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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR XML DEVELOPMENT: Server-Side XML Tutorials and working with XML and WebLogic, Apache, MSXML, SQLXML, ASP, JSP, and Server 2000.

XML on the Server - XML can be generated on a server without installing any XML controls.

Using XML With WebLogic Server - This document provides a foundation for using XML with WebLogic Server. It focuses primarily on how XML interfaces with the various services of WebLogic Server. For more information on XML and related technologies, please refer to the Additional resources section.

Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript - XML is a very important base on which Web Services work, and, in conjunction with a number of client- and server-side languages, can be put to good effect.

Working with XML Server Pages in Apache Cocoon 2 - This tutorial is the second in a series of Tutorial on Apache Cocoon 2. It introduces XML Server Pages (XSP), the Cocoon technology for generating dynamic XML content. It is designed to build on the concepts described in the first tutorial, Introducing Cocoon 2, and will be of interest primarily to developers who have progressed beyond the basic features of Cocoon 2 and want to learn how to add dynamic data to their XML documents to create richer Web sites. The tutorial is also relevant for developers who need to integrate Cocoon 2 with existing data sources and/or APIs to publish their data in multiple formats over the Internet.

SQL XML and MSXML - an alternative approach to traditional data access - In this article, we'll learn how to build data driven Web applications using SQL Server's XML support in conjunction with MSXML. We will read and write SQL Server data without using ADO, ODBC, or any other data access mechanism.

A Survey of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 XML Features - Here you can find all the information about the survey of microsoft sql server 2000 XML features and other related topics..

Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 with XML - In Chapter 1, I described the use of XML in business integration solutions and the relationship between relational data and XML documents. Now let’s turn our attention to extracting data from Microsoft SQL Server in XML format.

Take Advantage of SQLXML with ASP.NET - QLXML is a set of supplemental tools that extend SQL Server's existing support for retrieving and storing XML data. With SQLXML 3.0, you are now able to use SQL Server to expose Web services. SQLXML's Web services let you execute stored procedures, user-defined functions, and they support templates.

Importing XML into SQL Server 2000 - One of the frequently asked questions on SQL Server newsgroups is "How to import XML data into SQL Server 2000?" There are various ways in which XML data can be imported into SQL Server 2000 database tables. In this article, we'll look at some of these options. More specifically, we'll explore the following approaches...

Introduction To Server-Side XML - It sets the scene for server-side XML, and shows what you can do with it, by way of a parallel example done in ASP, PHP, and JSP (we have only included the first of the example sections here). The three chapters that follow this one in the book are case studies, which go into using XML with the three server-side languages mentioned above in much more detail.

Interactive SQL Server & XML Online Tutorial - This tutorial will show you the different methods of retrieving XML from SQL Server, how to control how the data is returned, and then discuss how to navigate through the returned results. You will also learn ways of viewing SQL Server tables from an XML perspective. From there you’ll learn how to load data into SQL Server using XML natively, including real-time over HTTP.

Creating Dynamic ASP.NET Server Controls Using XML - This article was originally published on ASPToday (http://www.asptoday.com) One of the advantages of the XML/XSLT combination is the ability to separate content from presentation. A data source can return an XML document, then by using an XSLT, the data can be transformed into whatever HTML is needed, based on the data in the XML document.


Server-Side XML in ASP - With the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 5.0, it is much easier to use XML in Web applications. Here is some information on how to harness the power of the updated XML Document Object Model (DOM) on the server to parse and use XML data in ASP applications.

Server-side XML Without Tears - You like the idea of using your own markup for web pages. You've created some XML documents and XSL stylesheets that suit your bizarre tastes. When you publish these documents, you discover that many people are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or KDE Konqueror and can't appreciate your vital missives.

SQL Server 2000, XML and XSL: The Ultimate Combination - All the hype that once surrounded XML is finally starting to die down, and developers are really beginning to harness the power and flexibility of the language. XML is a data descriptive language that uses a set of user-defined tags to describe data in a hierarchically structured format


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