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Netscape Communicator (v4.x) Data Sheet - Netscape Communicator is a comprehensive set of components that integrates browsing, email, web-based word processing, and chat to allow users to easily communicate, share, and access information

Netscape Communicator Frequently Asked Questions
Just as the web is constantly evolving, so is Netscape Communicator. As part of our effort to meet the needs of our customers, we introduce Netscape Communicator - a major enhancement to Communicator. Communicator introduces next-generation browsing, email, calendar, and management features. The benefits of Communicator include the following:

Unable to find downloaded Communicator file
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0x, your version of Internet Explorer may not allow you to download files that exceed 12.4MB in size. Unfortunately, the latest versions of Communicator exceed this file size.

When installing Communicator I get a decompression error and it complains about TEMP space.
I have downloaded Communicator but am unable to install it. When I double-click the file, it decompresses to about 98% and then the following error message pops up:

Can't find application program Stuffit Expander or MacBinary
I just downloaded the latest version of Netscape and when I double click the icon it says "Can't find application program Stuffit Expander or MacBinary". What do I do?

How can I convert my Internet Explorer (IE) Favorites to Netscape bookmarks?
Neither Navigator nor Communicator has a feature which can convert Internet Explorer Favorites to Netscape HTML bookmarks. However, any of the following non-Netscape utilities can assist you with the conversion process:

How can I remove AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)?
In order to avoid receiving AOL Instant Messenger "Registration" or "Sign On" prompts

How to prevent the Messenger startup homepage in Communicator 4.5x and higher
When I start up Communicator 4.5x, or 4.6x and launch Messenger to read my mail for the first time, the message pane contains a Netcenter web page titled "Personal Communications Services". With previous versions of Communicator, this pane was empty. How do I change this back to just display a blank pane?

Clearing the Location (Netsite) Bar drop-down menu in Windows
If you do not know which version of Netscape Navigator or Communicator you are running, under the "Help" menu, click on About Communicator, Navigator, or Netscape (the entry will differ depending on which version you have). The first line of the resulting screen will tell you the version number.

How can I make Navigator 4.0x or Communicator the default browser?
How can I make Navigator 4.0x or Communicator the default browser?


How do I send mail to people without everyone seeing other recipients' addresses or names? (How do I use Bcc:?)
How do I send mail to people without everyone seeing other recipients' addresses or names? (How do I use Bcc:?)

Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.DLL
Invalid Page Faults and General Protection Faults in Kernel32.DLL are generally caused by a lack of system resources, out of date video drivers, or a corrupt swap/paging file. If you encounter the problem on a regular basis while using Communicator or Navigator, the following instructions should help resolve the problem:

"No Cookie" error message when downloading Netscape software
Set your browser to "Accept All Cookies". That will let your computer accept cookies without asking you first. (To read about what cookies are and how they work, go to http://help.netscape.com/kb/client/970226-2.html.)

I use AOL or IE to download the software, and after completing the download there is not a .exe file extension. What do I do?
After the download is complete and residing on your drive, right click on the file. Select Rename from the options. Rename the file with a .exe extension. The file should ultimately look something like: cp32d404.exe. Once you have completed the renaming of the file, you should be able to double click and begin with the installation of the software

Download error message: "The netscape.exe file is corrupted or missing"
The "new" Netscape program you have downloaded may be trying mistakenly to use files from an older downloaded Netscape browser.

Troubleshooting Windows System Errors, GPFs, and Page Faults
System crashes such as Invalid Page Faults (IPF) and General Protection Faults (GPF) are often frustrating problems to try to resolve. These issues usually manifest themselves in only one aspect of the program (such as crashing everytime you open your mail). It is important to think about what you were doing when the problem first occured, and then work towards a solution from there

No Cookie and No Version Selected Error
There may be a corrupt cookie within your cookie file. Close the application and delete the cookie file from your system. To do this for:

There may be a corrupt cookie within your cookie file. Close the application and delete the cookie file from your system. To do this for:
You may have clicked on the link which will direct you to the SmartUpdate site. SmartUpdate requires that users have either Communicator or Navigator 4 and above with Java, JavaScript and AutoInstall enabled. Users who have Communicator need to verify that the preferences above are enabled. To do this, from the Edit menu, select Preferences, then click Advanced. Look to the right of the screen and make sure all are enabled

Kernel32.dll error when running the Communicator application
Invalid Page Faults and General Protection Faults in Kernel32.DLL are generally caused by a lack of system resources, out of date video drivers, or a corrupt swap/paging file. If you encounter the problem on a regular basis while using Communicator or Navigator, the following instructions should help resolve the problem:

General Protection Fault or Invalid Page Fault in Navigator
Your Windows operating system is malfunctioning; it freezes up or displays an error message. Also referred to as "crashing", "hanging" "freezing", "locking up" or "dying.

Why do I get the error, "Can't find msvcrt.dll" when starting Navigator?
Reinstalling won't help, and this file doesn't appear on your system. This happens because many newer programs are installing a newer MSVCRT40.DLL (Microsoft Visual C Run-Time library, version 4) file which requires MSVCRT.DLL for support. The problem comes when they uninstall that file, and they are left with a useless MSVCRT40.DLL. The solution is to find the MSVCRT40.DLL that's in their c:\windows\system directory, rename it, and reinstall Navigator

GPF in msvcrt.dll when sending a message
If you encounter a General Protection Fault in msvcrt.dll when you are trying to send a message in Messenger, you need to exit Communicator and delete all the .tmp files from your Windows and Temp (or Tmp) directories. After that has been done, you should be able to send messages. This problem is caused by a Windows limitation with .tmp files

Invalid Page Fault in a MSVCRT40.DLL file
When trying to launch Netscape it crashes with an Invalid Page Fault in MSVCRT40.DLL

How do I know if I have 40-bit or 128-bit security?
How can I tell if I have the 40 or the 128 bit encryption version

What is the difference between 128-bit and 40-bit encryption?
The main difference is that 128-bit encryption provides a significantly greater amount of cryptographic protection than 40-bit encryption. With the increasing computing power of potential criminals, it is becoming more necessary to employ larger keys, as evidenced by a recent study by several leading cryptographers.

Converting IE Mail, Address Book, and Bookmarks to Communicator
How do I convert from Microsoft Internet Explorer and IE Mail and News to Netscape Communicator?

What are MS-TNEF attachments?
Those attachments contain Microsoft Exchange's rich text information, encoding attributes of the message such as boldface, underlining, fonts, and colors. Exchange/Internet Mail puts these attributes into an attachment so that they can appear to other Exchange users on the Internet

How do I view webpages and email in other languages?
Download and install the needed fonts that support that language. Cyberbit, produced by Bitstream, Inc., is a universal font and can be downloaded from Netscape's FTP site at:

Communicator 4.X Help
Here is a collection of the most common problems users have with Communicator 4.x.

ourworld.compuserve-Cyrillic (Russian) in Netscape ver. 1,2,3 and 4 under MS Windows
Cyrillic (Russian) in Netscape ver. 1,2,3 and 4 under MS Windows

fortify-netscape navigator
Fortify is a program that provides world-wide, unconditional, full strength 128-bit cryptography to users of Netscape Navigator (v3 and v4) and Communicator (v4). If you routinely use Netscape's export-grade web browsers, (i.e. the ones you can download from the Internet), then you need Fortify

fortify-netscape navigator news
Netscape v4.73 was released earlier this month, and is available in its 128-bit, U.S. domestic form directly through this Netscape download interface. The worldwide availability of these strong crypto browsers eliminates much of the need for Fortify for Netscape. Thus Fortify has been frozen at the current March release level, until further notice

fortify-netscape navigator Fortify Supported Versions
The current release of Fortify supports all of the following non-beta Netscape browsers (English edition):-

fortify-netscape navigator readme
This is Fortify, a program that provides world-wide, unconditional, full strength 128-bit cryptography to users of Netscape Navigator (v3 and v4) and Communicator (v4).

fortify-netscape navigator Fortify Supported Versions download
All Fortify for Netscape distributions are digitally signed, for verification and authentication purposes. A 2048-bit PGP key pair is used as the signing key. If you wish to check the authenticity of a Fortify for Netscape distribution, you must download the relevant PGP signature file (below), along with a copy of the public PGP signing key. Both these files should only be downloaded from the fortify

fortify-netscape navigator Fortify Partners and Advocates
Fortify for Netscape is in widespread commercial use. Below are some chosen examples of past and present Advocates, formal trading partners, and organizations who have adopted Fortify for Netscape for commercial deployment

geocities-help me netscape
Welcome to the Netscape Help Page! Have questions about surfing the web? How about using Netscape Navigator? Waitasec...what's Netscape? Well, you've come to the right place!

w3.ag.uiuc-Instructional Applications of Netscape 2.0
Netscape Navigator 2.0 offers attractive advanced features to information providers and general users. Access to E-Mail and Newsgroups are valuable networking resources for the user. Frame interfaces, Java Applets, and Software Plugins are web page features which provide the developer with a greater range of presentation options

w3.ag.uiuc-Instructional Applications of Netscape 2.0
Netscape Navigator 2.0 offers attractive advanced features to information providers and general users: Mail, Newsgroups, Advanced Navigation Tools, Frame interfaces, Java Applets, and Software Plugins

w3.ag.uiuc-Instructional Applications of Netscape 2.0
Netscape Navigator 2.0 offers attractive advanced features to information providers and general users: Mail, Newsgroups, Advanced Navigation Tools, Frame interfaces, Java Applets, and Software Plugins


w3.ag.uiuc-Netscape 2.0 Gold
Netscape 2.0 Gold adds a powerful web page editing feature to the 2.0 browser software. This feature allows the developer to add text and graphics directly onto the editing page (a page much like the browser window). Web page development is no longer restricted to the moving about of html code, but rather the physical adding and arranging of text, images and hyperlinks on the web page itself

w3.ag.uiuc-Netscape 2.0 Gold Summary of Editing Features
Netscape 2.0 Gold Summary of Editing Features

w3.ag.uiuc-Netscape Gold Step-by-step
Netscape Gold Step-by-step

phaster-Mac-Netscape Secrets
Because the web will dramatically change how we interact and learn, I thought it important to find out about the Netscape browser since it is one of the dominant application programs for viewing content. This page started on (5/29/98) is a summary of some of the information I have discovered about using the Netscape browser on a Mac.

Netscape 6 Help
Netscape 6.2 lets you accomplish more online with efficiency in completing tasks, power through more choice and safety with more control

Do more online with Netscape 6.2
Netscape 6.2, the latest update to the Netscape browser suite, lets you accomplish more online with efficiency in completing tasks, power through more choice and safety with more control. It also supports Mac OS X and Windows XP

Netscape 6.2 - Efficiency in Completing Tasks
These are all common tasks that underscore the importance of efficiency. Netscape 6.2 has been designed with efficiency in mind, to reduce the number of steps - and time - it takes to get things done on the Web

Netscape 6.2 - Power Through More Choice
With choice comes power. You can choose which search engine to use, which tabs to include in My Sidebar, and what Instant Messenger screen name to use. You can even control the overall appearance of the user interface, or determine what operating system you use. You also have the power of managing multiple email accounts in one convenient location

NEW!! Create Your Own Themes
The Netscape 8 browser was designed to allow you to customize your web-surfing experience by applying themes or skins to the browser. These themes can change colors, buttons, graphics, etc.

Netscape 6.2 - Safety with More Control
Many Internet users are concerned about their privacy and security while online. People think a great deal about the safety of their online environment and want to know what they can do. Netscape 6.2 delivers more control over the privacy and security of your Internet experience than any other browser

Netscape 6.2 Frequently Asked Questions
Netscape 6.2 is the latest update to the Internet browsing, email and instant messaging software suite from Netscape

Upgrading to Netscape 6.2
Whether you're migrating to Netscape 6.2 from Netscape Communicator 4.x or upgrading from a previous version of Netscape 6, the process is straightforward. You'll have no trouble maintaining all your current bookmarks, profile information, and mail account data.

Netscape 6.2 - 6.2.3 Release Notes
These release notes describe system requirements, installation instructions, and known issues for Netscape 6.2, Netscape 6.2.1, Netscape 6.2.2, and Netscape 6.2.3. These notes are updated as we receive feedback, so please check back for new information. These release notes were last updated 23 May, 2002

Netscape 6.2 - 6.2.3 Installation Instructions
The following instructions detail the system requirements for all supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, along with installation guidelines for each platform. You should also read the Read Me file and the release notes for Netscape 6.2.3.

Upgrading to Netscape 6.2
Whether you're migrating to Netscape 6.2 from Netscape Communicator 4.x or upgrading from a previous version of Netscape 6, the process is straightforward. You'll have no trouble maintaining all your current bookmarks, profile information, and mail account data

The Netscape work environment fosters creativity, innovation, and fun. Illustrating that point, some Netscape employees have created personal home pages. Just click on the person's name to visit his or her site

internet-Netscape Communicator
The final release of the popular fourth-generation Netscape browser suite

sillydog-Netscape Version Guide
This is a summary of what is supported or what feature is available in each (major) version of Netscape, also, some related news (press release) are provided at end of this document.

sillydog-Netscape 8 pre-Beta
Netscape Prototype 2 or Netscape 8 Pre Beta

sillydog-Netscape Prototype 2 - available
This is the continuum of the Netscape Browser Prototype thread. We started a new thread to make posting easier on the Prototype 2.

sillydog-Netscape Browser Prototype Review programme
Netscape is looking for some testers for a prototype of our new browser. Based on Firefox, the new browser incorporates several new features, enhanced UI, etc. If you or someone you know would like to test the software, please go to http://community.netscape.com/nscpbrowser and enter the registration code: prototype1104 to pre-register. The browser prototype will be available for download on November 30th.

sillydog-Netscape 7.2 Released (User Report and Feedback)
Netscape 7.2 Released (User Report and Feedback)

sillydog-Netscape 7.2 Released (User Report and Feedback)
Netscape has finally updated their home page for Netscape 7.2.

sillydog-Netscape 7.1 User Reports/Feedbacks
Since a technically unofficial build of the new Netscape 7.1 browser suite was leaked onto Netscape's FTP servers earlier today, albeit just a 261Kb "net installer", I've had a look and so far I've found the following points .

sillydog-NS 7.0 user report/feedback
I am starting this thread to gather all our users' feedback about Netscape 7.0

Netscape 6 Release Notes
These release notes, last updated February 7, 2001, describe known issues for Netscape 6, versions 6.0 and 6.01. These notes are updated as we receive feedback, so please check back for new information.

stopbadtherapy-Support Standards for netscape
Greetings! If you've been referred to this page, it's probably because your site has a web page that depends on one of the following proprietary Navigator 4 or Internet Explorer 4/5 features

sillydog-What happened to Communicator 5.0?
Netscape 5.0 was based on the 4.x code base that Netscape released in 1998. Netscape also released the beginnings of Netscape Gecko -- a new code base -- at about the same time. Soon the Web was clamoring for Gecko's superior performance and standards support. So, [in 1999], Netscape switched code bases and rewrote the new software based on Gecko, canceling 5.0 (Mozilla classic) in favour of Netscape

byte-Netscape 6: New Approach To Browsers
While rough around the edges and missing a lot of basic features, Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 shows what happens when you throw out legacy code and rebuild from the ground up with whole new technology

byte-Netscape 6: New Approach To Browsers
Netscape 6 should be viewed not as a browser with an underlying graphics engine, but as the Gecko engine with a browser on it. The Netscape browser is simply one application built on Gecko and there are many other possible uses for it.

Communicator 4.8 Release Notes
A Netscape version of AOL Instant Messenger (4.3) is bundled with Communicator. If you have installed a more recent version of AOL Instant Messenger, we recommend that you re-install AIM after you install Communicator 4.8

Communicator 4.7 Release Notes
As of version 4.72 of Netscape Communicator, the Netscape Calendar client will no longer be included in the installation package, but will be available from enterprise.netscape.com. Please visit http://enterprise.netscape.com/index.html for more information on how to download and install the standalone Calendar client for use with Communicator 4.72.

Netscape 7 publishes web pages in a different manner than Netscape Communicator. If you don’t have Netscape 7, you can download it here for the Mac OS and here for Windows

Want the Netscape Navigator essentials for a quick start

You're going to use Netscape Navigator (Netscape) software to bring pages of the Internet to your computer screen. With a few essentials you can begin exploring long before you finish reading this handbook. To research innovative Netscape features like Security, use the index or the detailed table of contents.

386 or higher with 4 megs Ram (8 recommended), a VGA Display (Super VGA with 256 colors or higher recommended), and at least 6 megs of hard disk space. You also need a connection to the Internet, via a Modem, Ethernet Card, or ISDN

New Navigation for Frames and the Back button: Now, when you click on a link that updates a frame, pressing the Back button returns you to the previous state of the frame

Welcome to Netscape Communicator for Windows
These are the current release notes for Netscape Communicator for all Windows platforms. You can access these release notes from the Help menu in Communicator. Please ignore any release notes that might have been previously installed on your system

Communicator 4.5 Release Notess
These release notes, last updated December 18th, describe installation issues and known problems in Communicator 4.5. For an overview of the new features provided by Communicator 4.5, see the Tour of New Features. For release notes on Mission Control Desktop tools and technology, see Mission Control Desktop 4.5.

sillydog-Netscape Browser Review programme
SillyDog701 received message from Netscape/AOL. Netscape is currently looking for testers for testing and providing information for new browsers. The new Netscape browser will be based on Mozilla Firefox

Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the release of Netscape 7.0, the latest version of Netscape's browser software, designed for consumers who want to get the most from their time online. Netscape 7.0 is available for free download at: http://www.netscape.com/browsers.

Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the Preview Release of Netscape 7.0, the latest version of Netscape's browser software, designed to allow consumers to get the most from their time online.

Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the launch of its Netscape 6.1 browser, the latest update to the Netscape browser suite. Netscape 6.1 greatly enhances the performance and stability of Netscape 6.0 while adding numerous new features

Netscape Launches Groundbreaking Netscape 6 Browser
Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the worldwide launch of its next-generation Netscape 6 browser, offering consumers a new choice, with unmatched convenience

Netscape Tuneup for IE Goes Live Today on Netscape Netcenter
Netscape Communications Corporation announced that Netscape TuneUp for IE is available today on Netcenter, Netscape's fast-growing Internet portal, located at http://home.netscape.com. Netscape TuneUp for IE is a free software add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) that can be downloaded in less than thirty seconds over a typical 28.8k modem connection

mozilla-What did Netscape announce about Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code?
On January 22, 1998, Netscape announced that Netscape Communicator Standard Edition 5.0 source code will be freely available for modification and redistribution. Netscape believes that harnessing the creative abilities of all Internet developers will be an unprecedented way to advance the features and quality of Netscape Communicator for all customers

Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today unveiled Netscape Netcenter, a new free online service that brings together the best software, content and community resources on the Internet. A members-only service, Netscape Netcenter enables busy professionals to easily access and personalize online business resources from one central location

Netscape Communications Corporation today announced that it is offering its newly introduced Netscape(TM) network navigator free to users via the Internet. The new Internet navigator, developed by the six-month-old Silicon Valley company led by Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark and NCSA Mosaic creator Marc Andreessen, is available immediately for free downloading by individual, academic and research users


sillydog-Which encryption level of Netscape browser do I have
Netscape version 3.0 to 4.51 (international versions) have standard 40-bit encryption;Netscape version 4.6 to 4.7 (international versions) have 56-bit encryption (4.6 to 4.7);From version 4.72 all netscape browsers are available in strong encryption (128-bit)

sillydog-Root Certificate Expired
If you are using old version of Netscape (4.05 and earlier), you might see the certificate expiration dialogue box when you connect to secure web site. And the dialogue box will continue to appear each time you access these secure websites

sillydog-Netscape Calendar
In Netscape Communicator 4.00 to 4.7, there were Professional Editions, called Netscape Communicator Enterprise Edition with Calendaring. It includes Netscape Calendar and other extra components over Complete Edition. However, since Netscape 4.72, Netscape ceased the release of Netscape Communicator Professional Edition.

sillydog-The distribution of Netscape Calendar is now ceased
Netscape was licensed the calendaring technology from CS&T (Corporate Software Technologies Int Inc., Now renamed to Steltor).The agreement is now at end and no further distributions of CS&T or Steltor technology are allowed under the agreement. Netscape has ceased releasing Netscape Communicator Enterprise with Calendaring or commonly called Professional Edition since version 4.72.

sillydog-Netscape 6/7 Profile Location
For Netscape 6 and 7, the default profile and registry storage are stored in the directories (or called folders) are shown in the table below. Paths to the Mozilla directory vary among platforms

sillydog-Communicator Reference Card
Copyright © 1998 Netscape Communications Corporation. All rights reserved. Netscape and Netscape Navigator are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States and other countries. Netscapeís logos and Netscape product and service names are also trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation, which may be registered in other countries

sillydog-Netscape Navigator
To browse or search the Web, choose Navigator from the Communicator menu

sillydog-Netscape Messenger
To read, sort, and respond to email and newsgroup messages, choose Messenger from the Communicator menu

sillydog-Netscape Message Center
To read and respond to newsgroup messages, choose Tools from the Communicator menu, then choose Message Center

sillydog-Netscape Composer
To create and publish Web pages, choose Composer from the Communicator menu

sillydog-Netscape Calendar
To schedule meetings, manage your Calendar, and track tasks, choose Calendar from the Communicator menu (Communicator with Enterprise Calendaring only).

