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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR XML DEVELOPMENT: XML Applications Development Tutorials for Programming with XML

XML as intermediate application layer - In this article [I] want to share my thoughts on techniques for keeping our code XML-based - so there's no need to get your hands dirty in your application code to change the markup that is rendered afterwards. Most things will be PHP related though.

Improve performance in your XML applications, part 2: reuse parser instances with the Xerces2 SAX and DOM implementations - In this installment of a three-part series describing best practices for writing XML applications, authors Elena Litani and Michael Glavassevich explain how to improve your SAX and DOM applications' performance by using the Xerces2 implementation. They also include code samples to show you how to improve your application's performance by reusing parser instances.

Tutorial for xmlfmlapp: A Full C XML/FML32 Conversion Application - This topic includes the different topics like xmlfmlapp, Familiarizing Yourself with xmlfmlapp, Preparing xmlfmlapp Files and Resources and other related topics…

Flash MX: CREATING A QUIZ APPLICATION USING XML - Here you can find all the information about flash mx creating a quiz application using xml…

application-client.xml - The application-client element is the root element of an application client deployment descriptor. The application client deployment descriptor describes the EJB components and external resources referenced by the application client.

XML Application Development Tutorial - This document should serve as a starting point for any one who is interested in xml and it's related technologies from a programmers point of view. After going through this tutorial, you will be able to identify the many different components of the xml development environment and understand how to deploy them. The following tutorial will cover XML, XSL, and XSLT and give examples written on both Microsoft and Java development platforms. This is part 1 of the turorial. Today you will learn about XML and XSLT. You will go to work tomorrow having written an XML document, an XSLT document and will have transformed that document for display. All tools and source code will be provided. All you need to do is spend a little time.

Using XML as an Application-Level Protocol - In one of my past articles, A Pattern/Framework for Client/Server Programming in Java, I discussed a pattern for client/server development using java. That article does not answer exactly how the two parties, client and server, communicate with each other. We require an application-level protocol to do the talking between two entities. It sets up rules about how the two applications/entities communicate and understand each other over a network. If you happen to know the TCP/IP networking model or the OSI networking model, you will observe that network-based communication is implemented in layers, with the application layer at the top and the physical layer at the bottom. This article discusses issues you must face when implementing an application-level protocol and how XML proves to be an excellent choice to represent and implement the application-level protocol.

AxKit: XML Application Serving with mod_perl - This talk on How to use AxKit will focus on the separation of concerns, i.e., the splitting of content, presentation, logic and site management., how a real live site (Take23) works, and will show that AxKit can save time and money.

Building an XML application - Here you can find all the information to build an xml application…

XML-Enabling a Legacy Application - Mike Rawlins summarizes an approach for and some major issues involved with building XML support into existing applications.

Using tiles-defs.xml in Tiles Application - In Tiles we can define the definition in the tiles-defs.xml which specifies the different components to "plugin" to generate the output. This eliminates the need to define extra jsp file for each content file. For example in the last section we defined example.jsp to display the content of content.jsp file. In this section I will show you how to eliminate the need of extra jsp file using tiles-defs.xml file...

ICE-X: the X-Tract ICE handler - The X-Tract ICE Handler programs are a minimal release, which handle subscriber-syndicator pings, catalogue requests and subscription requests (see the draft for definition of terms) and consist of two sets of XMLscripts: syndicator-side, and subscriber-side.

VB.NET 2005 Tutorial : Web Reference, ASP.NET Web Application and XML Web - VB.NET 2005 Tutorial : Web Reference, ASP.NET Web Application and XML Web Service - In this tutorial you will learn about Using Web Reference - Adding a Web reference:, To create an ASP.NET Web application, Adding a Web Reference, Testing a Web Service, Accessing the XML Web Service and To access the XML Web service.

VB.NET 2005 Free Training: Using Application Class and Message Class - VB.NET 2005 Free Training: Using Application Class and Message Class - Visual Basic 2005 introduces a speedy way to access many important classes relating to the Computer on which the application is running, the user running it, the application itself, its forms and any associated web services. The best part of it all is that you can access it all using the new My object. The new My object has added features that help the programmer to gain access to some functionality that was really hard to achieve.

Create an XML Web Application with Struts, Xerces, and Xalan - Despite XML's ubiquity, it's not always obvious how to use it in a Web application—or why you would want to in the first place. This article answers both questions, explaining why and how to build a simple XML-oriented Web applicationIt will help for you to already be familiar with XML, Java's XML API, and of course, with creating of J2EE Web applications using the Jakarta Struts framework. However, even if you're not proficient with the above-mentioned tools, this article can certainly serve as your starting point.

Simply Java Programming: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach, XML Book - Here you can find all the information about an application Driven tutorial approach…

SGML/XML Applications in Cross-Domain and Multi-Disciplinary Enterprises - This document provides brief description of and pointers to general industry applications that use SGML/XML encoding for structured information processing and data interchange. Specific XML applications and XML vocabularies are listed in the main XML Page, while XML/XLL/XSL software tools are listed in the software section. Academic applications of SGML and XML are described in the document "Academic Applications".

Easily Create Reusable XML - VisualScript is the first tool to bring the power of a structured language to XML…

XML Application - This chapter demonstrates a small framework for an XML application.

Using XML as an Application-Level Protocol - In one of my past articles, A Pattern/Framework for Client/Server Programming in Java, I discussed a pattern for client/server development using java. That article does not answer exactly how the two parties, client and server, communicate with each other. We require an application-level protocol to do the talking between two entities....


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