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Error in xhtml photo album
Im making an "album" and the images should open up in a table when clicked but I can´t get it to work.

xhtml W3C error
just started programming in xhtml, only done a few tables with images in the backgrounds thats it, so i decided to run it thought the validation and i get this error…

XHTML W3C validation problems
I get this error when I run my page through the validator…

validated XHTML documents
Trust me, don't bank on making validated XHTML documents!!! This is code…

using xhtml text exceed screen in handset
i have a xhtml page and view by handset, but the text will excee screen which need to scroll right or left to see whole text. I've used table to include the text but still useless. How can I do to solve this problem?

XHTML Validation Help
Could someone give me some advice on what to fix in my website so it is validated at the www.w3.org website using their validator?

XHTML validation problems
I talked my boss into letting me update our site to XHTML/CSS compliance (mostly cause he'll go with anything I recommend without having to know why). When running the validator I came up with a few unexpected problems.

Apostrophes in XHTML
When running my pages through the XHTML validator it seems it doesn't like apostrophes (like in "doesn't"). I'm not about to go replacing every ' with it's ASCII code. Should I be using different Encoding or is it just that picky?

XHTML Nested List
I am having a bit of difficulty with coding the following in XHTML 1.0 Strict..,

XHTML Block Element in an Inline Element
I created the following to make a navigation sidebar.

flash in XHTML valid document
I've been using flash in my HTML document but the XHTML validator refuses to acknowlege the page as validated just because of the tags Flash uses, such as embed object and quality,etc. I searched the net and it came up with the javascript method. Not only am I unclear with how it is done, I was wondering, "What if someone had j/script disabled?". Designing a site which requires javascript for bare minimum functionality is dysfunctional at best. Any alternative methods?

A few problems with XHTML validation
I am using dreamweaver and I have a few problems using the built in validator. I have the following errors…

WYM editor : open source XHTML editor
We are working on a new open source XHTML web editor, not WYSIWYG, but WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) : WYM editor. WYM editor's main concept is to leave details of the document's visual layout, and to concentrate on its structure and meaning, while trying to give the user as much comfort as possible.

The move to XHTML
I'm taking the plunge, I've started moving from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0 but am having just a few problems.


What is XHTML
What is XHTML? Is it simply HTML that conforms to XML standards such as always closing tags etc? Is it used alongside XSLT?

new to XHTML validation
Having played with HTML for years, I am now trying to learn the rules for XHTML, and am stuck in validating an XHTML document. I get an error saying that my documents are "tentatively valid" based on my not including character coding information, like...

XHTML strict and form name=...
Question is how should I code this dropdown so it validates STRICT, given that the NAME attribute is referenced in the ONCHANGE code?

& character in xhtml
What is the W3C browser standard for coding the ampersand (& symbol) when using XHTML?

Trying to create my first XHTML STRICT template in php and keep failing with a fatal error on line 1..

How do you launch local applications using HTML/XHTML?
I'm building an intranet portal for my company and I want to have links to launch applications on individual user's computers, such as the calculator, database app, etc. How do I do this using either HTML or XHTML, through Internet Explorer?

Is this OK, or am I a XHTML-Terrorist
I'm parsing text from a textarea. I start by defining a paragraph and parse two or more newlines to end it and create a new paragraph. The Editors are allowed to put a picture with caption, a quote block, a fact box etc. wherever they want in the body text (and have been doing so in tens of thousands of articles that I have to keep).

HTML strict 4.01 vs XHTML 1.0 transitional
Here's the problem. To conform to XHTML, the " /" is required to close both the link & meta tags. However, the page no longer validates as HTML 4.01 strict. In fact, the specific error message warns of this backwards incompability…

Strict XHTML Transitional 1.01 Line Break?
How do you break a line. I usually use " br/ "but now this is not aloud when using this strict DTD.

XHTML Declaration not using td width in CSS
I have a strange one here. I have a page that I have been using for awhile now. Our boss wants us to change or stuff to be XHTML. (We all have a Boss like this, he read an article) The problem is that when I add the XHTML declaration to the top of the page the width on the td tag of a table does not appear to work. When I remove the declaration it looks like I expect.

middle aligning something not in a table
I'm trying to align an image in the middle of an element (div), and I can't figure out how to do it.

flash object tag validate xhtml
Does any on know how to make a flash object tag validate with xhtml? Apparently object, enbedded does not comply.

xhtml strict & span width
When I use the xhtml strict DTD, the browser ignores style="width:140px" and when I remove the DTD it renders it again.

Converting to XHTML becomes layout disaster
I'm just converting an HTML codebase to XHTML. I've followed standard tips for moving to HTML 4.01, and then included the !DOCTYPE tag. I ran my test page thru Tidy with -asxhtml and it now verifies with no errors. But the page itself displays *completely* differently now.

How to call php file in XHTML?
how do i include a .php extention file in "XHTML"? when i used the php syntax it gave me a error saying…

XHTML Validating Prob On DROP DOWN!
i get this error when i try to validate my site and it shows me this error! so can anyone please help me? to fix this problem please? thanks alot in advanced!!

Tightly packed table. Problem with Firefox / XHTML Strict
I would like to use a table to keep images, without any gaps between them. I could not do it with Firefox using XHTML Strict declaration. To make the gaps visible I used red background color.

XHTML + Voice: calling a JavaScript Function
How I Solve the XHTML + Voice - calling a JavaScript Function using following code…

correct way to include a javascript in XHTML document
I have this javascript to spam-protect my email address. The code is given below. The following code is works fine, but whenever I try to validate my code it fails - because of the language attribute and the fact that i'm printing HTML tags.

XHTML help forums -XHTML help
I'm using a new blog/site host which utilizes XHTML for the template. I need someone who is quite proficient in how XHTML works.

About the Personal Photo hack and XHTML
There appears to be a lot of misinformation and misunderstanging going around about this concerning XHTML, so I'm going to clear this up.

Need Help With Xhtml And Internet Explorer
How do you make CSS and xhtml docs that work well with different browsers? I can never open my xhtml files with IE, and when I change the extention to html it hacks the CSS components to peices. There are tonnes of pages out there that work just fine with both. What are they doing that i'm not?

XHTML 1.1 + CSS Layout Problem
I've had a problem with a website for the last few days, i've done the design, and the html side is no problem in a table layout, but i'm trying to get it working using DIVS and pure CSS. I'm attaching an image of the layout.

Embeded Flash in XHTML Strict Layout
I'm designing a page layout using XHTML Strict and CSS. However, I'm experiencing a slight issue when adding a Flash object to the page.

Do forms belong in tables? (xhtml)
I'm developing the layout for a form page at the moment and I need to know if a form can be considered as 'tabular data'. I'm trying to get this job done really quickly, and sticking the form in a table seems like a good option, but I need to know if this is technically valid. I'm coding xhtml 1.0 strict + css...

I am in the process of converting my html into xhtml the only thing I have to change is the doctype. But when I change it too…

IE, xhtml strict dtd and imput type="password"
I noticed a glitch in Internet Exploder when a dtd of xhtml 1.0 strict is used. I have a simple log in page and when I use the following…

xhtml doesn't accept form's NAME and javascript doesn't accept forms ID
I previously used name="" for a form. Works fine. XHTML does not allow it. I switch it to id="" and XHTML likes it, but javascript statements such as…

XHTML Custom DTD problem
Problem is, when I have any extension other than .xhtml, the page isn't parsed properly. That's a problem for dynamic/scripted pages (e.g. php, jsp, etc).



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