sillydog-navogator shortcuts
navogator shortcuts

sillydog-Messenger and newsgroup shortcuts
Messenger and newsgroup shortcuts

sillydog-Messenger and newsgroup shortcuts
Messenger and newsgroup shortcuts

sillydog-Composer Shortcuts
Composer Shortcuts

sillydog-calendar shortcuts
calendar shortcuts

sillydog-How to disable Site Control or simply use Firefox as the only rendering engine in Netscape 8
The Site Control feature in Netscape 8 allows you to select either Firefox or MSIE as your rendering engine to view web pages. If you only want to use Firefox as the rendering engine, simply follow the steps below.

sillydog-Common Netscape Profile for Linux and Windows
If you have dual boot between Microsoft Windows and Linux, and you want to share a single Netscape profile. You can follow the description in this article. (You will need to have some basic knowledge of Linux.) This article explains how to use one single (common/same) profile for Netscape 6/7 under both Windows and Linux.

sillydog-Retrieving lost emails and newsgroup settings
This tech note is to help you solve following issues: Lost Mail, Lost Mail folders, Profile has disappeared from the Profile Manager, All Netscape settings are lost, Messages vanished from my Inbox, Where has my Mail Account gone, and The Folders in the left pane of the Mail window have disappeared.

sillydog-Teach Netscape 6/7 to Remember Newsgroup Passwords
Please note, this method is for Netscape 6/7 only. Netscape Communicator cannot remember username/passwords for newsgroup

sillydog-How to Install Netscape
This page explains how to download and install Netscape browser products on Windows, Mac OS, and Unix platforms. You should also read any Read Me files and release notes that come with the Netscape software.

sillydog-Netscape 6 Step-by-step Installation Guide
This step by step installation guide is based on Netscape 6.1 in Windows 32bit environment (such as Win 95, 98, 98SE, Me, NT, 2000, and Windows XP) environment, however it can also applied to MacOS 8.6+, MacOSX and Linux 2.2 . Netscape 6 is the next generation of the brand new browser. This guide can be used for Netscape 6, or 6.2.x.

sillydog-Disable Netscape 6/7 Activation
We understand that there are need to disable Netscape's registration (activation), before you do some, Netscape Champion Jay Garcia asked people to register Netscape to support Netscape Communications.

sillydog-Transfer/Backup Netscape Profiles
I've purchased a new computer and I want to transfer or backup my bookmarks and other files to the new computer. How do I do this

sillydog-Backing up Netscape Mail
Mail folders are text based files. You can copy them as you would any files. They can be opened with a text editor, which will display all messages, one after the other. The default path to the directory which contains your mail folder should be:

sillydog-Transfer Address Book to Another Computer
How do I transfer my address book from one computer to another computer

sillydog-How to Remove Beatnik Player
To Remove the Beatnik Player from your Netscape 4.X Browser you must delete two files from your Netscape folder. This folder can usually be found by double-clicking on your "My Computer" icon (usually in the upper-left-hand corner of your screen) and then double-clicking on "C: Drive", then double-clicking on "Program Files."

att-Resource Leak in Netscape 7.1
If you are experiencing a resource leak, when running Netscape 7.1, or Mozilla 1.4 then the following information may be beneficial:

sillydog-NS 7.1 system (GDI) resource drainage in Win98
I finally had to throw in the towel using Netscape 7.1. It consistently drains my resources to below 15%, and I simply cannot use the application

sillydog-NS 7.1 system (GDI) resource drainage in Win98
I have Win98, 192ram, 386mhz. I've been using netscape7 since preview release last year. I really like it. SOOOOO much better than IE6. I've been on Net7.1 for about 2 hours now and my resource meter says

sillydog-Decompression Error about TEMP Folder
I have downloaded Communicator but am unable to install it. When I double-click the file, it decompresses to about **% and then the following error message pops up:

sillydog-Stuffit Expander, MacBinaryII Problem
The file you downloaded is still compressed and needs to be decompressed with Stuffit Expander (SE). When Netscape is unable to find the Stuffit application you will get this message. Sometimes this error message indicates that Stuffit Expander is not installed on the system. You can get Stuffit Expander from the Aladdin Systems web page.

att-Netscape Error in MSVCRT.DLL
I was hoping that this thread would continue as I am having the same problem as Lance. Intermittent crashes in messenger, all MSVCRT.DLL, using Netscape 4.75, WIN98. I have three instances of the file:

att-Netscape can't find POSTAL.DLL - Error
You have configured Netscape Communicator to use an external mail program, but since POSTAL.DLL can't be found, Netscape messenger will be used instead."

att-Netscape.exe has caused an error in
Try the usual first aid. Close Netscape. Then use your file manager to delete NETSCAPE.HST and the CACHE directory (or all files therein). They will be built anew as you surf

att-Netscape Error in RPCRT4.DLL
It is a problem which has existed since version 4.5; I think it has something to do with the revised Messenger window structure since it seems to occur on my system when I close windows in an 'unusual' sequence. For example, it seems to often occur if the last window I close (thus terminating NC) is a message window whose folder or newsgroup message list window is already closed.

att-KERNEL32.DLL Error
The Netscape Knowledge Base Article 19970820-45, lists several different solutions for this error. However, this particular Article is somewhat outdated, and you might want to try the following solution first. I have found it to be immediately effective in eliminating the KERNEL32.DLL error, which, for the most part, is caused by a corrupt Netscape Registry file (nsreg.dat):

att-The Address Book •• Netscape
Address books are a vital part of your Netscape and Mozilla mail programs. The address book files are "*.mab" files located in your profile directory, in the *.slt folder. See: Profiles Folder Location for your OS

att-Using the Address Book - Lists
There is some confusion as to how Netscape 7.1, and Mozilla handle mail lists. It may appear that creating a list often corrupts the Personal Address book. This is not true. The program does what it is designed to do, no more, no less.

att-Corrupt, or Disappearing Netscape 7
If the Address Book is corrupt for any reason, or disappears due to a crash, the following procedures should allow you to retrieve the Address Book data


att-Can't Uninstall Netscape 7.1 After Installing Netscape 7.
If you installed Netscape 7.2 over the existing Netscape 7.1, you will be unable to uninstall Netscape 7.1 through Add/Remove. You will get this error dialog: Screen Shot

att-Performing a "Clean" Install for Netscape 7.xx or Mozilla 1.xx
If you're upgrading because you are having problems with your current version of Netscape 7,

att-To create a new profile
Open the Profile Manager and create a NEW Profile, entering a NEW PROFILE NAME. Click "Finish" and open Netscape/Mozilla

att-Profiles Folder Location for Netscape 7.x
Profiles Folder Location for Netscape 7.x

att-Netscape, Mozilla, and Thunderbird Mail Folder Location
Netscape, Mozilla, and Thunderbird Mail Folder Location

att-How to Bypass the Profile Manager on Startup
Right click on the Netscape Desktop icon, or the Quick Launch icon Select: Properties Click on the Shortcut tab

att-How to Back Up Your Profile
Backing up your Profile is essential in the event that Netscape, or your OS may crash, causing the loss of Profile data. Backing up the entire Profiles Folder is the recommended approach, if hard drive space is not an issue

att-Editing the PREFS.JS file
This error indicates that Windows Scripting Host is currently set up as the default application to open .js files. The error occurs because prefs.js isn't a Windows Script file. Use Notepad to edit the file instead. There are several ways to open the prefs.js file in Notepad. Before editing the prefs.js file, you must first ensure that Netscape is closed

att-Moving Profiles From PC to PC and/or OS to OS
Moving Profiles From PC to PC and/or OS to OS

att-Move Netscape 7.2 or Mozilla 1.7.x Profile to a New Operating System
This guideline also applies if you are moving a Mozilla 1.7.x, or a Netscape 7.2 Profile. These versions of Mozilla and Netscape will recognize that the files do not exist in the original location, and use relative paths to determine the new location

att-Move Netscape / Mozilla Profile From the Default Location
I used to take a profile and easily move it to a directory I wanted it in with NS 4.7.... How do I move the Profiles from the crazy place they reside by default in XP ?? I tried to simply move it but RC2 could not find it. I did not see any built in options\settings either. I need all my general data and mail in one folder for backup purposes. NS 4.7 worked great. Hope Moz will as well in this regard.

att-Separating Mozilla & Netscape Profiles Folders •• XPCOM.DLL Hack
The Profile Directory location is controlled by the Registry.dat file. In order to separate the Mozilla and Netscape profiles, you must have separate registry.dat files for each program. The registry.dat file location for Mozilla is set in the xpcom.dll file.

att-The USER.JS File
The user.js is a file that you create, i.e., a user generated file. The creation of the file is simple enough. Open Notepad, and add the scripts for tweaks that you wish to include in your Netscape or Mozilla browser. Then save the file as user.js, to:

att-Scripts for the USER.JS File
Netscape, Scripts for the USER.JS File

att-Preventive Browser Maintenance
The following basic maintenance will ensure premium performance for your browser, when implemented at the close of your online session.

att-Setting Netscape 7.X
The Default browser, is the one set up to handle URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Netscape looks specifically at the Application entry in the DDE section of the File Types dialog

att-REGISTRY.DAT File Size •• Under Control
REGISTRY.DAT File Size •• Under Control

att-Netscape 7.01 and Mozilla User Agent String Spoof Tip
Since Mozilla went into version 1, if you used a custom user agent string that referenced Internet Explorer and Sun Java version 1.4, the browser will not start. (It tells you that you can't use the Netscape plugin with Internet Explorer

att-The "What's Related Issue"
It's a "contract" issue with the provider of the "What's Related" database, etc. The feature was excluded from 7.0b1 due to this contract issue and may NEVER return. However, I have passed on to the engineers that there ARE users that wish this feature to return. Dunno at this point, it may or may not make it back in for final release.

The table below lists the available options that can be used from the command line (or your desktop shortcu. Starts Netscape 7.x

att-Netscape, Mozilla, and Thunderbird Mail Folder Location
Netscape, Mozilla, and Thunderbird Mail Folder Location

att-Transfer Netscape Mail Files to New Profile
With Netscape / Mozilla, and Quick Launch closed, open Windows Explorer:Copy the files with no .msf extensions in the Netscape, or Mozilla Mail Account folde

att-Importing Communicator Mail Filters to Netscape 7.x
Close all NS programs. Copy rules.dat from your mail folder in NS4 to the NS7 folder that has your mail server in it - something like

att-Change the Order of Mail Account Listing
Your account numbers may be listed in a different order, depending on the number of accounts you have

att-Unable to write mail to the mailbox
Unable to write mail to the mailbox. Make sure the system allows you write privileges,and you have enough space to copy the mailbox.

att-There was an error copying the message to the sent folder. Retry
If you are unable to save outgoing messages to the Sent folder, the Copies and Folders settings are not retained, or if you are getting an error message similar to this: "There was an error copying the message to the sent folder. Retry?"

att-Create "Unsent" Folder in Default Email Account
Below is a workaround for creating an Unsent Folder in the Default Mail Account Folder. Netscape saves unsent messages in the Unsent directory of the Local Folders, rather than in the Unsent folder of the Default Mail Account. This workaround will correct this bug

att-"Remember Password" Setting Not Retained
If the Password Manager does not retain the setting to "Remember Password", run through the below check list for a possible solution:

att-This Folder is Being Processed Error -Netscape
"This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is completed to get messages."

att-Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile
Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile

att-Can't Send Mail
This file is located in your *.slt Folder located here: Profiles Folder Location. Delete the Sent.MSF file. DO NOT delete the Sent file with no MSF extension, as it contains the mail

att-Restore Netscape or Mozilla Deleted Mail
If you deleted Mail, but the Mail folder has NOT been compacted, follow the below steps to restore messages

att-Mail Account Setup Screenshots
Mail Account Setup Screenshots

att-Setting Up the Netscape 7.xx Newsgroup Accounts
Setting Up the Netscape 7.xx Newsgroup Accounts

att-How do I configure my username - user@my.isp.com
If you don't have a USER.JS file then create one using NotePad and name it USER.JS.Add the file to your Profile directory, the same place where PREFS.JS is located

att-Retrieve All New Messages At One Time From All Accounts
Click on the small "down arrow" on the Get Msgs button (lower right) and select "Get all new messages" or just the account you want to check

att-Archiving and Accessing Netscape, Mozilla, and Thunderbird Mail on CD
It has caught my attention on various Forums, and Newsgroups, that users often allow their Inbox Mail folder to grow to an exorbitant size. The Inbox is clearly not intend to be used for storage. With an excessively large Inbox, the user risks losing all Mail

att-Netscape Webmail Setup Error
If you are receivinig this error when setting up your Netscape Webmail Account, in Netscape Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, following is a workaround which will force the account setup

att-Importing Netscape 7 / Mozilla Mail into Outlook Express
To import Netscape 7 / Mozilla mail to Outlook, it is evident that you must first import to Outlook Express

att-Change the Order of Mail Account Listing
Your account numbers may be listed in a different order, depending on the number of accounts you have.Each Mail Account will have an "ID", and that is how you can determine the order in which you wish to place the accounts

att-Netscape 7.1 doesn't sync mail with PDA
I cannot get Netscape 7.1 Mail to work when my PDA tries to sync mail. It works with Netscape 4.8 just fine. The email I write on the PDA disappears into the ether. During the sync, Netscape will open up, but no mail is sent and the inbox is not downloaded to the PDA. So it's talking to Netscape, but not telling it all the right things to do

att-Netscape Won't Start •• Nothing Happens
If Netscape won't start, and clicking on the Desktop icon or the Netscp.exe file gives no results, The problem most likely is caused by a missing entry for the C:\Program Files\Common Files\mozilla.org\GRE folder location in the user's registry.

att-Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile
Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile

att-XPCOM-207 Error and Windows XP
Both MS and NS are looking into a problem with ZLIB.DLL, a common file that can cause the XPCOM-207 error

att-Crash in XPCOM.DLL
Start with the basics, in order to troubleshoot the XPCOM.DLL error

att-The Back and Forward Buttons are Inaccessible - Don't Work!
If the back and forward arrows on the toolbar are not accessible, it most commonly means that the option in preferences to activate them, is set to 0.

att-Startup Configuration Warning: Syntax Error
On Netscape startup, if you are receiving the following error

att-The noDefaultPluginMessage
Netscape cannot find the Plugin Downloader Plugin. Without the Plugin Downloader Plugin, you cannot automatically download and install plugins. Please visit http://www.netscape.com/ to install the Plugin Downloader Plugin

att-Unable to Download File
If you are receiving the above error when downloading, then try the below workaround

att-Unable to Download
Did you install OVER the previous version of Netscape or Mozilla, without UNinstalling via Control-panel | Add/Remove first? Most problems with Netscape 7.1 stem from installing over, rather than uninstalling via the Add/Remove Programs applet. Netscape 7.1 files are not compatible with older versions, therefore problems arise when you don't uninstall the existing version properly

att-Netscape 7, and Mozilla Bookmarks File is Corrupt, Bookmarks Disappeared
Check to ensure that in the bookmarks.html file properties, file attributes have not been changed to "Read Only":(Right click the file and select "Properties")

att-Disable "Show Passwords" Netscape 7.2
Close Netscape (including quick launch) open. C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape\chrome

att-Open Netscape,Links URLs In the Same Window
You can suppress new windows generated by target="new" (HTML code used by the Web author) by entering this setting in about:config

att-How to Add Your Search Engine to the New NetscapeToolbar Netscape 7.2
The NetscapeToolbar comes bundled with the new release of Netscape 7.2. It is pre-configured with the Netscape search engine, and several additional pre-configured "buttons".

att-Copy Netscape/Mozilla Password file to Firefox
In order to copy either the Netscape, or Mozilla password file to Firefox from either of those Profile folders

sillydog-Netscape and IE the Comparision
The full name of Netscape is called "Netscape Navigator" or "Netscape Communicator". Netscape is the name of the company and Navigator is the product name, however since the first day, people call it "Netscape". This is different for Microsoft Internet Explorer, people call it "Explorer" or "Internet Explorer" or "I.E

sillydog-Netscape Now! Buttons
There are some Netscape Now! buttons, some of them are not official

sillydog-Netscape Communicator Tips
For people who browse the Web, Navigator 4.0x+ or 4.5+ will be their primary Communicator application. While major functional changes have been made in the browser--changes that relate to support for Java, JavaScript, and HTML Style Sheets--most of the modifications have to do with Navigator's user interface.

sillydog-Very Netscape Wallpaper
In order to celebrate the new layout design of SillyDog701, I made "Very Netscape" (version 4) desktop wallpaper. You can now turn your Windows desktop to "Very Netscape" desktop

sillydog-Netscape released
SillyDog701 Message Centre member J-M has informed us that Netscape Browser has been released. Netscape Browser fixes twelve security vulnerabilities, and an issue affecting downloads that plagued some users of the now pulled Netscape Browser

sillydog-Netscape retracts Netscape
Netscape retracts Netscape after a bug effecting downloads for some users

sillydog-Netscape released
Netscape has released.The main feature of this release is fixing of four (4) critical security vulnerabilities and history syncing issues between rendering engines as well as various bug and crash fixes.

sillydog-Netscape 8.0.2 fixes IE's XML problem
Beanboy89 told us Netscape has released Netscape 8.0.2, the main feature of Netscape 8.0.2 is to fix Microsoft's Internet Explorer's XML display problem that caused by previous versions of Netscape 8.

sillydog-Netscape 8.0.1 released
Within in one day, Netscape has upgraded Netscape 8.0 to Netscape 8.0.1. Netscape has released the final version of its Netscape 8 Web browser. The browser can use either Internet Explorer or Firefox rendering engine to guarantee the best rendering result and security requirement

sillydog-Netscape 8 released
Netscape has released the final version of its Netscape 8 Web browser. The browser can use either Internet Explorer or Firefox rendering engine to guarantee the best rendering result and security requirement

sillydog-Netscape 8 Beta available to public
SillyDog701 Member, little blue, told us Netscape 8 Beta would be available to public between 8 and 9 AM Thursday morning EST. According to http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/default.jsp

sillydog-Netscape 7.1
Netscape 7.1 is developed from the Mozilla Application Suite 1.4 and as such shares much of the same basic technology. In addition to the technologies that Netscape 7.1 shares with Mozilla 1.4, it includes additional features such as a number of installed plugins,

sillydog-Netscape 7.02 Streamline and Stand-alone
This Netscape 7.02 Streamline distribution (by SillyDog701) is a compact and complete version, not an installer; you don't need internet connections during the installation. In other words, you don't need to download any more components

sillydog-Netscape 6.2.3 Streamline
Silly Dog 701 proudly presents to you the latest full version, small size download of Netscape 6.2.3.

sillydog-Netscape 6
Netscape 6 is based on open source engine (Gecko), while Netscape Communicator 4.8 uses the engine that originally released in late 1994 and has been modified and enhanced through the evolution of internet.

America Online, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Netscape Communications Corporation
it has completed the acquisition of Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP). At a special meeting of stockholders held today, Netscape stockholders approved the stock-for-stock, pooling-of-interests transaction, in which Netscape stockholders will receive 0.90 shares of AOL common stock for each share of Netscape common stock.

getnetscape-what is a netscape
Netscape Internet Service is the leading online brand you trust to offer a great Internet service at an even better price. With a variety of plans and prices to fit your needs, Netscape service is fast, reliable, safe, and secure. Plus, Netscape offers you the choice to add only the features you want at a price you're willing to pay. It's just the Net you need.

getnetscape-netscape demo
netscape demo

getnetscape-Now switching to netscape is easier than ever.
As part of a partnership with TrueSwitch, it’s nearly effortless for new members of the Netscape® Internet Service to switch from their former Internet service provider. With TrueSwitch, you can automatically:

getnetscape-compare plans
compare plans

What is SmartUpdate?
SmartUpdate offers quick and easy downloads of the latest Netscape browsers and plug-ins and software from Macromedia, RealNetworks, and other leading software vendors.

Is my computer compatible with SmartUpdate?
You must be running Netscape Navigator or Communicator 4.04 or higher to use SmartUpdate (4.05 or higher for Macintosh users

I am a software developer and would like to leverage SmartUpdate for my product
I am a software developer and would like to leverage SmartUpdate for my product. What should I do?

