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Adding Marquee Component to Your Web Page in Frontpage Tutorial
You can add a marquee on your page. It is important to note that this will only work in Internet Explorer. You will see the text in Netscape but it will not be scrolling. To add a marquee to you page follow these steps

Adding Banners to Your Web Page with Frontpage Components Features - To add a banner follow these steps.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to create a page and add a hit counter in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to set up a Web page with a hit counter by using FrontPage 2003.

Adding Counters Components to Your Web Site in Frontpage Tutorial - You can add a counter to view how many people have visited your page. Most times you can get this information without a counter but a counter is nice if you would like your visitors to know how many hits your page gets. FrontPage built in a counter feature.

How to Design a Custom Confirmation Page in MS Frontpage
When creating form components in FrontPage, a default confirmation form is given when a form is submitted. It's ugly and displays the form results through the browser in a default format. YUK!!! (that's a technical term). It's so easy to create your own that give the same results and you can customize the page to match your site once you know how.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - List of components required for using Active Server Pages (ASP) in FrontPage 2003 - This article discusses the components that you must have to use Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Before you can view the results of ASP features in FrontPage, you must install the components that are listed in this article.

FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - Adding functionality to your website with FrontPage 2002 Part IV ~ Banners - A page banner is a quick way to add titles to your web pages. Page banners use the styles and graphics of a theme, if one is used on the current page; otherwise the page banner just displays text, which you can format

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - Creating a JavaScript Drop-Down Menu in FrontPage - Drop-down menus of all types are popular everywhere you look on the Internet, but if you have ever tried to create one, you know it may not always be easy. This article explains the script and styles that you need to create your own drop-down menus.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to deploy the Office 2003 Web Components in an Office 2003 program - When a user who does not have the Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components installed on their computer accesses a Web page that contains an Office 2003 Web Component, he or she may receive a message that is similar to the following…

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to set the default date for the Calendar control in FrontPage 2003 - When you insert the ActiveX Calendar Control in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, the default date is set to the date when the page was created. This article describes two methods to set the default date value for the ActiveX Calendar Control.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How To Use URLScan with FrontPage 2003 - Use this step-by-step guide to install and configure the URLScan utility for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). You can download URLScan from the Microsoft Web site by using the steps in this article. URLScan is designed to help your Web server be more secure.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to include the CNBC Ticker in your Web by using FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to add custom HTML code to your page to display the CNBC Ticker.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to create a custom image for the hit counter using FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to create a custom image for the hit counter in FrontPage 2003. The hit counter divides an image into 10 equal horizontal segments to display the numbers. The 10-percent segment on the leftmost side is zero (0), and FrontPage enumerates each 10-percent segment to the right 1 through 9. The hit counter supports Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images only.

Frontpage Components
Other Timesavers and New Features - One nice feature about FrontPage is how easy it is to add items like search forms and hit counters.


Using Custom Counter Images Frontpage Tutorial
Learn how to use custom images in counter.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - HOW TO: Create and Modify a Redirection Drop-Down List Box in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to create and modify a drop-down list box control that opens a specific URL by using JavaScript.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - Information on FrontPage Hover buttons - Hover buttons are Java Applets that are easily configured using FrontPage. In this tutorial I hope to help you feel comfortable adding these to your site as well as help you to become aware of what they are, how they work and how they do not work.

FrontPage 98 WebBot Components Lessons - Creating a professional-looking Web site using FrontPage is easier than ever. This unique Editor builds complete sites in which all pages share a consistent, easily modified design, including navigation tools that the program builds automatically when you add or remove pages.

Microsoft Frontpage Articles - How to create a custom hit counter that cannot be seen on your Web page in FrontPage 2003 - This article describes how to use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 to create a custom hit counter that cannot be seen on your Web page. This article also describes how to obtain the hit counter information from your Web page.

FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 Custom Hit Counter Components Tutorial - You can create your own custom hit counters to match the style and look of your site, as long as you have FrontPage server extension support for your web. This component is supported on all versions of server extensions. You must have server extension support (v98, v2000, v2002) to use this feature in FP 2003.

Adding Hover Buttons Components to Your Frontpage Web Sites
A hover button is a button that displays a change when you move your mouse over it. You can create simple hover buttons or you can customize them with your own images. To add a customized hover button to your web page follow these steps.

How To Create A Hidden Hit Counter in FrontPage Lesson
This hidden counter is not really 'invisible', but will be practically undetectable in your page and it helps you track your page hits in the absence of a good stats package on your domain server.

Microsoft Frontpage 2000 Components Tutorial - Access the Components menu pictured to the right by selecting Insert|Component from the menu bar. To make the menu its own floating toolbar, click and drag the blue bar at the top of the menu. You must save the web page first to be able to use all of the components listed.

Adding Date & Time to your MS Frontpage Site Tutorial
You can add the date that you last updated your page. This will show visitors if you worked on your page since the last time they visited so they know to expects some new editions. To add the date the page was updated follow these steps.


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