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MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE TUTORIALS & ARTICLES: Working with MS Access Databases & Forms that Post to Databases in Frontpage

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to create a password-protected Web page by using FrontPage 2003, Active Server Pages, and an Access database - This step-by-step article describes how to create a simple password-protected Web page solution by using FrontPage 2003, Active Server Pages (ASP), and a Microsoft Access database.

Create and Import an Access Database into a FrontPage Web Tutorial - This tutorial is the starting point for the FrontPage Database Application series. It assumes that you are working with FrontPage 2000 and have already created a website.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to use an existing database with the Database Interface Wizard in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to use an existing database with the Database Interface Wizard in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003.

Build a Form that will Post to a Database - This tutorial builds upon the previous tutorial. We will send data to the speakers.mdb database through our FrontPage form.

How to Display Records from an Access Database - Here we go, Tutorial #3 in this series, we are really starting to roll now. After adding a database to our web, and building a from to populate it, the next step is to display the records.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How To Create Hyperlinks to Work with Database Results Regions in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to create a h
yperlink to show additional data in the Database Results region.

How to Build a Detail Page from a Database - Here's tutorial #4, so you'll probably need to grab a cup of Java by now. SiteBuilder will show you how to create a BIO (detail) page of each speaker from the list of speakers found on speakers.asp. This tutorial will lead into a couple other tutorials where we will link to email & urls and display images from the Database Results Region.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to add an All Values item to a database query by using the FrontPage 2003 Database Results Wizard - This article describ
es how to add an All Values item to a database query by using the Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Database Results Wizard.

How to Format the Database Results Region
We are shifting gears moving into tutorial #5 of this series. This one is pretty basic, but very helpful. SiteBuilder will provide a basic layout for to obtain an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - HOW TO: Query Two Tables in the Same Database
in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes a method that you can use to query and retrieve information from two tables in a database in FrontPage 2003. The example that is described in this article uses Microsoft SQL statements to search for data in the Categories and Products tables in the sample Northwind database that match a submitted value for a column that is used in both tables.

How to Display Images from a Database
Tutorial #6 of this series. We have already laid the ground work for this one. We will tie this in with details.asp and formdata.asp to make this smooth. The payoff for this tutorial is big.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to display a picture by using an Access database in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to display images on your Web site by using information from a Microsoft Access database.

How to Create Hyperlinks from a Database - The end result of this tutorial, you will learn: How to display a hyperlink and/or HTML from the database, How to associate images or text with hyperlinks, and How to add data results to an existing Database Results region.


Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to complete mathematical calculations on a form before you send data to a database in FrontPage 2003 - In a Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Web, you may want to calculate data in a Web page and then send that data to a database. For example, you may want to automatically calculate a total based on values that are entered by the user, and then send that total value to a database.

Database Administration Form using FrontPage Tutorial - In this tutorial we will create a key page. The Administration Form. Essentially it is a modified copy of speaker.asp which displayed the records.

Updating Records in a Database using FrontPage Tutorial
This tutorial takes us to the other side now. We have already created the database, populated it, displayed the records on the page, and formatted the database results region. Make sure you've got some time cause this will take a little while.

Deleting Records in a Database using FrontPage Tutorial - Now that we can update records, we will need to be able to delete them as well! This tutorial will consists of a few pages, admin.asp, delete.asp, and delete_records.asp.


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