SmartUpdate Partner Info Center
Netscape SmartUpdate is a great way to distribute popular plug-ins and applications using the JAR format and Communicator SmartUpdate technology. Please check it out at:

SmartUpdate Partner File Requirements
Below is a list of requirements that must be met for a file to be considered for entry into the SmartUpdate program. Please submit the following information to:

SmartUpdate Compatible Software
This will allow Netscape SmartUpdate to "sniff" out the version number of the software on the users' desktops, so Netscape SmartUpdate will know whether to include the latest version of your software for the update

Installing the Netscape SmartUpdate Builder
Unfortunately, Netscape currently provides no support for the use of the SmartUpdate Builder. However, this guide should help to make using the SmartUpdate Builder a breeze

Communicating with Email
In this lesson you learn how to use Netscape WebMail and Netscape Messenger to send and receive email messages

Understanding Electronic Mail
Electronic mail (informally called email) is a way to send messages from one computer to another. Email messages look a lot like word processing documents and are delivered electronically using your computer's modem and a normal phone line

Finding your way around the Internet is tough. There are so many sites, so many pages, and so much stuff that it's totally overwhelming. You need a site, a single site, that you can use as a launching pad to the hundreds-no, thousands-of sites that you might surf to in a typical month. You need Netscape Netcenter

Welcome to Sams Teach Yourself Netscape Netcenter in 10 Minutes
Netscape's Mike Homer did a superb job of introducing you to Netscape Netcenter in his foreword, so there is no need to duplicate that background here. Suffice it to say that Netscape Netcenter is more than just a portal to the Internet-it's a destination unto itself

How to Use This Book
You can use this book as a handy resource. The no-nonsense text leads you through the most important features of this hugely popular Web site-fast. Just follow the straightforward Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes game plan: short, goal-oriented lessons that get you productive with each topic in 10 minutes or less.

Conventions Used in This Book
You'll find the following icons used throughout this book. They mark special information intended to help you save time and to teach you important information fast

Tell Us What You Think
As the reader of this book, you are our most important critic and commentator. We value your opinion and want to know what we're doing right, what we could do better, what areas you'd like to see us publish in, and any other words of wisdom you're willing to pass our way

Special thanks to the usual suspects at Macmillan, including but not limited to John Pierce, Ginny Bess, and Karen Opal. Thanks also to all the people at Netscape for their valuable input and careful reviews of the manuscript, often under very tight deadlines.

netscape Foreword
Ever since Netscape created the first graphical Web browser back in 1994, the Internet's popularity has skyrocketed. The World Wide Web has improved communication and the flow of information around the globe.

A Ten-Minute Netscape Communicator Primer
In this lesson you learn how to use Netscape Communicator to navigate the Internet, send and receive email, create and edit simple Web pages, and much more

The Different Parts of Netscape Communicator
Netscape Communicator is a software suite, composed of several individual programs, known as components, designed for specific Internet services. All of the Netscape Communicator components are interrelated, and share common functionality

Browse the Web with Netscape Navigator
Of all the Netscape Communicator components, the Web browser (Netscape Navigator) is probably the best known. The Web browser is used to surf and access pages on the World Wide Web.

Send and Receive Email with Netscape Messenger
If you want to send and receive email through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Netscape Messenger is the program to use. Set up Netscape Messenger for your specific ISP, connect to the Internet, and then click the Get Msg button to receive new email messages in your Inbox.

Communicate in Real-Time with Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
You can "chat" in real-time with other individuals on the Internet through the use of the Netscape AOL Instant Messenger component. To launch Instant Messenger, just click the Instant Message button on the Netscape Navigator toolbar, or pull down the Communicator menu and select AOL Instant Messenger Service.

Create Your Own Web Pages with Netscape Composer
Did you ever wish you had your own personal Web page? With Netscape Composer, it's easy to create your own Web pages

How to Use Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator was the first commercial Web browser, and remains among the most popular browsers available today. To become a proficient Web surfer, you need to know your way around Netscape Navigator-which, fortunately, is pretty easy

Understanding The Netscape Navigator Interface
Netscape Navigator works like most other Windows programs, using a series of pull-down menus and toolbar buttons. Figure 3.6 and Table 3.1 show you the most important parts of the Netscape Navigator interface

Configuring Netscape Navigator
You can change many options in Netscape Navigator to make it better suit your personal needs. For example, you may want to change the color of links you have visited, or you may want to change the amount of disk space used to "cache" recently visited Web pages. You can change the options at any time-whether you are currently connected to the Internet or not.

Basic Web Surfing with Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator enables you to browse the World Wide Web quickly and easily-just by clicking your mouse. Follow these steps to get started

Bookmarking Your Favorite Web Pages
When you find a Web page you like, add it to a list of bookmarks within Netscape Navigator. With this feature, you can access any of your favorite sites just by choosing from the list

A Ten-Minute Netscape Netcenter Primer
In this lesson you learn all about the hottest portal on the World Wide Web: Netscape Netcenter

What Is Netscape Netcenter?
According to Netscape, Netcenter is designed to be "an Internet portal that provides smart tools and services that empower users to take charge of their Internet experience." While all that is true, there is an easier way to describe Netscape Netcenter

Joining Netscape Netcenter
Any computer user with a modem, an Internet connection, and a Web browser (it doesn't have to be Netscape Navigator) can access Netscape Netcenter. Some features of Netscape Netcenter, however, require you to become a member before you can access them

Navigating Netscape Netcenter
Virtually every feature of Netscape Netcenter can be accessed from the main Netcenter page, home.netscape.com. Figure 2.1 shows the main sections of the Netscape Netcenter site

The Pieces and Parts of Netscape Netcenter
Netscape Netcenter contains both content-organized into channels-and services. Think of these two different offerings in the same way you think of more traditional goods and services

Channels of Netscape Netcenter
Netscape Netcenter's channels are the meat and potatoes of the site, filled with useful content arranged by major topic. Each channel is a comprehensive resource to the topic at hand, containing news, information, and other features supplied by Netscape and selected partners.

Services of Netscape Netcenter
In addition to these content-rich channels, Netscape Netcenter also offers a variety of useful services you can use to perform specific Internet-based tasks. Netscape Netcenter's major services include

Upgrading Netscape Communicator with SmartUpdate
In this lesson you learn how to automatically upgrade and enhance your version of Netscape Communicator with the SmartUpdate service.

What Is SmartUpdate?
SmartUpdate is a Netscape Netcenter service that allows Netscape-related software to be automatically and securely installed on your machine in a single step. You can use SmartUpdate to download and install the latest version of Netscape Communicator and a variety of add-on components from selected Netscape partners.

Using SmartUpdate
From the Netscape Netcenter home page, click the SmartUpdate link (or, you can click the SmartUpdate button on the Netscape Navigator toolbar).

Troubleshooting Possible Problems with SmartUpdate
Because SmartUpdate is a service that you use to install other software programs-and because it works automatically, behind the scenes-you can sometimes run into problems when trying to download a new program.

Accessing Netscape Netcenter Services Through Netscape Communicator
In this lesson you learn to easily access many of Netscape Netcenter's key services and offerings from within your Netscape Communicator environment

How Can You Use Netscape Communicator to Access Netcenter Services
Netscape Netcenter's services are so useful, wouldn't it be great if you could access them directly from your Web browser? Well, if you're using Netscape Navigator, the browser in Netscape Communicator

Using Netscape Netcenter Services from Within Navigator
In most cases, using these Web services is as simple as clicking the appropriate button on the Navigator toolbar. However, by seamlessly integrating additional Netcenter-based services with the browser, some additional functionality is available.

Smart Browsing with Internet Keywords
To help you find information faster, Netscape has created Smart Browsing. Instead of the traditional method of remembering and typing long Web addresses into the Location box, with Smart Browsing you can just type product names, company names, Web site names, or general subject terms

Smart Browsing with What's Related
Once you've accessed a specific Web site, Smart Browsing's What's Related feature provides a list of related Web sites that may interest you. You can use this dynamic list of Web sites and services to decide where to go next

Netscape Search
Netscape Search is available directly from the Netscape Navigator Navigation toolbar. Just click the Search button to access Netscape Netcenter's Net Search page. (See Lesson 9, "Searching the Web with Netscape Search," for more information about Netscape Search

My Netscape
Your personalized My Netscape page is available directly from the Netscape Navigator Navigation toolbar. Just click the My Netscape button to access your My Netscape page. (To learn how to personalize your Netcenter portal with My Netscape, see Lesson 8, "Personalizing Your Portal with My Netscape.")

Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
Netscape AOL Instant Messenger can be launched directly from the Netscape Navigator Personal toolbar. Just click the Instant Message button

Netscape Netcenter Home
You can go directly to the Netscape Netcenter home page (home.netscape.com) by clicking the Netscape N logo at the top-right corner of the Netscape Navigator window

Netscape Help
To get help with any Netscape Netcenter channel or service, pull down the Help menu and select Member Services. Netscape Navigator takes you to a special About Netcenter page that answers all your questions

Making Netscape Netcenter Your Start Page
In this lesson you learn how to make Netscape Netcenter the first page you see when you launch your Web browser

Understanding Your Browser's Start Page
When you launch your Web browser, you are automatically connected to the Internet and taken to a default start page. This page is the first page you see whenever you launch your browser

For Netscape Navigator Users
If you're a Netscape Navigator user, you can quickly access Netscape Netcenter at any time by clicking the Netscape logo in the top-right corner of the browser window. Wouldn't it be easier, though, to just have Netscape Navigator launch with the Netscape Netcenter home page already displayed in the browser window? Here's how to make Netscape Netcenter the default start page in Netscape Navigator.

For Internet Explorer Users
Not everyone uses Netscape Navigator. If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, you can still use Netscape Netcenter as IE's start page. Here's how

For America Online Users
When you launch AOL's Web browser, you normally go directly to the www.aol.com Web site. If you'd rather have Netscape Netcenter as your default start page, just follow these steps

Understanding Netscape Netcenter Services
In this lesson you learn about Netscape Netcenter's services, from the Address Book to WebMail.

Understanding Netscape Netcenter's Services
Netscape Netcenter's services help you to communicate and interact with other Internet users, find information on the Internet quickly, maximize your Internet and computing experience, and customize your Web browser's start page.

Contact Services
Use Netscape Netcenter's Contact services to stay connected with friends and colleagues across the Internet.

Address Book
This is an online repository for the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your friends and colleagues. Create your own personal Address Book on Netscape Netcenter, and access it over the Web from any computer anywhere in the world.

This is a free, personalized event and calendar service that allows you to keep track of appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, and upcoming activities in a secure, online environment. You can combine your personal schedule with one of the largest event databases on the Web with the latest information about upcoming events online and across the country

Netcenter Member Directory
The Netcenter Member Directory (see Figure 7.1) contains contact information on the more than one million members of Netscape Netcenter. You can search the directory to find the email addresses of your friends, as well as to identify other professionals in your particular industry

WebMail is a Web-based email service that lets you access your email from any computer, using any Web browser. WebMail gives you a free, permanent email account that you can access from home, work, the local library, or your college computer lab-no special software required. Lesson 12, "Communicating with Email," has more information about Netscape WebMail.

In-Box Direct
In-Box Direct is a service that provides free subscriptions to daily and weekly news feeds and newsletters, on a variety of topics, from more than 135 popular online publications

Netscape Community Forums
Netscape Community Forums are like online discussion groups, organized by topic area. You can join Netscape Community Forums to read interviews with top business leaders and discuss a variety of interesting topics with other users who share your interests.

Instant Messaging
Instant messaging is the ability to exchange messages over the Internet in a flash! Netscape AOL Instant Messenger program provides state-of-the-art instant messaging services, so you can "talk" online to other Internet users, using real-time messages.

Search Services
You can scour the Internet for just about any type of information with Netscape Netcenter's Search services. Search for Web sites, email addresses, phone numbers, businesses, you name it-and browse around to find out what's new and what's cool on the Internet today!

Netscape Search
The most common activity of Internet users is searching-for information, for people, or just for fun. Netscape Netcenter offers Search by Excite, a highly accurate and comprehensive search engine powered by the popular Excite search site

Netscape Open Directory
Netscape Open Directory is a new service that's different from a standard search engine. With Netscape Open Directory, you can find a targeted list of sites for the topic you're interested in, selected and reviewed by a trained staff of professionals

What's New
With so many new pages being posted to the Web every day, how can you keep up? Netscape Netcenter's What's New service (see Figure 7.2) makes it easy to find the best of the Web's newest pages and sites.

What's Cool
What's New shows you the latest Web sites; What's Cool points out the most interesting sites on the Internet. This service includes content and design ratings for the coolest sites on the Web.

White Pages
When you want to track down a long-lost friend or locate a business associate, use Netscape Netcenter's White Pages service. The online White Pages are like a traditional telephone book: You can look up specific street addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Yellow Pages
Netscape Netcenter's Yellow Pages service lets you find phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email contacts for millions of companies, both large and small, in your area or half a world away.

Netscape Netcenter offers the largest classifieds database on the Web, as well as online auctions. This combination practically ensures that you'll find what you're shopping for-and can quickly sell those items you no longer want! Lesson 17, "Placing and Responding to Netscape Netcenter's Classifieds and Auctions," is all about this service.

Computing Services
Use the Netscape Netcenter Computing services to take charge of your Internet and personal computing experience

This is the place to go to when you want to find new shareware utilities and programs for your personal computer. Figure 7.3 shows the Shareware window where you find all the latest shareware sorted by category and ready for downloading

Software Depot
Software Depot is an online store where you can order the most popular commercial software programs. This site lets you browse by software category, or search by keyword-and order online using your credit card

SmartUpdate keeps your Netscape software current by automatically informing you of available updates. This service automatically installs controls and plug-ins that add new features to the Netscape Navigator browser

SmartDownload helps you successfully download files from anywhere on the Internet. With SmartDownload you can pause and resume downloads at will, as well as recover from dropped Internet connections.

My Netscape
My Netscape is a customized Web page that displays only the information you want. You can personalize the My Netscape page to display stock quotes, specific types of news headlines, weather updates, sports scores for your specific locality, and other cool features such as horoscopes and your favorite bookmarks. Learn how to customize My Netscape

Personalizing Your Portal with My Netscape
In this lesson you learn how to use My Netscape to create a custom start page

What Is My Netscape?
Netscape Netcenter is a great Web site, a true portal to the Internet. But wouldn't you like all the things inside Netcenter that you care about to show up on the very first page

Accessing My Netscape
It's easy to access My Netscape. Just click the My Netscape link on the Netscape Netcenter home page, the My Netscape button on the Netscape Navigator toolbar, or go directly to my.netscape.com. The first time you access My Netscape, you are asked to register as a member.

Understanding My Netscape
The first time you access My Netscape, you see the generic page layout or view (shown in Figure 8.1). It's not a bad layout, but no doubt you can do better

Customizing My Netscape
At the top of each channel is a row of buttons. You use these buttons, described in Table 8.1, to edit the way each channel is displayed by My Netscape

Adding and Removing Channels
You can delete channels one at a time using the Remove Channel buttons. However, the easiest way to add and remove channels is to use the Add Channels page, which shows you all available channels on a single page.

Customizing Individual Channels
Most of the channels in My Netscape can be customized to your liking. For example, you can select which stocks are listed in the Stocks channel, or which teams are listed in the Sports channel

Changing Your Page Layout
The final task in creating a perfect start page is to make sure all the channels are placed precisely where you want them. To do this, you need to access the Preferences page

Searching the Web with Netscape Search and Directory
In this lesson you learn how to find information on the Internet, using the search and directory services of Netscape Netcenter

Understanding Search Engines and Directories
If everything in the world eventually finds its way onto the Internet, how do you find any one thing? It's like finding a needle in a haystack. You know that what you want is there, but it's buried amid millions of different Web pages, hidden in plain site yet virtually inaccessible-that is, unless you have a tool to effectively and efficiently search for it.

Searching the Web from the Netcenter Home Page
Searching is important, so Netscape Netcenter puts its search service (see Figure 9.1) right at the top of its home page. You can choose from seven different search engines and directories

Fine-Tuning Your Netscape Search
The problem with searching the Web is that even a basic search can return hundreds, even thousands of matching pages. How can you narrow your search to return only the most relevant results

Expanding Your Search with Net Search
You can access a variety of other search engines from the Netcenter home page. Click the Net Search link; the Net Search page (shown in Figure 9.3) appears, and you can click a link to any of the following:

Finding the Best Sites with Netscape Open Directory
In addition to the Netscape Search service, Netcenter also includes a directory of the best Web sites, called the Netscape Open Directory. The Open Directory lists the best of the Web, sorted into 15 major categories, as selected by Open Directory's editors

Searching for People, Phone Numbers, and Addresses
In this lesson you learn how to use Netscape Netcenter to find people and businesses-and their addresses and phone numbers

About Netscape People Finder and Netscape Yellow Pages
The Internet is a great place to find people and businesses. Although you can search for people using standard Web search engines such as Netscape Search, chances are that you'll only find them if they have their own Web pages or are mentioned on someone else's Web page

Searching for People with Netscape People Finder
Netscape People Finder is a collection of services that lets you find names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and other personal information. You access Netscape People Finder by clicking the People Finder link on the

Searching for Addresses and Phone Numbers
To search for a person's phone number and street address, follow these steps:

Searching for Email Addresses
You can also use Netscape People Finder to search for a person's email address. Just follow these steps:

Conducting a Reverse Search
If you know a phone number or email address but not a name or address, you can conduct a reverse search and find out who is connected to that phone number or email address-and where that person lives. You can also connect names to street addresses and email addresses, and find out what region is connected to what area code.

Searching for Businesses with Netscape Yellow Pages
Many businesses today have a Web presence. Even businesses that don't have their own Web pages often are listed on other Web pages. It's easy to use Netscape Netcenter to find information about businesses-from simple phone numbers to detailed company financials

Using Netscape Contact to Manage Your Communications
In this lesson you learn how to organize your contacts with Netscape Address Book, your appointments with Netscape Calendar, and other communications-related tasks with Netscape Contact.

Understanding Netscape Contact
Netscape Netcenter is more than just a portal to the Internet. It's also a collection of services that lets you manage all your contacts, communications, and appointments from your Web browser, on any computer.

Using the Netscape Address Book
The Netscape Address Book (see Figure 11.1) is like the address book in Netscape Messenger or Microsoft Outlook. You can store your personal contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Managing the Netscape Address Book
It's easy to add new entries and remove ouTDated ones in your Netscape

Importing Other Address Book Entries into Netscape Address Book
The fastest and easiest way to create a Netscape Address Book is to begin with an existing address book. For example, if you have an address book set up in Netscape Messenger or Microsoft Outlook, you can import that address book into Netscape Address Book-and access those entries from any computer.

Using Netscape Calendar
Netscape Calendar is a free service that lets you manage your appointments, reminders, and important dates from any computer using your Web browser. You can even add events to your personal Calendar from a huge online event database that includes the latest information about sporting events, concerts, music releases, and trade shows

Searching the Member Directory
Information about every Netscape Netcenter member is listed in the Member Directory. Follow these steps to search for and view information about your fellow members

More Netscape Contact Services
Netscape Contact also offers several other communications-related services. Through a partnership with Qwest, you can sign up for discount long-distance and Internet connection services. Qwest also lets you send faxes from the Netscape Netcenter site, and set up conference calls with up to seven other participants

Using Netscape Messenger for Email
Netscape Messenger is the electronic mail program included with Netscape Communicator. It's a versatile and robust email program that also handles Usenet newsgroup postings, and is a perfect program to use with server-based email

Reading an Email Message with Netscape Messenger
If you've received new email messages, they are stored in Messenger's Inbox. To read a new message

Replying to an Email Message with Netscape Messenger
Replying to an email message is as easy as clicking a button

Creating a New Email Message with Netscape Messenger
Use Netscape Messenger to create all your mail messages; just follow these steps

Using Netscape WebMail
a free Web-based email service. While most Internet users get a free email account from their Internet service provider, there are several reasons why you might want to create a second, Web-based email account-or even use Netscape WebMail as your primary email account.

Accessing Your Netscape WebMail Account
Every member of Netscape has a unique email address. It's easy to remember-it's your username, followed by @netcenter.net. So if your username is littlemama, your email address is littlemama@ netcenter.net.

Reading and Replying to Messages with Netscape WebMail
If you have messages waiting, your Netscape WebMail page shows a message indicating how many new messages are in your Inbox folder. To read and reply to waiting messages, follow these steps

Creating and Sending a Message with Netscape WebMail
From your Netscape WebMail page, click the Write Mail link.

Using Netscape WebMail with Your Other Email Accounts
If you have other, server-based email accounts, you can use Netscape WebMail to collect and read messages from those accounts. This way you can use Netscape WebMail as your sole email service-even though you have other email addresses

Receiving Free Publications with In-Box Direct
In this lesson you learn how to receive free publications and information in your email inbox

Understanding In-Box Direct
Netscape's In-Box Direct is a collection of free email-based publications, from various sources, that you can elect to receive in your email inbox on a regular basis. In-Box Direct publications are delivered daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the publication, and use HTML email, so that reading each publication is as colorful and interactive as reading a Web page.

Subscribing to In-Box Direct Publications
Subscribing to an In-Box Direct publication is free; all you need is an HTML-compatible email address! Just follow these steps:

Changing Your Subscription Settings
You don't have to keep a subscription forever. To unsubscribe from a publication, just follow these steps

Communicating with Netscape Community Forums
In this lesson you learn to use Netscape Community Forums to interact with other members with similar interests

Understanding Netscape Community Forums
There are many ways you can communicate with other groups of users on the Internet. For example, you can join an email mailing list (go to www.liszt.com for a complete list and instructions) or use the Usenet newsgroups (accessible from Netscape Messenger).

