more types of operators. These operators are commonly used in if statements.

The CASE Statement
The if statement is one of the ways that you can select which code to process based on values contained within particular variables or comparisons between these values.

The switch statement tests an expression against a number of case options and executes the statements associated with the first one to match…

The while statement creates a loop consisting of a block of statements that is executed if the expression evaluated is true…

JavaScript Conditional Statements
Conditional statements can be used to perform certain tasks depended on the condition. In the real like, you are using these statements nearly each day and many times…


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