Accessing Netscape Community Forums
To join a Netscape Community Forum, follow these steps

Reading and Replying to Posts
To read and reply to posts in a specific forum, follow these steps

Personal and Instant Communication with Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
In this lesson, you learn how to chat in real-time using Netscape AOL Instant Messenger

Understanding Instant Messaging
Instant messaging lets you send short electronic messages back and forth to other online users, in real-time. It's faster than email and more private than traditional public chat rooms.

Installing, Registering, and Launching Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
Before you use Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, you need to install it on your computer and register a screen name. If you do not have the software for Netscape AOL Instant Messenger installed or simply need to upgrade to the latest version, just follow these steps:

Before You Chat: Getting Started
The first time you launch Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, you have some setting up to do. The following sections lead you through what you need to do to get started

Logging In
The first time you launch Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, you'll need to input your new screen name. Pull down to select , and then type your new screen name into this field. Enter your password in the Password box and click the Sign On icon.

Using the New User Wizard
Now you are presented with the opening screen of the New User Wizard. Use this wizard to configure Netscape AOL Instant Messenger for your own personal needs-and with your own personal Buddy List

Adding Names to Your Buddy List
Once you're online and Netscape AOL Instant Messenger is launched, you see the Buddy List window, as shown in Figure 15.1. You're now in a "waiting" mode-waiting either for another AIM user to find and contact you, or for you to find and contact another AIM user

Creating a Personality
You can also create a profile that other Instant Messenger users can view online. This profile is your online "personality," and helps other users with similar interests locate you. Follow these steps to create your profile:

Editing Your Options
Before you get too far along, you might want to (but don't have to!) configure a few other options in the Netscape AOL Instant Messenger program. Just follow these steps:

Sending Instant Messages
Once you've created your Buddy List, it's easy to send an instant message to any of your Buddies who are online

Chatting with Buddy Chat
Sending instant messages back and forth is great, but nothing compares to real-time conversation in a group. For that, Netscape AOL Instant Messenger lets you engage in private chat sessions with the users of your choice. Simply follow these steps

Smart Downloading with Netscape Download
In this lesson you learn how to use Netcenter's SmartDownload feature-and where to find software to download.

Understanding Downloading
The Internet is a huge repository for computer files of all shapes and sizes, from utilities that help you better manage your disk drive to full-featured email and newsgroup programs.

Using SmartDownload
Netscape Netcenter offers a special service-actually a software program itself-that makes the download process easier and safer. SmartDownload takes the frustration out of downloading software by adding the capability to pause and resume downloads.

Installing SmartDownload
Before you can use SmartDownload, you have to install it on your computer

Downloading Files with SmartDownload
After SmartDownload is installed, using it is easy because any time you start to download most EXE or ZIP files, SmartDownload automatically launches and takes control of the download session!

Netscape Download: A Giant Software Library
So where do you go when you want to find files to download? Try Netscape Download, the largest download site on the Internet!

Shareware: Almost Free Software
Netscape Download contains the best shareware programs available on the Internet. For easy browsing, Download programs are organized into the following categories:

Downloading Files from Netscape Download
To find and download a file from Netscape Download, follow these steps:

Try 'N' Buy at Software Depot
You search Software Depot in much the same way you search Netscape Download, but all of the software at Software Depot is commercial software (meaning you have to pay for it, so have your credit card handy!) and only some of it is available for downloading

Understanding Netscape Netcenter Channels
In this lesson you learn about Netscape Netcenter's content channels, from Auto to Travel topics.

Understanding Content Channels
In addition to Netscape Netcenter's services, you can also find a wealth of news, information, and other content at the Netcenter site. Netscape organizes its content into topic-focused channels, so you can find all the information about a specific topic by clicking a single channel link

Taking an Inventory of Netcenter's Channels
Head to Netcenter's channels when you want the best information on a given topic. Table 18.1 details the major channels offered by Netscape Netcenter, along with the major channel partners

Using the Computing & Internet Channel
In this lesson you learn about the content and services available on Netscape Netcenter's Computing & Internet channel.

Understanding the Computing & Internet Channel
Netscape Netcenter's Computing & Internet channel (see Figure 19.1) is the premiere site for accessing technology-related news, information, services, and e-commerce.

Useful Computing Services
All the computing services discussed earlier in this book and more are accessible from the Computing & Internet channel page. Just click the appropriate link to access a specific service

Updating Your Copy of Netscape Communicator with SmartUpdate
As discussed in Lesson 4, you can use the SmartUpdate service to automatically update your copy of Netscape Communicator and download and install add-ons and plug-ins to the program. To access SmartUpdate, click the SmartUpdate link

Getting the Latest Software from Netscape Download
Netscape Download (discussed in Lesson 16) is the place to find shareware programs and utilities. With content supplied by CNET, Netscape Download has more than 40,000 programs in its library available for free downloading to your PC

Shopping for Computer Hardware and Software
If you want full-featured commercial software, Netscape software, and reviews for all sorts of computer hardware and software, Netscape's Computer Shops department is the place to turn.

Accessing Netscape Technical Support
Confused about some aspect of Netscape Netcenter? Having trouble with a particular feature of Netscape Communicator? Then turn to Netscape's comprehensive online technical support-fully accessible from the Computing & Internet channel

The Best Computer Information
In addition to the valuable services available on the Computing & Internet channel, you also have access to some of the most comprehensive computer news and information available on the Internet.

Reading the Latest Tech News
When you access the Computing & Internet channel, you see today's tech news headlines right at the top of the page. But that's not all the news that's available on Netcenter; click the Tech News link to read a complete summary of the latest computer and Internet-related news from CNET, the Web's premier technology news provide

Preparing for the Y2K Problem
Is your business prepared for the Year 2000? Will your computers and technology devices make the transition intact? If you're not sure, access the resources in Netscape's Y2K Center. Just click the Y2K link to display links to the most comprehensive collection of Year 2000-related information available on the Internet!

Making Smarter Purchases with Product Reviews
Netcenter's Computing & Internet channel includes a comprehensive list of computer and hardware reviews, supplied by CNET. Click the Product Reviews link to access a wide-ranging database of reviews of desktop and notebook PCs,

Building Better Web Pages
Are you a budding Web page designer? Do you want to create snazzier Web pages? Click the Web Building link to go to Netcenter's Web Building department. From this page you can access resources for Web authoring, programming, graphics, sites, and servers, and any other Web building activities you can think of.

Choosing a Better ISP
Disappointed with the service offered by your Internet service provider? Then check out the list of available ISPs at Netcenter's Featured ISPs page. Click the ISP Select link and choose from one of the first-rate providers listed

Accessing the IT Knowledge Center
Perhaps the most valuable resource in the Computing & Internet channel is the IT Knowledge Center, hosted by Intraware. The IT Knowledge Center (see Figure 19.2) is a centralized resource for IT professionals around the globe, containing a mixture of news and lasting reference information on the latest information technologies

Placing and Responding to Netscape Netcenter's Classifieds and Auctions
In this lesson you learn how to place and respond to classified advertisements on Netscape Netcenter-as well as how to participate in online auctions

Understanding Netscape Netcenter's Classified Ads
You can buy and sell just about anything over the Internet. In fact, it's easier to search for items via online classified ads than it is in traditional newspaper

Searching the Classified Ads
To search Netcenter's classified ads,

Placing a Classified Ad
Netscape Netcenter also lets you place your own classified ads. To do so:

Another Way to Buy and Sell-Online Auctions
An online classified ad is a great way to sell an item at a fixed price, but what if you could get several potential buyers bidding for your merchandise? Better yet, what if there were a place where you could search for and bid on collectibles and other types of items? What if there was a kind of online "auction" where you try to get the best deals possible, as either a buyer or a seller

Bidding in an Online Auction
Here's how to bid on an item up for auction at the Netscape Auction Center

Selling an Item via Auction
To place an item for sale on the Netscape Auction Center, follow these steps

Using the Business Channels
In this lesson you learn about the features of Netcenter's Business and Small Business

Understanding the Business and Small Business Channels
Netscape Netcenter has two channels devoted to today's businessperson. If you're looking for information pertaining to larger businesses and corporations, check out the Business channel; if you're an entrepreneur running a small business or a home office, investigate the Small Business channel

Netscape Netcenter's Business Channel
Netscape Netcenter's Business channel is a comprehensive resource for business news, job listings, and other tools necessary to manage and expand a business of any size. The major departments featured on the Business channel include

Business Journal
The key department in the Business channel is the Business Journal, sponsored by NewsEdge and accessible by clicking the Business Journal link.

Finding Company Information
The Business channel provides news, contacts, and corporate profiles for more than 65,000 public companies. Go to the Cool Tools section and enter either the company name or ticker symbol, and then click the Go button

Business Services
Other services available from the Business channel page help you

Netscape Netcenter's Small Business Channel
Netscape Netcenter's Small Business channel is the perfect collection of content and services for the entrepreneur, small-business person, or home office worker. An exciting renovation of this channel is under way

New Departments
The new Small Business channel is organized around the key departments you would find in a typical business. Within each department you find a variety of targeted services, tools, content, and communities specific to that department's function

eBusiness Basics
This new section provides everything you need to put your business on the Internet-and generate sales. Follow these simple steps to create a successful eBusiness

Using the Career Center
In this lesson you learn how to use Netcenter's Career Center to hunt for jobs, put your résumé online, and get advice on managing your career.

Initiating an Online Job Search
Well, job hunting just got a lot easier, thanks to Netscape Netcenter's Career Center. In conjunction with Monster.com, the Netscape Career Center provides you with all the information, resources, and services you need to find your next job online

Using the Monster.com Job Search
Monster.com has more than 170,000 job listings in its massive database; Netscape Career Center helps you search through those listings to find the jobs you want

Using the Personal Search Agent
Don't want to start a new online search every day? Then let Monster.com's Personal Search Agent do the looking for you

Posting an Online Résumé
One way to find a job is for you to look for an employer; another way is to have potential employers look for you. The Netscape Career Center lets you post your résumé online, where it can viewed by potential employers as part of the Monster.com service.

Employers: Posting a Job Listing
If you're an employer, one great way to find potential employees is to post your job listings with the Netscape Career Center. The Career Center, along with Monster.com, boasts more than 2 million job seekers each month, all of them highly qualified and actively hunting for their next position

Other Career Channel Services
The Netscape Career Center offers a variety of other services for the job hunter, including company profiles and a variety of useful background articles

Researching Employer Profiles
Want to know more about a potential employer before you make a job decision? Then click the Employer Profiles link to access Monster.com's Company Info database. You can search for companies by name; there is a comprehensive overview for each company listed

Useful Background Articles
The Career Center also includes a variety of articles of use to the job seeker. Look at the Essential Employee Survival Kit section to read articles such as

Using the Personal Finance Channel
In this lesson you learn to manage your stock portfolio and personal finances with Netcenter's Personal Finance channel

Understanding the Personal Finance Channel
Netcenter's Personal Finance channel integrates a wide variety of financial information and services in one convenient place. It's a comprehensive resource for personal investors, with tools, news, analysis, and real-time quotes to help you track and understand

Getting Stock Quotes
Because stock prices are important to almost anyone doing any level of personal investing, Netscape makes it easy to retrieve stock quotes in a number of ways-including one method that delivers real-time quotes, something extremely rare on the Internet

Quotes-and More-from the Personal Finance Page
The easiest way to request a stock quote is from the Quote Lookup Tool on the main Personal Finance page. (A similar Stock Quotes box is on the

Customizing My Portfolio
When you first access the Personal Finance page, the Stocks box contains a short list of popular stocks called My Portfolio. You can customize My Portfolio to include your handpicked list of stocks and securities by following these steps

Quotes from Netscape Navigator
If you're using Netscape Navigator version 4.5 or later, you don't even have to access the Netscape Netcenter site to check stock prices. Now, from any computer, you can look up stock prices directly from the Netscape Navigator browser.

Real-Time Stock Quotes
Most stock quote services (including the standard Netcenter quotes supplied by Citibank) operate on a 20-minute delay. Normally you have to pay a brokerage special fees to view real-time quotes without this delay

Browsing the Personal Finance Departments
In addition to the useful services available from the Personal Finance channel main page, there are also five individual departments that offer tremendous utility and value: Portfolio Manager, Stocks, Market News, Mutual Funds, and Investing Basics. The following sections describe these departments

Portfolio Manager
Click the Portfolio Manager link to go to the Portfolio Manager page, which lists all the portfolios you've created, all the stocks in each portfolio, and relevant details about each stock. Just pull down the Portfolios list to select a portfolio, and then choose one of four different views

Click the Stocks link to display the Stocks page, which is where you find columns and articles from leading industry analysts. From here you can access any of the following

Market News
When you click the Market News link, you have access to a variety of breaking market news and market analysis from S&P's top analysts. The analyst links include

Mutual Funds
Click the Mutual Funds link to learn all about mutual funds, and check out these

Investing Basics
Click the Investing Basics link to go to the best page for beginning investors. The Investing Basics page includes the following learning tools that any investor should use:

Figuring Your Taxes Online
Clicking the Taxes link in the Personal Finance channel takes you to Netcenter's Taxes department, the place to go for tax information, forms, advice, and filing services. As you receive your W-2 and 1099 forms, or for tax planning year-round, check out the content and services

Using the News and Sports Channels
In this lesson you learn about Netcenter's News and Sports

Netcenter's News Channel
you see a summary of today's headlines in the right-hand column, provided by ABCNEWS.com. However, this isn't the only news available on Netcenter

Netcenter's Sports Channel
Netscape partners with SportsLine USA to provide quick and comprehensive coverage of the best of sports around the world. In Netcenter's Sports channel (see Figure 23.2), you find sports headlines, scores, statistics, photos, events, features, fantasy games, polls, and a special Sports Store-along with Today's Best coverage of major sporting events and a Your Sports section

Using the Entertainment Channel
In this lesson you learn about Netcenter's Entertainment channel, including the Celebrities, Movies, Music, and TV departments

Inside the Entertainment Channel
Netscape partners with Entertainment Tonight Online to bring you Netcenter's Entertainment channel, a comprehensive insiders' view of the world of movies, music, and television. Here you find industry news, exclusive features and interviews, and seasonal specials about the entertainment events everyone loves to follow

Entertainment Channel Departments
Besides everything you find on the front page of the Entertainment channel, Netcenter offers additional departments with more in-depth coverage of specific entertainment topics. These departments

ET Online brings you everything you want to know about your favorite stars-the best pictures, the latest news, and the juiciest interviews. Look for these hot sections

Netscape partners with Entertainment Asylum to provide a wealth of compelling movie-related content and services when you click the Movies link. This department is designed to connect moviegoers with everything they need to decide which movies to see-and where to see them

Netcenter partners with Rolling Stone Network to create the most comprehensive resource on the Internet for music news, reviews, events, and products-complete, up-to-the-minute information from the pre-eminent music newsmagazine, with 30 years of experience reporting on the music industry.

Netscape once again partners with Entertainment Asylum, this time to provide a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute resource for television viewers everywhere. The TV department has everything you need to decide what to watch, and when to watch it, including

Using the Local Channel
In this lesson you learn how to access local information from Netscape Netcenter's Local channel

Understanding the Local Channel
Netscape Netcenter's Local channel offers unparalleled local information and community guides for the top U.S. metropolitan markets. With content provided by AOL's Digital City, the Local channel features local perspectives on news, weather, sports

Exploring Your Local Channel
Each individual metropolitan area available contains content, listings, and services specific to that city, listed in the Department column on the left side of the page. Read on to discover all the features of a typical Local channel

Local News, Weather, and Sports
The latest headlines for your city appear automatically at the top of the Local page. For more detailed news, click the News link. From here you can look up Local Stocks, get more in-depth local news, and check out the five-day weather forecast.

Local People
To search for the addresses and phone numbers of local residents, click the People Finder link. This accesses Netscape People Finder, discussed in

Local Entertainment
When it's time to get out of the house and have some fun, click the Entertainment link. From there you can click the following links

Local Listings
When you click the Listings link on the Local page, you gain access to these guides:

Local Services
Click the Services link to access these local services

Local Shopping
Want to go shopping? Click the Shopping link to find local merchants in these categories: Computers & Electronics, Home Improvement, and Weddings

Using the Travel Channel
In this lesson you learn how to plan vacations and make reservations via Netcenter's Travel channel

Understanding the Travel Channel
Whether you travel once a year on vacation or weekly on business, you can find all the travel information and services you need on Netscape Netcenter's Travel channel. Netscape Travel channel is a rich resource for all sorts of travel information, reservations, vacations and cruises, news and services, and entertainment-all in one convenient place.

Booking Your Reservations Online
If you've never booked reservations online, you're missing out on one of the most useful and convenient services on the Internet. With online booking, you can search for the most convenient flights, the lowest rates-even the best seats-all from the comfort of your personal computer. And Netcenter's Travel channel, in partnership with Travelocity, offers one of the best booking services on the Internet

Booking a Flight
To book an airplane flight on the Travel channel, make sure you know where and when you're going, have your credit card handy, and then follow these simple steps:

Renting a Car
The procedure to procure a rental car for your trip is similar to the procedure used to book flight reservations. Click the Rent a Car link to access the Rent a Car page. Enter all your pertinent information (where you're renting, how long you want the car, what kind of car you'd like, and so on), and then click the Search Now button.

Reserving a Hotel
You reserve a hotel room much the same way you book a flight or rent a car. Click the Reserve a Hotel link to access the Reserve a Hotel page. Enter your specific preferences, such as where you want to stay, for how long, any particular chains you prefer, what type of room you'd like, and so on.

Going Bargain Hunting
If you're a bargain hunter, Netscape Travel is the place to start. The Travel channel offers several ways for you to search for travel bargains online.

Looking for the Lowest Fares
You can search Travelocity for the lowest plane fares right from the main page. Go to the Travel Bargains section and select a city from the Depart From list, and click the Go! button. You'll be presented with a list of the day's best travel bargains to selected cities; click the appropriate Select button to get more information on a particular deal

Searching for Deep Discounts
When you click the Special Travel Deals link, you're presented with a page of ticket, hotel, and complete vacation specials from selected Travelocity partners. For example, you might find hotel deals from Holiday Inn or Radisson Hotels, and discount vacations to destinations like Las Vegas or San Francisco

More Vacation Deals
Travelocity has additional vacation deals sought out and lined up for your immediate choosing. Just click the Vacations link and then click the Hot Deals link on the Vacations page

Terrific Travel Tools
In addition to the ability to place reservations and find the best travel deals, Netscape Travel offers several other travel-related tools that are extremely useful.

Researching Your Destination
If you're not sure where you want to go-or if you want more information about your desired destination-click the Destination Guide link on the Netscape Travel page. When the main Destination Guide page appears, select a country, region, or city.

Tracking Your Flight Status
Is your flight on time? Find out by clicking the Flight Departure/Arrival Status link. Enter the flight information, click the Search Now button, and Travelocity tells you when the flight is really going to take off or arrive

Getting Flight Details via Pager
Want to know the status of a flight-but aren't near a computer? Then use Travelocity's Flight Paging service. This service (offered in the U.S. only) lets you receive messages on your pager about flight information changes, for up to four specific flights on participating airlines.

Converting Your Currency
How many pounds to a dollar-or lira to a yen? Take the guesswork out of money changing by clicking the Currency Converter link, entering the appropriate information, and clicking the Convert button. You'll get up-to-the-minute currency conversion rates for just about any currency in the world.

Getting Worldwide Weather Forecasts
Can't decide whether to pack an umbrella or swim trunks? Then click the Worldwide Weather link to get travel forecasts for major destinations around the globe.

Getting Driving Directions
Going on a road trip? Click the Driving Directions link to get detailed turn-by-turn directions on how to get from where you are to where you want to be

Using the Shopping Channels
In this lesson you learn how to shop and purchase online through Netscape Netcenter

Understanding Online Shopping
One of the biggest buzzes of late has been the growth of online shopping-sometimes called e-commerce (for electronic commerce) or e-tailing (for electronic retailing). Basically, online shopping is the simple ability to shop and purchase items from a retailer with a Web site.

Browsing Netcenter's Shopping Departments
There are hundreds of preferred merchants on the Shopping channel, from Amazon.com to the VitaminShoppe.com. Netscape Shopping organizes its merchants into convenient categories for browsing

Doing Your Research Ahead of Time
Before you buy, do a little research to find the best products in any given category. Netscape Shopping offers two services that help you get a head start on the purchasing process

Compare.net for Consumers
When you click the Compare.net link, you're taken to an interactive buyer's guide. On the Compare.net page you can click a given category to access complete and unbiased product information, product comparisons, side-by-side charts, product reviews

Buyer's Zone for Businesses
Clicking the Buyer's Zone link takes you to a special buying guide for office equipment and supplies. Buyer's Zone provides information, comparisons, and online quotes for various business products

Shopping for Cars
In addition to the normal Shopping channel, Netscape Netcenter also offers the Auto channel, with information and services specific to the purchase of new and used automobiles. Shopping for a car online is a great experience-you find more information than you're probably used to

Shopping for a Home
If you can buy a car online, why not a house? Well, you can't tour or inspect a house from your computer yet, but you can browse real estate listings and access other home-related information and

Using the Kids & Family Channel
In this lesson you learn about Netcenter's resources for children and families

Understanding the Kids & Family Channel
The Kids & Family channel is the ultimate resource for families, complete with a variety of activities, services, and information, including health, parenting, safe Web-surfing tips, and entire areas dedicated to just seniors, teens, and kids. It's a safe, fun, and informative place for any member of your family-especially your kids

Cool Stuff for Kids in KidZone
Where can your kids go for fun, safe activities on the Internet? Click the KidZone link on the Kids & Family page and find out! KidZone, shown in Figure 28.2, includes a variety of engaging activities for your pre-teen children, including

Cool Stuff for Teens in the Teens
Teens is complete with content, activities, and services especially designed for teen boys and girls. When you click the Teens link on the Kids & Family page, you're taken to the Teens page shown in Figure 28.3, which includes

Senior Center
The Kids & Family channel has departments for family members of all ages. The Senior Center, sponsored by Senior.com, is a fun, safe, interactive, and constantly changing place for those older than 50 to call home

Tools for Everyday Life
In addition to the three major departments, the Kids & Family channel has a wealth of other information

Having a Baby
If you're pregnant-or thinking about becoming pregnant-click these links for useful resources

For the Entire Family
Check out these links with useful family-oriented information, many of which are provided by Women.com, the foremost site for women on the Web

Just Ask
The Kids & Family channel also has a variety of family-focused reference resources, all accessible from its main page

Using the Games Channel
In this lesson you learn about Netcenter's Games channel

Understanding the Games Channel
Netscape Netcenter's Games channel is a resource for everything that has to do with games-what games to buy, where to buy them, how to play games online, you name it

Playing Games Online
You can use your computer and your modem to play games online, and Netcenter offers a variety of games you can play with other users in real- time, online, through your Web browser. Here's how it

Reviewing and Buying the Latest PC Games
If you're a big player of computer games, check out the Games channel's PC Games link. From the PC Games page, you can access the following resources by clicking their links

A Ten-Minute Internet Primer
In this lesson, you learn what the Internet is, what the various parts of the Internet are, and how the parts work

What Is the Internet?
The Internet is a giant network of computers, spanning the globe and connecting millions of individual computers just like yours

The Pieces and Parts of the Internet
The Internet itself is a backbone that supports many activities and services, such as email, chat, and the World Wide Web, all of which operate over the Internet independent from each other. Each individual service satisfies a singular user need, often requires its own software program, and operates in its own particular fashion.

Electronic mail, or email, is a way to send messages to other Internet users. An email message is similar to a traditional letter, except that it is transmitted electronically over the Internet. You write and address your email message much like you would a normal letter, then send the letter from your computer out to the Internet,

Newsgroups and Forums
Where email is one-to-one communication, newsgroups and forums provide the opportunity for one person to communicate with many people, by posting messages for all to see

Chat and Instant Messaging
Internet Chat-often called Internet Relay Chat, or IRC-is kind of like one of those 900-number telephone chat lines, except you use your keyboard instead of a telephone, and you don't run up bills at $1.99 or more per minute. When you enter a chat room, you can just "listen" to conversations (called lurking

The World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is the part of the Internet where information is presented in a highly visual format-often interactive and multimedia-enhanced. Web pages are frequently linked to other Web pages, so that you can click on a piece of text or graphic and automatically be transported to the linked page. This is called browsing, navigating, or surfing the Web.

How the World Wide Web Works
Information on the World Wide Web is presented in pages. A Web page is like a page in a book, made up of text and pictures (also called graphics). A Web page differs from a book page, however, in that it can include other elements, such as audio and video, and links to other Web pages

The Parts of a Web Page
How do you read a Web page? Most Web pages are made up of the same common elements, shown in Figure 1.5

Fancy Web Pages
In addition to the common elements listed in Table 1.1, some Web pages use more advanced features. It's not uncommon to encounter pages that include

Web Portals
There are many types of Web sites. Some provide you with information, some try to sell you things, some let you search for other sites, and others are just fun to look at. In fact, the Web is composed of so many different sites that it's sometimes hard to figure out where you are and where you want to go

Netscape Browser Information Now Updated
There are many types of Web sites. Some provide you with information, some try to sell you things, some let you search for other sites, and others are just fun to look at. In fact, the Web is composed of so many different sites that it's sometimes hard to figure out where you are and where you want to go

holgermetzger-Tips and Tricks (Last changes: December 2005)
a security bug affects all Mozilla versions prior to (and including) Mozilla 1.7.3. Netscape 7.2, sadly, is based on Mozilla 1.7.2. I advise everyone running Netscape to update to Mozilla 1.7.12 (or higher), or Firefox/Thunderbird .

Click on one of the following links to install your favourite language pack and spellchecker. If the installation fails, you have to download the XPI file to your local hard drive first; then open it with Netscape 7.2 (File -> Open) and perform the installation locally

holgermetzger-Installation and Profile
Netscape's new super-configuration file is a plaintext file called user.js. Netscape itself still uses the prefs.js like previous versions, but the 100% user-controlled user.js has precedence, that means any entry in user.js replaces any similar entry in prefs.js. Netscape on the other hand does not have the right to manipulate user.js, that means it will not be overwritten or changed by Netscape in any way. That's why changes to user.js can be made while Netscape 7 is running

holgermetzger-Important Information about the user.js
Netscape's new super-configuration file is a plaintext file called user.js. Netscape itself still uses the prefs.js like previous versions, but the 100% user-controlled user.js has precedence, that means any entry in user.js replaces any similar entry in prefs.js. Netscape on the other hand does not have the right to manipulate user.js, that means it will not be overwritten or changed by Netscape in any way.

holgermetzger-How do I install Netscape 7?
The full Netscape 7 installation file for Windows (for other operating systems see ftp.netscape.com/pub/netscape7) can be found here: ftp://ftp.netscape.com/pub/netscape7/english/7.0/windows/win32/sea/NSSetupB.exe (approx 30MB). If you have a fast connection you should download the full installer

holgermetzger-How do I install / reinstall / add components?
All Netscape 7 (for Win32) components can be found here (change the path for your language/OS/Netscape version): ftp://ftp.netscape.com/pub/netscape7/english/7.02/windows/win32/eehxkt/ You can add or reinstall components any tim

holgermetzger-How do I deactivate the "Activation" process?
There are many ways to accomplish this. The easiest way is to delete or rename the file activation.dll (found in \Netscape 7\components).

holgermetzger-How can I manually copy my Netscape 4.xx profile
Copy bookmark.htm from your 4.xx profile directory into your Netscape 7 profile directory and rename the file to bookmarks.html.

holgermetzger-Installation fails: "netscape xpcom:-207 cant_read_archive
You likely installed Service Pack-1 for XP recently. Use Windows FIND feature to locate a file named ZLIB.DLL in the Windows program directory. There may be other files by that name elsewhere. Rename this file to ZLIB_DLL.OLD. Then install NS7.

holgermetzger-Installation and Profile
Netscape's new super-configuration file is a plaintext file called user.js. Netscape itself still uses the prefs.js like previous versions, but the 100% user-controlled user.js has precedence

holgermetzger-Netscape won't run after installation
Problem: Nothing happens when you try to start Netscape

holgermetzger-How do I copy my Netscape 3 data to Netscape 7.1
Netscape 7.1 can't automatically import your profile data from good old Netscape 3. But that's no biggie, since Netscape 3's files are basically similar to Netscape 4. All you have to do is copy your profile data to your Netscape 7.1 folder

holgermetzger-Linux/Unix: Enable font smoothing
By default, Netscape 7.1 does not use font smoothing in Linux. To enable this read this howto.

holgermetzger-How can I change the useragent string to access stupid sites that check for certain browsers
If need be, you can change the user-agent of Netscape/Mozilla to account for those toffee-nosed sites out there sniffing for a certain browser... To change the user-agent add the following line to your user.js:

holgermetzger-How can I access sites on certain high ports
Netscape does not allow access to certain high ports. To deactivate this add the following line to your user.js

holgermetzger-How do I get background sounds on webpages
If a page uses , you need a plugin. Netscape Communicator's Live Audio player or Beatnik still work with Netscape 7 / Mozilla:

holgermetzger-Working with the Microsoft Knowledge Database
To solve this problem add the following lines to your userContent.css (a plaintext file which has to be created in your profile's directory /chrome/ folder):

holgermetzger-Personal Toolbar is gone after installing and using the Kmeleon Netscape plugin
After installation of Kmeleon the Personal Toolbar in Netscape is gone (the folder itself is still present but not on the toolbar) when you selected the toolbar as toolbar in Kmeleon

holgermetzger-Netscape saves a file with a wrong file extension
This is not a Netscape bug, it's a webserver configuration problem: the server sends the wrong MIME type information in the HTTP headers. The file is named coolmovie.mpg, but the server sends video/mpeg as the MIME type.

holgermetzger-How do I get rid of the "Local Folders" in Mail/News
It is possible to remove those folders, but in doing so you risk dataloss. So proceed with caution

holgermetzger-How can I deactivate format=flowed (=using classic line break
Many people complain that Netscape does not break lines correctly or seems to forget to break lines when the message has been sent (although the mail/news editor shows line breaks). This is not a bug, it's a feature. Netscape uses a new format to send emails, it's called Format Flowed,

holgermetzger-How can I decode ROT-13
Please use the following addon for ROT13 (and more)

holgermetzger-How can I have the classic
The third line disables format=flowed and is necessary to completely disable it. Without it, format=flowed messages would still have the vertical bar.

medlib.med.utah-Traveling the Internet with a Web Browser
Traveling the Internet with a Web Browser

medlib.med.utah-How to Navigate this Tour
Be warned that these links lead you to many documents that are not part of this tour. You may get lost. It is recommended that you wait and follow these links after you have taken the tour one time and you are comfortable navigating with Netscape

medlib.med.utah-What is a Web Browser?
A tool for travelling the Internet

medlib.med.utah-Where can you get a Web Browser?
Two of the most popular browsers are Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). They are both available over the Internet. They are also both too large to fit on a high density disk! It's best to download them from home.

medlib.med.utah-Windows Navigation
Windows Navigation

medlib.med.utah-There are many ways to navigate using Netscape.
There are many ways to navigate using Netscape.

medlib.med.utah-Surf the Web using Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks are indicated by highlighted, underlined text and connect you to another resource (another Web site, a document, an image, Gopher menus, etc) on the Internet

medlib.med.utah-Netscape menus are one important means of navigation
The File Menu has many useful entries. At this point, you will probably want to use the Save As and Print entries. If you want to save the text content of a page you are viewing, use Save As, select the Format of Text, and identify the directory or disk where you wish to save the document. This option will not save the graphics you are viewing, only the text. If you wish to print the document, including the graphics, use the Print entry on the File Menu. The other options will be explored later in the course.

medlib.med.utah-Use Netscape Toolbar Buttons for navigation
The Back Button takes you to the last page you were viewing. Back allows you to retrace your steps, one page a t a time

medlib.med.utah-Using Netscape's Location Field
Displays the URL address of the site you are viewing

hitmil-Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator is a browser which was created by Mark Andreesen and his team for Netscape Communications Corporation which Mr. Andreesen co-founded. Navigator was distributed over the Web as freeware, and free downloads are still available

medlib.med.utah-Using Bookmarks in Netscape 4.0
Add sites by opening the Bookmark Menu and selecting Add Bookmark

medlib.med.utah-Mac and Windows navigation is nearly identical!
Mac and Windows navigation is nearly identical!

medlib.med.utah-Mac and Windows navigation is nearly identical
Mac and Windows navigation is nearly identical

medlib.med.utah-Netscape menus are one important means of navigation
Click on a menu title below if you would like to see a brief description of the action of each menu item. Otherwise, use the arrow below to move on to the explanation of the Toolbar

medlib.med.utah-Use Netscape Toolbar Buttons for navigation
Use Netscape Toolbar Buttons for navigation

medlib.med.utah-Using Netscape's Location Field
Displays the URL address of the site you are viewing

medlib.med.utah-Using Netscape's Directory Buttons
Using Netscape's Directory Buttons

medlib.med.utah-Using Bookmarks in Netscape
Using Bookmarks in Netscape

airnewzealand-Web Browser Compatibility
To view this website and book travel online, we recommend you use a personal computer with minimum screen size of 800 x 600 pixels and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher running on a Microsoft Windows platform. This website is also compatible with Netscape 6.2 or higher.

writetheweb-Web Standards Project: Deliver on your promises, Netscape
Voicing the thoughts of many web standards advocates, the Web Standards Project has heavily criticized Netscape for taking so long over Mozilla, its next-generation web browser

oclc-Connexion browser, easy and always up to date
Connexion helps make cataloging available more places and for more people by way of its Web interface. The Connexion browser is utilized like any Web site through a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

lwn-netscape navigator
A flaw exists in Netscape Navigator that could allow an attacker to masquerade as a legitimate web site if the attacker can compromise the validity of certain DNS information.

greatnexus-Netscape Navigator
An Internet Browser originally based on the Mosaic program and developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Officially called Netscape Communications Corporation, Netscape was founded by James H. Clark and Marc Andreessen in 1994 and was acquired by AOL in 1999.

howtocreate-Browser speed comparisons
There is a speed war on the web. Browsers compete on many fronts; security, standards support, features and speed. Most people are aware of which major browser fails on three of these, but one of them is still open for grabs. Speed

simmons-Netscape 6/7
Based on the Gecko rendering engine in Mozilla (see above), Netscape 6/7 complies with important web standards such as CSS and XHTML, and includes full support for XML and the DOM. These technologies can help web builders create powerful sites. Netscape is available as a free download.

shef.ac-Getting Started - Which Web Browser Netscape 7
However, we recommend that you use the latest version of your preferred web browser. Listed below are the versions of browsers on which the Portal has been tested

netscape 8.0 testdrive
netscape 8.0 testdrive

continuinged.uml-Web Browsers Download & Tutorials
The most popular browsers are Netscape, which is available free to educators and students and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

System Requirements
System Requirements

Release Notes
Visit the security center on http://browser.netscape.com for detailed security fixes


Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed Browsing organizes and frees up desktop space by opening multiple web sites in a series of tabs that you can easily switch back and forth between

Site Controls
With more security options than any other browser, Netscape's Site Controls allow the user to choose how much they trust a site

Netscape's new MultiBar condenses multiple toolbars into single customizable buttons to reduce page clutter.

Form Fill/Passcard
Form Fill can store the standard information requested by so many sites - but only with user permission - and then automatically fill out the forms

Live Content
With Live Content, users can view various headlines from a small window on their browser and expand it to get the full story without having to visit multiple sites

labtrain-test Web Browser
If your browser is version 3.X or lower you should upgrade it to at least version 4.X before using this web based training package. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator are available at addresses listed below.

Netscape's originally released browser Navigator was later bundled with the Netscape Communicator suite. Its current version, Netscape Browser, is based upon Firefox, but also allows for rendering with the IE engine

webwizguide-Netscape web browsers
Thankfully, the minimum resolution most people use these days is 800 x 600 pixels and either use Internet Explorer or Netscape web browsers. In this case the minimum live space you can work with is 783 x 398 pixels. You can view a full list of 'Live Space' sizes at the bottom of this page

In order to access this secure information you must use a Netscape Web browser. If you are not using a Netscape Web browser, you may download a copy from the network

dir.yahoo-Netscape Browsers
Provides a site for downloading nearly any version of Netscape Navigator and Communicator browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS/2

Communicator 4.x Help
Netscape Communicator is a comprehensive set of components that integrates browsing, email, web-based word processing, chat, and group scheduling to allow users to easily communicate, share, and access information

What's New in Communicator 4.7?
Netscape Radio, which rebroadcasts content from Spinner, provides an endless stream of music in 10 channels of programming. These include Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Electronica, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and The 80s. In addition, Netscape Radio provides links to artists and music groups through Netscape Music, which offers information on more than 51,000 performers, 125,000 albums and more than one million songs.

uel.ac-Cross Browser Compatibility
There have been a significant number of Netscape issues to overcome though and it is conceivable that some of these may continue to arise. Occasionally for example a page may fail to reload and display correctly when the Netscape window is resized, or may sometimes present wrongly when first loaded - the solution is to use the "Reload" button on the browser toolbar to force a further reload.

training.seer.cancer-Recommended Web Browsers
We recommend you use either Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer (IE) 4.x or 5.x., since earlier browsers do not support JavaScript and Style Sheets, which have been implemented on this Web site. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web site. The current versions of Web browsers from Netscape are available on the company's Browser Download Center.

306.ibm- Web browser requirements
Version 4.x or higher required, Communicator 4.7 or higher recommended. Note: Netscape 6/7.x not fully supported.

rpi-Netscape, a new World Wide Web Browser, to replace Mosaic

alistapart-Why Don’t You Code for Netscape?
Your website looks nice in Internet Explorer 6, but really bad in Netscape 4.7. Is this the type of web page design that you are recommending to your readers? The worst problem is that it doesn’t even look like the same page

louisville-WWW Browser Basics
In 1994, some of the Mosaic team, led by Marc Andreessen, left NCSA to create their own for-profit venture-Netscape Communications Corp. From this new company, the Netscape Navigator Web browser was born, which went to eclipse Mosaic as the most popular browser. Noticing Netscape?s success, Microsoft Corp. got into the act with its own Microsoft Internet Explorer.

browser.netscape-Netscape Browser 8.0
Speed, Flexibility and More Security Choices Than Any Other Browser

w3schools-Netscape Browser
It has been some years since Netscape was the dominating Web browser, and we have all been waiting (too long?) for the version 6 release from Netscape.

wikipedia-Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator, also known simply as "Netscape", was a proprietary web browser that was widely used. Once the flagship product of Netscape Communications Corporation and the dominant browser in terms of usage share, its userbase had almost completely evaporated by 2002.

wp.netscape-How to Make Communicator Your Default Browser
Welcome to the Netscape Software Download and Customer Choice page, where you can download the latest version of Netscape Communicator, learn how to uninstall Internet Explorer, and select Communicator as your default Internet browser

wikipedia-web browser
Popular browsers available for personal computers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Apple Safari and Konqueror. A browser is the most commonly used kind of user agent

learnthenet-web browser
Although many different browsers are available, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two most popular ones. Netscape (now owned by AOL) and Microsoft have put so much money into their browsers that the competition can't keep up

news.com-HP to ship Netscape browser on new PCs
In a move that harks back to the browser wars, Hewlett-Packard plans to ship Netscape's Web browser on new consumer PCs and notebooks starting early next year

upsdell-Browser Trends
1% or more use each of the following: Gecko-based browsers, KHTML-based browsers, Internet Explorer 5-7, and Opera. Two antique browsers are quickly dying — Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 — with Internet Explorer 4 virtually dead, and Netscape 4 likely becoming negligible in 2006.

dir.yahoo-Netscape Browsers
Offers download for the latest browser version, as well as news, email, streaming music, and more

alternatiff-A TIFF image viewer for Windows web browsers
AlternaTIFF is available as either a Netscape-style plug-in or an ActiveX control for IE. Please choose from the following three options (there are two download methods available for the ActiveX control).

webopedia-web browser
Short for Web browser, a software application used to locate and display Web pages. The two most popular browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

quirksmode-A history of browsers
This page contains a short history of browsers from 1991 to the present day. History before 1998 is rather sketchy since I didn't live through it myself. I got my own first browser, Netscape 3, in 1997, and only from that time on I started following the browser market and its fluctuations

hotwired.lycos-Browser Chart
One of the biggest pains about making Web pages is having to keep track of which browsers support what features. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some way to keep track of it all? Well, we've whipped up a few articles and charts to make things easier for you

avaya-Netscape Web Browser with Integrated Management
Avaya Integrated Management will no longer support the Netscape Web browser beginning with Avaya Integrated Management release 2.0, scheduled for release on November 3, 2003.

sillydog-Netscape Browser Archive
Here you will find one of the largest consolidated archives on the web for free downloading Netscape browser software.If you find a broken link, know a Netscape version that is not listed, or simply have comments/suggestions

albion-The Netscape Web browser
Netscape Navigator possesses three key middleware attributes that endow it with the potential to diminish the applications barrier to entry

lexis-nexis-Clearing Your Browser's Cache Memory
Clearing Cache on Netscape Communicator / Navigator 4.0

This Web browser includes a sidebar with a number of tabs that link directly to stock quotes, chat messengers and personal links. It provides multiple mail accounts and identities, integrated AOL instant messenger, privacy tools, an interface composed of XML, XUL, CSS and Javascript, and provides integration with RealPlayer, WinAmp and Net2Phone.

alanwood-Setting up Macintosh OS 9 Web Browsers for Multilingual and Unicode Support
To set fonts for the various encodings that are supported in the Navigator component of Netscape Communicator 4.0–4.08 and 4.5–4.8

rnib-Web Browser Accessibility
How to make the text larger in your web browser, without using any special software

Cookies: what they are and how they work
A "cookie" is a small piece of information which a web server can store temporarily with your web browser. This is useful for having your browser remember some specific information which the web server can later retrieve.

java-Clearing your Web Browser Cache
Clearing your Web Browser Cache For Netscape 4.x and Up

personal.umich-Netscape's Web Browser Software
This paper explores issues of technology management and competitive resources for businesses competing in one of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving markets today -- graphical Internet software for accessing the World Wide Web (Web, or WWW).

dpo.uab-Installation Instructions for Version 7.2
Installation Instructions for Version 7.2

krstarica-Netscape - Web browsers - Software Library
Netscape 7.0 looks a lot like version 6.0, but underneath the hood, it's mostly Mozilla, which means it also performs like Mozilla. In our informal testing, Netscape displayed Web pages just as fast as Internet Explorer did

pcworld-Netscape Gains in Browser Wars
A key feature in version 8.0 of Netscape's Web browser may have deflated the Netscape browser's market share by as much as half earlier this year--while artificially boosting the market share of rivals Firefox and Internet Explorer, a Web-tracking firm says

tsp-Thrift Savings Plan
This site was developed with the Netscape Navigator browser and is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.78 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

livinginternet-Web Browser About Keyword
The early Netscape browsers started the trend with support for a wide range of "about:" commands that returned interesting information about your browsing status simply by entering the command into the address bar and pressing return.

coolpagehelp-Netscape Browsers
Pages made with Cool Page will display properly in all Netscape web browsers. If a page does not display correctly then the usual causes are incorrect use of the HTML Object Tool, uncommon fonts or damaged browser.

novell-Launching GroupWise from within the Netscape Web Browser
We changed our mail system from Netscape Messenger to the amazing GroupWise 5.5. In Messenger it was normal that I could send a web page to a recipient, out of the browser. I miss this feature in GroupWise.

w3-Alternative Web Browsing
This is a collection of pointers to information, and where possible, to demonstration versions of alternative browsing methods

wp.netscape-Browsing the Web: The Basics
A web browser is software that enables you to find and view information published on the World Wide Web. Netscape Navigator is a web browser that is available as part of the Netscape Communicator package of Internet access tools or as a stand-alone application

onestat-Mozilla's browsers global usage share is still growing according to OneStat.com
The global usage share of Mozilla's browsers is still growing and it seems that Netscape users and some Internet Explorer users are switching to the Firefox version.

.fortune-Remembering Netscape: The Birth of the Web
Remembering Netscape: The Birth of the Web For the tenth anniversary of its IPO, FORTUNE recruited dozens of players to tell, in their own words, the story of the startup that brought us into the Internet era. The first of a two-part story

webdesignsnow-Patch for Netscape Web Browser
Patch for Netscape Web Browser

Netscape's impressive new incarnation of its venerable browser, now featuring both IE and Firefox rendering engines What's New: Multi-rendering engine support, FormFill tool, MultiBar, tabbed browsing

iuware.indiana-Web Browsers
The latest version of Netscape's browser. This version includes popup controls and tabbed browsing

bizjournals-Microsoft, Netscape web browsers go head to head
Microsoft and Netscape are waging full-scale war on the Internet, each with a new browser, the device used to view web sites and perform other functions. The real beneficiary will be the consumer

russharvey.bc-Web Browsers & Plug-ins
Web browsers are multipurpose Internet applications that include the ability to view Web sites and often include other functions as well

imagescape-Netscape Help
For many people, getting on the World Wide Web is like being lost in downtown Manhattan without a map. You know that this is a vast place and there are many treasures to explore. The trouble is that you aren't sure how or where to start.

yolinux-YoLinux Tutorial - Configuring Netscape Navigator 4.7X for Web Surfing with Linux
The Netscape Navigator 4.x series of browsers is no longer maintained. Thus it is unlikely that this page will be updated in the future but it will be kept around for historical purposes.

sillydog-What is Netscape?
Netscape is the name of the browser that brought the use of the internet (also referred to as the World Wide Web (WWW), or simply the "net") to the life of everyday people, and changed the way that people would use the Internet.

kb.iu-What is Netscape, and where can I get it?
Netscape is a suite of software components for sharing, accessing, and communicating information via intranets and the Internet. Netscape includes components for browsing, email, newsgroups, and HTML authoring. You can download the latest version of Netscape at:

hms.harvard-Browser Basics
Information on this page provides an overview of the basic tools and commands used when working in Netscape.

news.zdnet-Netscape update fixes Firefox bugs
Netscape on Wednesday released a new version of Netscape 8 to bring the Web browser up to date on security patches with the underlying Firefox software

leland.stanford-Reading Hebrew on the Web using Netscape
Surprisingly, reading Hebrew through Netscape is fairly easy now. If you don't already use Netscape as your web-browser, you may be able to download it from here

itassist.usyd-How to Configure Netscape Web Browsers for NFuse access by using the ICA Client for Macintosh
Netscape Browser 4.0 and higher ICA Client for Macintosh Registered ICA mime type on the Web server.etscape web browser that is configured to recognize ICA file extensions

heise-Once again a new version of the Netscape Web browser
At the end of July AOL quietly withdrew the Version of the Netscape browser, which had closed a number of security loopholes. Now with Version a debugged new edition of the Web browser bearing that name rich in tradition is available

aroundcny-Netscape dropping its history-making Web browser
Netscape's web browser is about to become history. Sources in the computer industry say Netscape Communications, now owned by the combined America Online - Time Warner conglomerate, is giving up on the browser market

reviews.cnet-IE vs. the world: six Web browsers compared
Netscape 8 takes the best of both worlds. It runs both IE and Mozilla's engines, should sites you want to visit render properly only with IE. Netscape 8 also includes tabbed browsing, and it's easy to use.

ntlug-Free Netscape - MOZILLA
It appears that it takes a fair bit of system resources to actually compile Mozilla; reports indicate that one needs 96MB of memory and about 300MB of free disk space to do so.

wellesley-Setting Your Default Web Browser
Internet Explorer and Netscape are standard for public clusters and/or offices. Safari is installed on some faculty and staff computers running OS X as well as some public labs. Internet Explorer is Wellesley College's primary supported browser

hitmill-Short Introductory Web Browser Tutorial
Netscape Navigator is a browser which was created by Mark Andreesen and his team for Netscape Communications Corporation which Mr. Andreesen co-founded. Navigator was distributed over the Web as freeware, and free downloads are still available.

teachingideas-What is a Web Browser?
A web browser is the software which you use to look at web pages.You are using a web browser right now to look at this page There are lots of different web browsers, but the two most popular ones are

the-light-The Browser Safe Palette (BSP)
This document is an effort to provide an explanation and a tool for authors to use to improve their pages. Many people refer to this generic palette as the Netscape palette because Netscape uses this palette on 8 bit systems, and Netscape is particularly sensitive to problems relating to the use of this palette

news.zdnet-Netscape patches 1-day-old browser
A day after launching Netscape 8 and touting the browser's security features, Netscape has released an update to fix several serious security flaws

bookmarklets-Bookmarklets - free tools for power surfing
Bookmarklets are simple tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of Netscape and Explorer web browsers

timewarner-Netscape Launches Next-Generation Web Browser
DULLES, VA - America Online today announced the launch of the all-new Netscape 8.0, which automatically adjusts safety and security settings to help protect users as they explore the Web.

alistapart-To Hell With Bad Browsers
It typically takes 18 months or longer for web users to upgrade their browsers. Many still use browsers, like Netscape 4, that date back to 1997. These folks will only upgrade if we give them a reason to do so.

w3.aces-Introduction to the Web and Web Browsers
Netscape Navigator is one of the best web browser available. It provides the user with brilliant graphics, sophisticated page layouts and high speed downloads. The reading of this guide while exploring the Netscape Navigator will help beginners become competent "surfers" and unlock an entire world of information and entertainment resources.

w3.aces.uiuc-The Essential Navigation Tools
Back and Forward are the most essential, hence most used, of the Netscape features. Back and Forward are the "page turners" of Netscape. Like your own fingers turning a page in a book, back and forward allow the user to move back and forward through the documents which you have viewed. Below is an example of how Back and Forward are used together

Presents the titles of documents viewed during current session which may be selected and viewed again. These document links are NOT preset by Netscape, rather the links presented are based on your Internet exploration path

Print is a useful feature which allows the user to print text and/or images on a printer. Be careful when using a Laser printer!!! The text will print the same size as it appears on in Netscape window and use lots of paper. Change the font size in the "Fonts and Colors" menu if necessary

These are four preference sections which control the look, openeration and functionality of Netscape: General, Mail and News, Network and Security. The Netscape tutorial provides instruction on two of the preference sections- General and Mail/News

Netscape e-Mail Tutorial

Netscape Newsgroup tutorial

Netscape Navigator 2.0 supports a new functionality-enhancing feature that provides inline support for a huge range of Live Objects

Choose section to be explored

Netscape 2.0 Pull-down Menus

Netscape 2.0 toolbar

Netscape 2.0 Directory Buttons

reference-Netscape Communications Corporation
Netscape Communications Corporation was the publisher of the Netscape web browsers as well as many other internet and intranet client and server software products

rapidreview- Recommended Web Browsers
Rapid Review 2.1 supports Internet Explorer 5.0 or later and Netscape® 6.2 or later. However, there are compatibility issues that exist between different browser versions and various operating systems. Please refer to the information below to determine the best browser version to use.

mozillaquest-Creating Your Own Mozilla & Netscape 6 Themes & Skins
The Lizard-genie is out of the bottle. Netscape 6 and Mozilla are skin-able. That allows you to change the appearance of these browsers, thus giving them your own customized look and feel. In Netscape 6 and Mozilla, these skins are called themes.

mozillaquest-Netscape 7.01 Browser-Suite Released
AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division has placed its Netscape 7.01 (NS 7.01) browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms on its FTP servers for public downloading. Much as was the case with Netscape 6.1 and Netscape 7.0, Netscape 7.01 could be the make-or-brake, do-or-die, and last gasp Netscape browser offering.

mozillaquest-Netscape 7.02 Browser-Suite Released
AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division has placed its Netscape 7.02 (NS 7.02) browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms on its FTP servers for public downloading. Much as was the case with Netscape 6.1 and Netscape 7.0, Netscape 7.02 could be the make-or-brake, do-or-die, and last gasp Netscape browser offering.

mozillaquest-Netscape7.1 Browser-Suite Released - AKA Mozilla 1.4
Much as was the case with Netscape 6.1 and Netscape 7.0, Netscape 7.1 could be the make-or-brake, do-or-die, and last gasp Netscape browser offering.

mozillaquest-Netscape Communicator 4.8 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 4.8 is out! The Netscape Communicator 4.8 browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Unix, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms is on AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division FTP servers (links below). However, at press time Netscape 4.8 is not listed on the Netscape Products Page.

mozillaquest-Netscape 7.0-PR1 Browser-Suite Released
AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division placed its Netscape 7.0-PR1 (NS 7.0-PR1) browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms on its FTP servers today. Much as was the case with Netscape 6.1, Netscape 7.0-PR1 could be the make-or-brake, do-or-die, and last gasp Netscape browser offering

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2.3 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.2.3, a maintenance upgrade from Netscape 6.2, quietly has been made available for public download. Nestscape 6.2.3 information on the Netscape Web site is pretty much intermingled with Netscape 6.2. The NS 6.2.3 release notes are piggybacked onto the NS 6.2, 6.2.1, and 6.2.2 release notes

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2.2 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.2.2, a maintenance upgrade from Netscape 6.2, quietly has been made available for public download. Nestscape 6.2.2 information on the Netscape Web site is pretty much intermingled with Netscape 6.2. The NS 6.2.2 release notes are piggybacked onto the NS 6.2 and 6.2.1 release notes. A note at the bottom of the Netscape 6.2.2 Web page merely adds

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2.1 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.2.1, a maintenance upgrade from Netscape 6.2, quietly was made available for public download last week. Nestscape 6.2.1 information on the Netscape Web site is pretty much intermingled with Netscape 6.2. The NS 6.2.1 release notes are piggybacked onto the NS 6.2 release notes. A note at the bottom of the Netscape 6.2 Web page merely adds

mozillaquest-Netscape Communicator 4.79 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 4.79 is out! The Netscape Communicator 4.79 browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Unix, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms is on AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division FTP servers (links below). Netscape 4.79 is listed on the Netscape Products Page

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2 Browser Source Code (Mozilla Released
the Mozilla Organization released the source code for the Milestone Mozilla edition of its Mozilla browser-suite yesterday afternoon. This Mozilla source code is the code AOL-Time-Warner's Netscape division used as the base for its Netscape 6.2 browser-suite upgrade for the Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.2 follows Netscape 6.1 (NS 6.1), which was released nearly twelve weeks ago on 8 August 2001. For more information about Netscape 6.1 (NS 6.1), please see our article, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released

mozillaquest-Microsoft - Bad News for Netscape & Mozilla
The news is not so good for the Netscape and Mozilla developers, however. AOL 7.0 uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer as its default Web browser. AOL left its own Netscape division's Netscape browser suite out of this party, entirely

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.2 Browser-Suite Coming Soon?
Netscape 6.1 was released 30 October 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.2 Browser-Suite Released, for download links and the details.

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released Again?
AOL-Time-Warner´s Netscape division placed its Netscape 6.1 (NS 6.1) browser-suite upgrade on its FTP servers today -- for the second time this week. The first time was Monday morning (EDT), August 6th

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released
The Netscape 6.1 directory tree and files are on the Netscape FTP servers again. Please see our updated story, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released Again? for the details

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Coming Soon?
Netscape 6.1 was released August 8 , 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released, Again, for download links and the details.

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 PR 2 Browser-Suite Coming Soon
Netscape changed its plans and decided to go directly to Netscape 6.1. NS 6.1 was released August 8, 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released Again?, for download links and the details.

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 PR 1 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.1 was released August 8 , 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released, Again, for download links and the details.

mozillaquest-Netscape 6.1 PR 1 Browser-Suite Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You?
Netscape 6.1 Preview Release 1 was released June 13, 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.1 PR 1 Browser-Suite Released, for download links and the details

mozillaquest-Is Netscape Losing the Browser Wars?
Netscape 6 is noticeably absent from the latest Mandrake, Red Hat, and SuSE Linux distributions. Netscape 6 also is noticeably absent from Caldera's OpenLinux 3.1 beta. Meanwhile, Mandrake, Red Hat, and SuSE include the Mozilla browser-suite in their latest Linux distributions

mozillaquest-Red Hat Linux to Drop Netscape Browser When Mozilla 1.0 Ships
Red Hat Software officials stated this week that Red Hat Linux will drop Netscape altogether and go only with Mozilla when Mozilla reaches 1.0 status (Scot Petersen, eWEEK, May 10, 2001). That Red Hat statement, reported in eWEEK, makes it official.

mozillaquest-The Netscape & Mozilla Graphical HTML Editor & Word Processor
Composer is the free, open source, HTML editor and Web authoring module of the Netscape 6 and Mozilla browser-suites. It helps you to create and to edit Web page, e-mail, and text-content-oriented documents easily.

mozillaquest-TNetscape 6.01 Browser-Suite Released
Netscape 6.1 was released August 8, 2001. Please see our story, Netscape 6.1 Browser-Suite Released Again?, for download links and the details.

eweek-Netscape Lands Browser Distribution Deal with HP
In a potential blow to Microsoft, Netscape's Internet browser will be included inside every new Hewlett-Packard and Compaq computer sold starting early next year, Netscape said Monday

cert-Changing Your Options in Web Browsers - Netscape
Make sure that these instructions apply to your version of Netscape. To determine your software version, from the Help menu, select About Communicator... . A web page appears with information about your browser including the version number

informationweek-Netscape Scores Browser Deal With HP
In the first browser OEM deal since the 1990s that doesn't involve Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape has announced a deal with Hewlett-Packard that will put the AOL-owned browser on HP PCs starting early next year

Web browsers are application software that make using the World Wide Web easier by providing a number of navigation features. Web browsers allow you to see the hyperlinks, URLs and title pages of web documents. Two of the most popular and widely used web browser are Netscape and Internet Explorer. The main features of the Netscape web browser are

h71000.www7.hp-HP Secure Web Browser
The Secure Web Browser is based on the Mozilla open-source project started in 1998 by Netscape Communications Corporation. The Mozilla Web Browser is designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. Mozilla is the code base used for Netscape 7. More information on Mozilla can be found at www.mozilla.org.

Netscape Communications Corp. has released new versions of Netscape 7 for Mac OS 8.6 and higher, and Mac OS X 10.1 and higher. the new versions are ready for download from Netscape's Web site

lynda-The browser safe web palette
You might have heard of the browser-safe palette, Netscape palette, 216 palette, Web palette, and/or 6x6x6 color cube. All these terms refer to the same set of colors, which this page will describe in detail.

web.mit-Upgrade Your Browser
The information on the Graduate Student Council website is accessible to everybody, but in order to view this information in the intended manner, you must have a browser that correctly supports Cascading Style Sheets. The browser you are using is outdated and should be upgraded.

unixmidiplugin-At last! A MIDI plugin for UNIX!
UMP is a UNIX plug-in for Netscape Navigator. UMP uses timidity to play MIDI files on many popular UNIX platforms. Timidity is a public domain software tool kit for MIDI

scripting-Netscape-compatible browsers
With the introduction of Microsoft Internet Explorer for the Macintosh we have a new situation in the Mac scripting world: one program emulating the Apple Event interface of another. In this case MSIE implements the Netscape 2.0 AE interface

salisbury-Web Browsers
Although Netscape and Internet Explorer are the Superpowers of the browser game, there really are many, many others. If you like to buck the norm, you can try any of these. Of course, when you use one of these maverick browsers, you are pretty much on your own for support

archive.webstandards-web browser
Netscape and Microsoft each claimed about 50% of the browser market, and their 4.0 browsers were almost entirely incompatible.

Last month, Netscape Communications Corp., maker of the Navigator Web browser, complained to the U.S. Justice Department that Microsoft Corp. was unfairly using its control of the world's desktops to sell Web browsers

absolutelyfreebies-Free web browsers
Netscape's latest browser promises to give you more security by updating your browser with a "trust list" of safe and suspected sites. This warns you of insecure Web sites before you enter them

useit-Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003
Netscape 5 will never get more users than Netscape 4

csulb-web page construction using netscape's composer 7.x
The new Netscape 8.x does NOT include Composer. To download Composer 7.x or 4.x, please go to the Netscape Archive page:

archives.cnn-IE 6 usage zooms past Netscape 6
Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) 6 Web browser has already scooped up market share, surpassing AOL Time Warner Inc.'s rival Netscape 6 browser, according to information released last week by WebSideStory Inc., an outsourced e-business information provider

tcl-Tcl Plugin Version 3
Here you'll find information about the Tcl/Tk Web Browser Plugin v3. The plugin lets you run Tcl/Tk applications in Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer Web browsers.

geocities- web browser
Microsoft has removed Netscape-style plug-in support in IE 5.5 SP2 and IE 6.0 in favour of an ActiveX component based plug-in mechanism. For some time, a "registry hack" has been a work-around. As of IE 6 SP1, it seems Microsoft have chosen to kill that work-around.

energy.cr.usgs-Configuring Netscape Navigator for Mac OS to Display PDF Files
You can display PDF files within Netscape Navigator 2.x or later using Adobe Acrobat's PDFViewer plug-in, or by using an Acrobat 3.0 or later viewer as a helper application

cvc.sunysb-World Wide Web Browsers and netscape navigator 4.06
the two major competing Browsers are Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator which is part of the Netscape Communicator package. The two browsers have many basic features in common. Both offer access to text, graphics, sound and video and have undergone several upgrades to make them more functional and easy-to-use

columbia-Help With Web Browsers
LibraryWeb supports the efforts of the Web Standards Project, and encourages users to use browsers which support technology implementations in compliance with the guidelines outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other industry standards bodies.

geek-Overview of Netscape 6,Preview Release 1
If you're not familiar with Netscape then you may want to crawl out of the rock you've been under for the last few years. Netscape Navigator was for many years THE Web browser that everyone used--before Microsoft ever made a dent in the market with Internet Explorer--but has recently been in a decline due to Microsoft.

bu-Netscape Communicator
primary Internet browser available on ACS is Netscape Communicator 4.79. Netscape Communicator includes several components

It was news that didn't surprise a lot of Web analysts. The Netscape Web browser was never able to regain its once popular stronghold against Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser

cde.ca-Minimum Web Browser Requirement
The Web pages and Web-based applications hosted by the California Department of Education (CDE) require a minimum Web browser of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater, Netscape 6.0 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 0.8 or greater, or any other Web browser compatible with these standards

libpng-Browsers with PNG Support
The Web, of course, was one of the main targets for PNG support since progressive display is so important to those browsing over a low-speed link (like Greg, at the time).

news.com-lays off Netscape developers
America Online on Tuesday said it has laid off 50 employees involved in Web browser development at its Netscape Communications subsidiary amid a reorganization of its Mozilla open-source browser team

linuxplanet-Netscape 6: Enter the Gecko
Like all good software, the new Netscape 6 is very capable of provoking some strong reactions. It certainly did with me

itpolicies.buffalo-Statement of Support for Web Browsers
The latest versions of Mozila, Safari, Netscape, and Internet Explorer will display the services listed below consistently and reliably with access to all features. Other browsers may provide an adequate experience, but we do not support them.

snapfiles-web browser
Netscape is a web browser with tabbed browsing, form filling, customizable toolbars, integrated AIM Buddy List and more. It also offers RSS compatibility that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds of your choice, as well as improved site controls that provide you with a variety of security choices that can be applied on a per-site basis

colostate-Web Browsers
If you are experiencing difficulties with this website, you may be using an outdated browser. Consider trying one of the browsers below.

nlm.nih-Clearing the Cache on Your Web Browser
Due to issues with the browser, Netscape 7.1 is not supported by NLM for use with the DOCLINE System

belch-Reasons why Netscape sucks
Netscape™ Corp.’s products of Navigator® and Communicator® and company as a whole, just plain suck. In the following paragraphs, I will offer detailed explanations why this is so

sillydog-Netscape Browser Archive
Here you will find one of the largest consolidated archives on the web for free downloading Netscape browser software.If you find a broken link, know a Netscape version that is not listed, or simply have comments/suggestions, please tell us.

hoary-optimized for no one but pretty much ok with..
Netscape Navigator (or Communicator), for Windows, OS/2, Mac OS, and numerous flavors of UNIX. (Yup, the program derives from Mosaic, and this is the original Mosaic Netscape icon, from Mosaic Communications Corp.

pantos-Debunking Browser Stats. What's A "Netscape"?
For all the reports proffered about the popularity of a given browser (say, Netscape), there is simply no such thing as "Netscape." Here's why:

gslis.utexas-Release History
This section summarizes the most important features of the major releases for Internet Explorer and Netscape

gslis.utexas-Release Timeline
The timeline below shows the major releases for both Macintosh and Windows releases of Internet Explorer and Netscape.

gslis.utexas-Feature Comparison
A number of different features were compared, including

livinginternet-Web Browser History
The first widely used web browser was NCSA Mosaic. The Mosaic programming team then developed the first commercial web browser called Netscape Navigator, later renamed Communicator, then renamed back to just Netscape.

The company that changed it—bringing us into the Internet age—was a brilliant flash in the pan called Netscape

sillydog-What is Netscape?
Netscape is the name of the browser that brought the use of the internet (also referred to as the World Wide Web (WWW), or simply the "net") to the life of everyday people, and changed the way that people would use the Internet

holgermetzger-Netscape History
Netscape History

hnehosting-Welcome to Netscape
You have just embarked on a journey across the Internet, and Netscape is your vehicle. This welcome page will help you get started on your use of Netscape and your exploration of the Internet

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (November 14, 1994) -- Mosaic Communications Corporation today announced that it is changing its name to Netscape Communications Corporation. The company is making the name change to further establish its unique identity in the industry and to accommodate concerns expressed by the University of Illinois. The company chose the new name because "Netscape" has become widely recognized as the company's popular new network navigation software for the Internet.

askit.uq-Netscape Navigator
Learning Objectives

csubak-Browsing Basics
There are two major web browsers, the software to view the World Wide Web. They are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Both work in a similar manner. What about Netscape Communicator that I use at C.S.U.B.? What is that? Netscape Communicator is a suite, or group package

csubak-Basic Browser Functions for Navigator
Basic Browser Functions for Navigator

webtips.dan-A Note on User Agent Identifiers and Browser Statistics
Netscape has always used "Mozilla" as its name in these strings, but many other browsers "lie" and also identify themselves as "Mozilla", something that got established a few years ago because the other browser makers wanted to get through browser-identifiers on sites that disabled Netscape-specific enhancements when any other browser was being used.

science.widener-Using Netscape as a Presentation Manager
With helper applications and plug-ins, a web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer can present a wide range of multimedia material. This includes animations, video clips, images, spreadsheets, molecular structures, Mathcad documents and many other resources useful for teaching chemistry

onlineaccess.shastacollege-Web Browsers
Communicator is the Internet suite from Netscape Communications. You can browse the Web, do e-mail, participate in newsgroups, talk and hear people live, and even build your own Web space. Each application has a distinct function and name

wp.netscape-Do more online with Netscape 6.2
Netscape 6.2, the latest update to the Netscape browser suite, lets you accomplish more online with efficiency in completing tasks, power through more choice and safety with more control. It also supports Mac OS X and Windows XP

onlineaccess.shastacollege-Web Browsers
If you aren't a fan of either Microsoft's or Netscape's browsers, you might want to try Opera, which is the most popular "alternative browser."

web.mit-The Cool Web Browser of the Moment
One of the driving forces behind the Web's explosive growth is Netscape Navigator from Netscape Communications. This popular browser application makes it easy to navigate the Web. Recent statistics show that Netscape users account for 75% of Web traffic

mff-How to Bookmark a Web Page
Different Web browsers have different words for the "bookmark" concept. Only Netscape uses the word "bookmark" — Internet Explorer and AOL both use the word "favorites

8help.osu-Configuring Netscape 6.x to Check E-mail and Read News
To configure Netscape 6.x to check your OSU e-mail account, first start the Netscape program.

8help.osu-Configuring Netscape 7 to check OSU Email
To setup Netscape 7 to check your OSU email, do the following

8help.osu-Configuring Netscape Communicator 4.x to use OSU's Directory Services (LDAP)
To configure Netscape Communicator 4.7 to use Directory Services for directory information

8help.osu-Netscape 3.x/4.x Mail settings
Netscape 3.x/4.x Mail settings

8help.osu-The Navigation Toolbar has disappeared - how do I get it back?
In the newer versions of Netscape, it is very easy to make the Navigation, Personal, and Location toolbars disappear.

8help.osu-Netscape with Macintosh OS
Netscape Communicator 4.72 is the only supported version of the Netscape browser for Peoplesoft on a Macintosh.

8help.osu-Speeding up Netscape Communicator 4.X on Older Macs
There are two ways to speed up Netscape Communicator 4.X. First, set your disk cache to zero (0). To do this

8help.osu-Web Browsers for Mac OS X
Netscape Communicator, which is available from Netscape. It works in both Mac OS 9 and OS X, and is compatible with many web pages. The current version is 7.2 for both Mac OS 9. It does not provide tabbed browsing or popup blocking software built into it. Netscape has NOT been updated to 8.0, as it has been for Windows

8help.osu-Spell Checking in Web Browsers
Netscape needs an extension to check spelling in text entry areas. To install the extension on a Windows PC:

8help.osu-How to remove items from the location bar in Netscape
Versions of Netscape prior to 4.0 did not provide for any easy way to remove items from the location bar.

8help.osu-Sharing Client Software for Windows: Netscape
If you're the only person using a Windows computer, all you need to do is install your software and supply the proper configuration information. However, if you share the same computer with someone else, at home or in the office, some special setup is required for programs like Eudora Pro, Free Agent, and Netscape available from the OIT OSU SLS Web site.

8help.osu-How to Show Full Headers in Netscape Mail
The following instructions are for displaying and forwarding the full headers of an e-mail message using Netscape Mail:

8help.osu-Moving Netscape 4.0x mail to Eudora
To set up a newly migrated account from Netscape Messenger 4.0x (not 4.5), Microsoft Outlook Express, and Outlook '98 (not Outlook '97) as an alternate or multiple personality account using the New Account Wizard, do the following.

8help.osu-Converting mailboxes between Eudora/Netscape(win)
Both Netscape and Eudora use the standard mailbox format.You can copy Eudora .mbx files into your Netscape mail directory, renaming them without the .mbx extension if you want, then just launch Netscape Mail, and there they are.

8help.osu-Sharing Client Software for Macintosh
If you're the only person using a Macintosh computer, all you need to do is install your software and supply the proper configuration information. However, if you share the same computer at home or in the office, some special setup is required for programs like Eudora Pro, MT-NewsWatcher, and Netscape, available from the OIT OSU SLS Web site.

8help.osu-Instructions for Changing the SMTP Server in your Email Program
Startup Netscape, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Under Category, click the + sign next to "Mail and Newsgroups." In the expanded options, select Mail Servers. In the box labeled "Outgoing Mail Server," delete what is entered for "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" and then type in the SMTP server of your ISP and then click OK

aroundcny-Netscape's newest browser suite: Free, powerful and easy to use
Netscape has a new Web browser. It's free from the company's Web site.Go to http://www.netscape.com/ and follow the links for the new browser.

opticsforteens-Web Browsers
If you are using a PC, the Optics For Kids web site is compatible with versions 4+ of both the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape web browsers.

infoworld-Netscape browser update released
Netscape Communications Corp. released Netscape 7.2, the successor to the aging Version 7.1 released in mid-2003. The new release, which had been expected since earlier this year, is based on Version 1.7 of Mozilla, the most recent version of the Mozilla Internet application suite

lists.bilkent-WEB BROWSERS
A complete Netscape package; includes Netscape Mail, HTML editor (a decent tool to create and maintain WEB pages).To install; download the executable to a temporary directory and then run it. The install program will guide you through

internet101-About Web Browser
(Netscape was the first commercially available web browser. Click here to read the press release from October 13, 1994.) Critics frequently disagree over which browser is superior. Most people prefer whichever browser they used first

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (October 13, 1994) -- Netscape Communications Corporation today announced that it is offering its newly introduced Netscape(TM) network navigator free to users via the Internet. The new Internet navigator, developed by the six-month-old Silicon Valley company led by Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark and NCSA Mosaic creator Marc Andreessen, is available immediately for free downloading by individual, academic and research users.

channels.lockergnome-Netscape launches next-generation Web browser
Netscape on Wednesday launched a new version of its Netscape browser with a heavy focus on Web security and media features for high-speed Web surfing

softpedia-Netscape Browser 8.0.4
AOL has released a new prototype of Netscape Browser. This new version is almost identical to the first prototype, but it's based on Mozilla Firefox 1.0 rather than 0.9.3

adobe-Configure Netscape Navigator for Windows to display PDF files
If you use Navigator 4.x, which is included with Netscape Communicator, you may need to manually move the Acrobat Navigator plug-in into the Netscape\Communicator\Program\Plugins folder.

Netscape Navigator is a web browser that allows you to search for and view information on the Internet

caslon-Web Browser
The Inside Story of Netscape & How It Challenged Microsoft (Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press 1998) by Joshua Quittner & Michelle Slatulla has more balance

The web browser is a key software application that must be reliable. The latest stable release of the Netscape Communicator/Navigator package - V4.72 falls short. Bug fixes that don't, missing features and frequent crashes are prominent.

wwwlb.aub-Web Browsers tutorials
To access the Internet you need a Web browser such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. Browsers retrieve the Web files you request, translate the HTML code they use, and then format them into Web pages to display them on your computer screen.

soft-ware-Netscape 8.0.4

parallelgraphics-Complete Web3D viewer
Cortona VRML Client works as a VRML plug-in for popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, etc.)

cyberseniors-Understanding Web Browsers: Font Sizes
Understanding Web Browsers: Font Sizes, PC Browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape and AOL

kb.iu-Why doesn't OneStart support Netscape 4 web browsers?
The first version of Netscape to support iframes was Netscape 6.1. OneStart is not supported for Netscape versions before Netscape 6.1. You can download a compatible web browser from any of the web pages listed below:

registrar.ualberta-Recommended Web Browsers for U of A Bear Tracks
Our experience has been that users who log in to Bear Tracks with the most current and stable release of Netscape browser encounter the least amount of problems - this is especially the case with users logging in from outside of Canada

synthesis-Browser Wars
Those of you who have been on the Internet for a while might remember the fierce battle between Microsoft and Netscape for supremacy of the Web browser market during the mid-'90s.

tidbits-Netscape Navigator
The greatest concentration of ex-NCSA Mosaic developers can be found at the Mountain View offices of startup Netscape Communications. Founded by Jim Clark, previously head of Silicon Graphics, and Marc Andreessen, who created the first NCSA Mosaic, Netscape has gone from complete obscurity to being one of the heavy hitters in the world of the Web

Netscape is a browser for the World Wide Web. It navigates the Web by using hypertext links. Competing head-to-head with Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser used, Netscape was originally based on Mosaic, the first World Wide Web browser

creativepro-Netscape Usage Down to 3.4 Percent
New data on worldwide usage of Web browser software shows Netscape is once again being clobbered by rival browser Internet Explorer and now has an estimated market share of 3.4 percent, according to Internet researcher WebSideStory Inc.

hms-Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator is the IT recommended and supported web browser. A web browser is your link to the abundant amount of information available on the World Wide Web

hms.harvard-Netscape FAQs
This page lists commonly asked questions and answers about Netscape Navigator. If your question isn't here, please send email to the Help Desk or call 432-2000.

sno-isle-Web Browser Version
Most web sites will work in even the oldest web browser; however some sites require certain brands of web browsers and a minimum version (e.g. XYZ.com requires Netscape Navigator 4.5 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0).

xml-Netscape 6 Preview Release 2
Netscape 6 Preview Release 1

xml-Netscape 6 Preview Release 2
Netscape 6 Preview Release 2

xml-Netscape 6 Preview Release 3
Netscape 6 Preview Release 3

xml-Netscape 6 Release
Netscape 6 is the release version of its Gecko Layout Engine based browser.

xml-Elements in Netscape 6
This article provides a concise tutorial explaining how to amend your current browser detection scripts so that Netscape 6 can be properly detected

xml-Netscape 6, Part III: The Event Model
This is a tutorial introducing web authors to the unique new event model of Netscape 6.

osnews-Will Google be the new Netscape?
To draw a parallel between Netscape & Google in their fight against Microsoft, it is necessary to examine the various similarities between the two situations and see if the tactics that worked then will work now

balboa-software-Reading Course Notes with a Web Browser
These course notes are published in a standard format used on the World Wide Web called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). They may be read with Netscape Navigator or any other World Wide Web browser.

macworld-Battle of the Browsers
For most Mac OS X users, the gateway to the Web is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), which -- not coincidentally -- is the only non-Apple icon in the Dock. Netscape, once IE's only major competitor, is still around, but now other developers are bringing their browsers to OS X. By working hard to avoid the feature bloat and unpredictable display problems of earlier browsers, the makers of these alternative applications are redefining how we access the Web

wired-vig.wired-Netscape Retools for Standards
In a move that some say may indicate a return by Netscape Communications to its original business of building Web browser software, a company spokesman said the company would overhaul the core of Communicator, its struggling flagship browser.

dreamhost-What's a browser?
A browser, or web browser, is a program that displays web files on your monitor. When you "surf the net," you start by opening a browser window, then pointing the browser at a website. The URL of the site currently being viewed is displayed in the bar above the window where the web page is displayed. Some examples of web browsers include: Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Lynx

adobe-Configure a Netscape browser to display PDF files (Mac OS)
You can display PDF documents within a Netscape browser by using the Acrobat PDFViewer plug-in or by using Acrobat as a helper application

macorchard-Netscape web browser
Netscape 7 is, like Netscape 6, a bundled Web browser / authoring environment / email / newsreader / instant messenger offering based upon the Mozilla project's browser and renderer work. But while Netscape 6 was barely usable, Netscape 7 is clearly a different beast: it's actually good

helpdesk-Netscape 4.x Features
Available for free, this program features SSL and managed certificates.The following chart provides an extensive list of features available in Netscape 4.x.

webdesign.about-Bye Bye Netscape
It's the end of an era - Netscape may die. But luckily Mozilla lives on. Netscape was a powerful browser when it first was released, but the browser wars forced it down. And now, AOL is announcing that they are going to use Microsoft IE for their preferred browser into the forseeable future.

everything2-Netscape Navigator
Some cool things can happen when you type this in the address field in Netscape Navigator, followed by one of these: marca, ari, atotic, blythe, chouck, dmose, dp, ebina, hagan, jeff, jg, jsw, jwz, karlton,kipp, mlm, montulli, mtoy, paquin, robm, sharoni, terry, timm which will bring you to the site of that developer.

helpdesk-Netscape 7.x Features
Available for free, this program features SSL, managed certificates, tab-browsing and pop-up ad blocking. The following chart provides an extensive list of features available in Netscape 7.x.

Netscape, now part of America Online (AOL), is one of the two most popular Web browsers. Currently, almost all Internet users use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser or Netscape, and many users use both

reference-Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator, also known simply as "Netscape", is a proprietary web browser that was widely used. Once the flagship product of Netscape Communications Corporation and the dominant browser in terms of usage share, its userbase had almost completely evaporated by 2002.

dhaus-Netscape launches next-generation Web browser
Netscape on Thursday launched version 8.0 of its Web browser, promising better security and the ability to switch between rival browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox

If you are a student, educator, or work for a non-profit organization this software is free. If not, it's still inexpensive. Regardless, you ought to download it and give it a try. Renders graphics, special effects (animated GIFs, Java), forms, and more where other browsers fail. Also, faster than most

Netscape is client software, known as a brower, designed to allow usersto gain access to documents and other information available on the WorldWide Web.

maillists.uci-Netscape and Mozilla web browser changes in DCSLIB
[DCSLIB-Announce] Netscape and Mozilla web browser changes in DCSLIB

yourhtmlsource-The Browser Wars
First, a little history, for the benefit of those who weren’t around during the infamous “browser wars.” Believe it or not, there was a point, a long time ago, when Netscape Navigator dominated the market. At around version 3 the browser was, for the time, excellent.

media.timewarner-Netscape Launches Next-Generation Web Browser
Netscape 8.0, which automatically adjusts safety and security settings to help protect users as they explore the Web. Based on Firefox(tm) 1.0.3, Netscape 8.0 seamlessly and automatically switches between the rendering engines used by the Firefox(tm)

its.niu-Publishing Web Pages to Corn Using Netscape Composer
The following steps will allow a user to upload an HTML document to Corn using Netscape Composer (which is included in the standard version of Nescape Communicator). The directions have been specifically written for the current version of Netscape Communicator (4.75, at the time of this writing).

(Netscape Communications Corporation, Mountain View, CA, www.netscape.com) Part of America Online (AOL), Netscape specializes in Web software, including the Netscape Web browser.

support.real-time-Web Browser Support - Netscape 6.x
Web Browser Support - Netscape 6.x

edition.cnn-Netscape prototype is one fast browser
This release is a much faster and slimmer version of Netscape's rendering engine, the mechanism at the heart of Navigator that translates HTML code into what you see in your browser

cmu-Configuring Netscape Navigator
Follow these steps to properly configure Netscape Navigator 6.x or greater

computerworld-Browser wars: Netscape gains as Firefox wanes
A key feature in version 8.0 of Netscape Communication's Web browser may have deflated the Netscape browser's market share by as much as half earlier this year

linux.maruhn-Netscape communicator - Web browser
Netscape Communicator is the industry-leading web browser. It supports the latest HTML standards, Java, and JavaScript. It also includes full-featured Usenet news reader as well as a complete email client.

harbornet-What Web Browser is best for You?
With the emergence of Internet Explorer 3.01 and Netscape 3.01, many of the concerns raised at the (probably premature) release of the predecessors have been rectified. There are only a few differences to choose between the two browsers, but it is clear that, if you want the best and most functional, you will have to pick one or the other.

cbsa-asfc-Netscape browser Web site
Remember that you may not have to download the complete browser package. You may only need to upgrade your browser, which takes much less time

ccsf-How to Create Web Pages Using Netscape Composer
The information contained in this document assumes that you have Netscape's Communicator package installed on your machine

msdn-Netscape 8 and Internet Explorer's XML Rendering
We’ve just confirmed an issue that has started to be reported on newsgroups and forums that after installing Netscape 8 the XML rendering capabilities of Internet Explorer no longer work. That means that if you navigate in IE to an XML file such as an RSS feed

cert-Warning Messages in Netscape Navigator
A flaw exists in Netscape Navigator that could allow an attacker to masquerade as a legitimate web site if the attacker can compromise the validity of certain DNS information. This is different from the problem reported in CERT Advisory CA-2000-05, but it has a similar impact

granneman-AOL to use Netscape as the default Web browser
It's official ... AOL, which owns Netscape, is now going to integrate Netscape into its AOL software. They're switching from Microsoft's Internet Explorer after years of use to, in my opinion, a much better browser.

unicode-Netscape Navigator-Firefox
You will need to tell NN which fonts to use for which encodings. To set your font as the default for a given block of characters, choose Edit > Preferences > Fonts. Then for each encoding you are likely to use, pick the appropriate fonts for the Variable Width and Fixed Width fonts. It is particularly important to set default fonts for Unicode.

community.wvu-Netscape Navigator web browser
The first web browser I ever used was Netscape Navigator version 1.0, back in 1995 if my memory serves me right. I didn't use it for very long, but when going through a bunch of old floppy disks I did come across one labeled "Concord College Internet Access Disk."

cult3d-Download Web Browsers
Here you will find all the necessary components to view, design and create interactive Cult3D objects. You will also find links to Cult3D tutorials, and other Cycore software products. Read more about how to create Cult3D objects here.

cartesianinc-Installation Issues
This failure is dependent upon the method by which you invoke the print command. If you invoke the print command via the standard Netscape user interface elements (that is, "File/Print..." from Netscape's menu or the Print button on the Netscape toolbar), Netscape crashes immediately.

tamingthebeast-Cross Browser Compatibility
The good news for developers is that the vast majority of web surfers use either Internet Explorer or Netscape - approximately 95%. The bad news is that there are over 200 flavours of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Web pages can look totally different between the different versions.

tamingthebeast-Netscape's Revenge? Time to rethink cross browser compatibility
Over the past couple of years I've been involved with training many new web masters, developers and site owners. In the process I've had the privilege of in turn being trained by many of them! Working in a training room environment with a group of Netrepreneurs is never dull - web development and marketing can get pretty passionate at times!

raisedeyebrow-What the "browser wars" mean for the average web surfer
There has recently been some alarming news from the world of web browsers. The past few months has seen a rash of changes to the browser landscape, and it's sending many people changing their allegiances. Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape, long the dominant browsers on the market, both experienced very serious challenges in 2003, and as a result, some of the underdogs are gaining a significant new following.

georgiasouthern-with the web browser, Netscape A quick guide
In Henderson Library, you can find GALILEO on most computers on the first and second floors. To start GALILEO, double click on the GALILEO icon on the computer screen (not shown) or click here. Below is the main GALILEO screen

curtin-Configuring Netscape for Rasmol
Here are some step-by-step instructions for configuring the Netscape Navigator 3.0x or Netscape Communicator 4.x browsers to run Rasmol as a helper application. There may be some variations if you are using a different version of Netscape, or another web browser such as Internet Explorer, but a similar approach should be possible.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Communications Corp
Netscape Communications Corp

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Communications Corp
This guide provides you with a foundation for planning your directory. The information provided here is intended for directory decision makers, designers, and administrators.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Installation Guide: Netscape Directory Server
The Netscape Directory Server provides the centralized directory service upon which intranet or extranet is based. The Netscape Directory Server can be extended to support the entire enterprise with a global directory service that provides centralized management of all the enterprise's resource information.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Using Integration Orchestrator with Netscape's
This white paper provides a step-by-step process for configuring Integration Orchestrator to work with Netscape’s Directory Server LDAP and IBM WebSphere MQ JMS queues

whitepapers.techrepublic-Code Signing Digital IDs for Netscape Object Signing
Certain factors enable customers to make decisions about what software to purchase and how much to "trust" those products. Find out how Netscape's Object Signing, through the use of digital signatures from Verisign, enables software developers to include information about themselves and their code to help customers feel that much needed "trust".

whitepapers.techrepublic-Access Control Programmer's Guide
This guide explains how to use the Access Control API in Netscape web servers to manage access control programmatically

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Gecko Technologies: Enabling the Next-Generation Internet
Web based businesses have begun offering web applications as part of a portfolio of services designed to attract, satisfy and hold their customers.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Browsers Designed for the 21st Century
The Internet has evolved at an extraordinary pace, and browsing software has brought easy information access to millions of people

whitepapers.techrepublic-How SSL Works
This document explains how Netscape uses RSA public key cryptography for Internet security. Netscape's implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol employs the techniques discussed in this document.RSA public key cryptography is widely used for authentication and encryption in the computer industry.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Catching the Next Wave
This white paper presents CORBA - its history, features and benefits, and practical applications. It also describes Netscape's plans to integrate CORBA across its product line, enabling the next generation of applications for intranets, extranets, and the Internet

whitepapers.techrepublic-FutureTense - Internet Publishing System
This Case Study explains how FutureTense uses Netscape Application Server for the basis of its collaborative publishing system for Web publishers. Specifically, Netscape Application Server provides a highly scalable infrastructure on which FutureTense can build its applications

whitepapers.techrepublic-Leading the Way with Netscape Application Server
Online retailer Internet Shopping Network, offers First Auction, a unique, web-based auction, this Case Study explains how First Auction, built its Web-based application on Netscape Application Server. The Web application required a platform that delivered a level of flexibility and inexpensive maintenance that a CGI-based application could not deliver.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Improves Customer Support Call Tracking With Netscape Application Server
Netscape and its customers required a new online reporting application that could leverage the capabilities of an existing technical support call-tracking system and an extranet to inform customers about their open cases

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Communicator Open Source Code White Paper
This paper discusses Netscape's new open source development strategy; provides examples of successful open source projects; describes how Netscape plans to use this model to deliver high-quality, branded versions; and reveals how developers, enterprise customers

whitepapers.techrepublic-Syndicate Your Headlines Using RSS
RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML format specifically designed to share content. Netscape originally developed RSS to drive channels for their Netscape Netcenter.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Partner Case Study: Oblix, Inc. - IntraPower Suite
Oblix, Inc. has pioneered a new class of enterprise applications software for Corporate Services Automation. The challenge facing the company was to quickly bring a product to market while leveraging standard web protocols and minimizing the proprietary components in the product. Netscape Directory Server is a highly scalable and robust LDAP directory server that is an ideal

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Exportable 128-bit SSL Software
Netscape recently received federal approval to export Netscape Communicator with 128-bit encryption to customers worldwide, and to export Netscape servers featuring 128-bit encryption to certified banks worldwide. There has been confusion regarding the technical details of this exportable 128-bit encryption method, due largely to the lack of published technical information from Netscape.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Fortifies Its Digital Certification With nShield
Netscape is a leading provider of software and services for businesses that want to transform the way they create and keep customers in the Net Economy. Netscape has a history of utilizing digital certificate technology to govern access to its Web sites

whitepapers.techrepublic-Benefits for Developers: Why Should You Care About the Netscape Directory SDK?
This paper explains how the Netscape Directory SDK provides developers with the tools to write applications that access, manage, and update the information stored in an LDAP directory. Using the Netscape Directory SDK in conjunction with any LDAP-compliant directory server, such as the Netscape Directory Server,

whitepapers.techrepublic-Single Sign-On Deployment Guide
Intranet users are commonly required to use a separate password to authenticate themselves to each server they need to access in the course of their work. Multiple passwords are an ongoing headache for both users and system administrators.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Metadirectory Services - What It Means to Developers
This paper talks about Netscape Directory Server. The term "metadirectory" describes a broad category of products and services that help customers solve several of their current directory administration headaches. A metadirectory solution enables customers to use Netscape Directory Server as a central repository for all applications.

whitepapers.techrepublic-The Evolution of RSS
Novera is addressing the needs of organizations that develop enterprise applications. Novera needed to provide to customers an industry accepted, enterprise scalable central repository to store all information for Novera jBusiness products.

whitepapers.techrepublic-Netscape Partner Case Study: Novera - jBusiness
Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML vocabulary for describing metadata about Web sites, ideal for news syndication. Originated by UserLand Software in 1997 and used by Netscape to populate Netscape's My Netscape portal with external newsfeeds ("channels") RSS has taken on a life of its own and has become perhaps the most popular XML format today.

join.netscape-What is Netscape Internet Service
Netscape Internet Service is an exciting new national Internet Service for those looking for affordable and reliable unlimited Internet access. We offer high speed Internet for the price of dial-up to hundreds of communities across the country

uic-Web Browsers and Browsing
The solutions here are only those common at UIC. For more complete troubleshooting on Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, see the Netscape Home Page or the MS Internet Explorer Home Page.

rpmfind-RPM resource netscape-communicator
Netscape Communicator internet browser, news reader, and mail client

dmoz-Netscape web Browser
Official site. Includes downloads and technical information

dmoz-Netscape: Plug-ins
Directory of plugins for the Netscape browser.

dmoz-Netscape- FAQs-Help- and Tutorials
Netscape- FAQs-Help- and Tutorials

school.netfirms-Changing user_pref Settings
The information provided on this page is related to direct modification of the core Communicator preferences file, prefs.js. This file is located in your ...\Netscape\Users\{username}\ directory.Spelling and syntax errors may cause the contents of the file to be deleted when you restart Netscape

angelfire-The Go.Netscape.Viewer help page
For all the victims of the Gozilla ( Go!zilla ) bug, ( Go.Netscape.Viewer ) where your Netscape Downloads simply disappear, here is a guide to get your downloads working again

angelfire-The Go.Netscape.Viewer help page
Go.Netscape.Viewer help page (page 2 of 3)

angelfire-The Go.Netscape.Viewer help page
Using Regedit to remove Gozilla entries from the Registry- Steve Gibsons Web Site -AdAware

rigaut-This page is dedicated to Netscape Navigator 3.0b4 and followers
Have you ever noticed that there was some hidden features in the Netscape's browser ? Some are obvious to identify but most of them are rather tricky .

phaster-Browsing privacy info, includes hacks with ResEdit, shows how a cookie works (with a JavaScript demo) and describes how to eliminate the cookie and history files.
Because the web will dramatically change how we interact and learn, I thought it important to find out about the Netscape browser since it is one of the dominant application programs for viewing content. This page started on (5/29/98) is a summary of some of the information I have discovered about using the Netscape browser on a Mac.

Do you prefer using Netscape to browse the web? If so, read this category for some tips on how to better use your software

geocities-How to use the Roaming feature of Netscape Communicator
The reason why I wrote this page is that it took me several days to understand Netscape's docs on this topic. Really ugly. Anyway, let's start with the basics. If you're like me and you're using several computers at work/school/home and you're running Netscape's Communicator on multiple machines

sillydog-Tips for Netscape Communicator 4.0x and 4.5
For people who browse the Web, Navigator 4.0+ will be their primary Communicator application. While major functional changes have been made in the browser--changes that relate to support for Java, JavaScript, and HTML Style Sheets--most of the modifications have to do with Navigator's user interface

holgermetzger-netscape web browser
Here you will find, among other things, tips and tricks for Mozilla-based browsers (the focus is on Netscape, but most tips also work with Mozilla). Also check out he following links:

holgermetzger-Unofficial Language Packs and Spellcheckers for Netscape 7.2
Click on one of the following links to install your favourite language pack and spellchecker. If the installation fails, you have to download the XPI file to your local hard drive first; then open it with Netscape 7.2 (File -> Open) and perform the installation locally

Netscape 7.0 - 7.2 Release Notes
These release notes describe system requirements, installation instructions, and known issues for Netscape 7.0 through Netscape 7.2. These notes are updated as we receive feedback, so please check back for new information. Click here to provide feedback on Netscape 7.0 through 7.2. These release notes were last updated 25 June, 2003

ufaq-The Netscape Unofficial FAQ
As a purely volunteer effort, The Netscape and Mozilla Champions Team has put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that have been posted and answered in Netscape discussion groups. This site is endorsed by Netscape and is one of the best places to look for answers to common problems. The UFAQ also supports Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird and the new Netscape 8.0 Browser Standalone based on Mozilla Firefox

ilias-Netscape Links
Hello and welcome to my Netscape/Mozilla links page

warpdoctor-Communicator Preferences
Netscape Communicator's preferences fall into these categories

id.ethz-Installation of the Switch root certificate in Netscape V8
Netscape will display the following security warning if you access a document over an SSL encrypted connection which uses a Switch certificate

helpdesk.doit-Web Browsers - Enabling SSL
This document explains how to enable SSL in internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, and safari

math.hws-Creating Web Pages with Netscape Composer
The entire lab assumes that you are working with Netscape Communicator, version 4.0 (or, presumably, later), which includes a component called Netscape Composer for creating Web pages. The use of HTML in email, as described in the last section of the lab, is possible in Netscape Communicator for Windows but might not be available in versions of Netscape that run on other platforms

webwizguide-Netscape Browser Central
Download the latest version of the Netscape web browser or get plugins and skins.

taft-Web Browsers
With an ISP, depending on how your system is set up, chances are that after you connect, you will have to open your own web browser in order to begin using the World Wide Web. The two most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape.

cit.cornel-How do I make Netscape the default web browser?
Problem: I want Netscape to be the default web browser so that when I click on web page links (such as http://www.cit.cornell.edu/helpdesk/) Netscape opens.

webdesign-Web Browsers - Designing for Browsers, Using Browsers, Statistics
A Web browser is the way your customer will usually view your Web page, but there are many browsers to choose from. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Safari and other browsers have some very different behaviors, but if you understand the differences, you can write better HTML pages that are built specifically for them.

stoa-Netscape 6, Netscape 7, and Related Browsers
Mozilla serves as the foundation of a number of commercial and non-commercial web browser applications, most significantly the Netscape commercial web suite (versions from Netscape 6 on) for Windows, Macintosh (including OS X), and Unix, and the Chimera web browser for OS X.

wwwlibrary.csustan-Configuring Your Web Browser to Use the Library’s Proxy Server
If you are using a computer located off-campus, you can access the various Web-based databases and indexes that the Library subscribes to by using the Library’s proxy server. You must first configure your Web browser to utilize the Library’s proxy server. Instructions for configuring Netscape Navigator versions 2.x and 3.x for MS Windows and Macintosh computers are provided below.

albany-How to Capture a Graphic on the Web to a Diskette
You must use a graphical Web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer for this purpose. It is often best to capture graphics at image libraries that are set up for this purpose, especially as these images are not under copyright.

Browsers, Plug-ins and Other Tools
JS Online has been designed to be most compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+ and Netscape Navigator/Netscape Communicator 3.0+, both available for free following the links below. Pages which use Java games, applets and IPIX 360 images will typically require a version 4.0+ browser

betanews-Netscape Browser 8.0 Beta Goes Live
America Online's Netscape team has opened its doors to the public, releasing the first beta of the revived Netscape Web browser. Based upon Firefox, Netscape version 8 focuses on security and protecting user privacy, and supports rendering with both Mozilla's Gecko and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser engines

linspire-Adjusting Lindows Web browser Netscape
After installing Lindows on your laptop or desktop computer and enjoy the beautiful graphics for several days, you may begin to realize that your menu bars and window titles are taking up a lot of space especially when you are on a small monitor (<= 17 inches) or a laptop. Perhaps you would like to maximize your Web browsing experience with the Lindows Web Browser and decided you would like to customize and shrink the font size...

malektips-Navigator - Use an Image as Wallpaper
Is there an image on a webpage that you€d like to use as your desktop wallpaper? Just right-click the image and choose "Set as Wallpaper."

malektips-Navigator - Get to Bookmarks in Netscape Faster
In Netscape, it may take several mouse clicks to access the bookmarks window so you can edit bookmarks, add new separating folders, etc. Save yourself some time and just press CONTROL-B to open up this window.

malektips-Navigator v4.0 - Don't Just Add a Bookmark, File It
In previous versions of Netscape, if you wanted to add a bookmark to a particular category, you had to go through a multi-step process. First, you had to bookmark the desired URL. Next, you had to go to the bookmarks menu.

malektips-Navigator - Cursor Surfing
Although most users prefer surfing completely with the mouse, others would rather work on the computer with the mouse only when it feels comfortable, using the keyboard the rest of the time.

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Change Font Sizes
With Netscape Navigator 4.0, you can change font sizes quickly. Just choose the "View" menu, selecting "Increase Font" or "Decrease Font" as desired. Note, however, that some pages will not render correctly with non-standard font sizes.

malektips-Navigator - Where's the Status Bar?
Have you used a copy of Navigator and could not see the status bar? First, maximize the Navigator window - perhaps the window is bigger than the screen size and the status bar is being hidden by the taskbar. If that does not work, try holding down the CONTROL, ALT, and S keys.

malektips-Navigator - URL From the Desktop
If you have a certain web site (or sites) that you visit quite frequently, it may be convenient to be able to simply double-click icons on the desktop to visit the sites. To do so, simply create a bookmark entry in Netscape for the page you wish to connect to from the desktop

malektips-Navigator - Clear the Cache
It is recommended to occasionally clear the cache in Netscape (the cache is the area in memory or your hard disk storing recently retrieved file). Else, Netscape will have to clear it for you - causing performance delays

malektips-Navigator - about:tricks
Here are some tricks you can type into the URL location area for some interesting results. These have been compiled from various resources and personal experience. Please note that there are more which exist, and also note that the general disclaimer on this site applies. Also, some of these screens have been removed in later versions of Netscape.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Bring up the History
Ever visit a webpage, only to find your browser crashing and you not forgetting the webpage address? Don't sweat it. Restart Netscape, choose the "Window" menu, and select "History." You'll see all of the webpages you recently accessed

malektips-Navigator - FishCam!
Tired of working and want to take a break looking at some fish? Open the FishCam by holding down the CONTROL and ALT keys while you tap the F key.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Security Concerns?
If you are ever concerned about security when entering in your information on a secure form, click on the "Security" icon on the menu bar. You can find information about what site you really are on, and you can view the security certificate the particular site uses.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Search through your history
Pressing CONTROL+H brings up the history menu, letting you see what pages you have recently viewed. If you haven't cleared this in a while, it can get rather long. If you remember a page name, or part of an URL, and you want to look for a certain page, press CONTROL+F while in the "History" window

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Shortcut jumping through Communicator
If you are using the entire Communicator package (e-mail, message boards, composer), etc., click on the "Communicator" menu. To save time, you might want to consider memorizing some of the keyboard shortcuts listed. These let you quickly and easily jump around the different Communicator components without having to go through the menus

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Net Etiquette
New on the net? Have you posted something in a message forum and gotten flamed due to your lack of "Internet Etiquette?" Learn some Internet manners. Click on the "Help" menu and choose "Net Etiquette" from the browser window.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Change Your Home Page
Your home page is the page that appears when you click the "Home" button. It may also automatically appear whenever you open Netscape. To change this page, click on the 'Edit" menu, choosing "Preferences." On the window that appears, click on "Navigator."

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Extended Net Guide
If you click the "Guide" button on the toolbar, you know that you are taking to 'your Netscape,' a guide through the Internet. If you click on the "Guide" button and keep your mouse button held down, however, a popup menu appears where you can see "What's New," "What's Cool," or you can search the Internet, a yellow pages listing, or just for people.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Stop Animations on a page
Tired of seeing animations on the page you are currently viewing? Click on the "View" menu, and select "Stop Animations

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Yet Another Way to View Bookmarks
There's even another way to view and add bookmarks in Netscape. Click on the "Communicator" menu and select "Bookmarks." A popup menu will appear letting you add or select a bookmark. This may be convenient if you want to use the keyboard and not the mouse

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Searching your History Revisited
When searching your browser's history file (see the previous tips on MalekTips), do you sometimes feel the need to better specify your search query? (In other words, are you getting too many results?) Just click on the "View" menu of the "Search History List" window and select "More Options." You can do this several times to better refine your searches

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Use My Own Colors!
Do you want to use your own color scheme for webpages, overriding those that the web designer wanted to use? Click on the "Edit" menu, choosing "Preferences." On the window that appears, double-click "Appearance" until you see the word "Colors" underneath, then click once on "Colors." On the right-middle side of the window, you should see this prompt next to a checkbox:

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Save part of your history as a webpage
Do you want to save part of your history file, instead of the entire listing, for future browsing? Just pull up the history window and search for the pages that you want to save (see the previous tip on MalekTips). Then, click the "Save As..." button. A dialog will appear. Just type in your desired history filename and press "OK."

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Where Have You Been the Most
Interested in seeing what websites you have visited the most? Just press CONTROL+H to bring up your history window. Select the "View" menu, choosing "by Visit Count."

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Net Services
If you haven't used Net Center (http://www.netscape.com) in a while, or are just curious about what services it provides, click on the "Help" menu from your browser and choose "Net Services." As of this writing, the services include an instant messenger, free e-mail, and more.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Hiding or Showing Things When Printing
If you want to print a webpage and don't want the reader to know the webpage's URL, click on the "File" menu, choosing "Page Setup..." You can then select or deselect showing certain attributes on the webpage when you print, such as the page's title or URL

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Search for People
Do you want to search for people on the Internet? You don't have to visit a webpage - just use your browser. Click the "Edit" menu, choosing "Search Directory." You can then search several directories for people by their name, phone number, or by other parameters.

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Open a Page in a New Window
Sometimes you perform a search on the Internet and find tons of great sites. Sometimes you find a great links page and you want to visit all of the sites. So, you click on one of the sites and browse it for a while. When you are done, it's back to the original page, or it's back to the search engine so you can re-enter your query

malektips-Navigator V4.0 - Automatically Clearing the History
Your history file stores the last places you have visited on the web. If this file gets too big, you may want to have Netscape automatically delete some of the entries. Click on the "Edit" menu, choosing "Preferences." On the window that appears, click on "Navigator." On the bottom-right area of the window, you should see this prompt

malektips-Navigator - View Open Connections and Active URLs
A keyboard shortcut in Netscape shows the following - URLs waiting for an open socket, URLs waiting for fewer active URLs, connections open, and active URLs. If you are curious, just hold down the CONTROL and ALT keys and press the letter 't'.

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Another Way to Save Files
Do you save a lot of files from the web? Tired or right clicking on a link, choosing "Save as" from the popup menu that appears, THEN seeing the "Save as" dialog box come up? Just hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on a link and the "Save as" dialog box will instantly appear.

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Printing Backgrounds
Tired of printing webpages and not having the page backgrounds printing? Although this is a nice 'feature' with most websites since backgrounds may interfere with text readability, there may be cases where you want or need the background printed, for a presentation for example. To do so, click on the "File" menu and select "Page Setup." On the "Page Setup" dialog box that appears, underneath "Page Options", check "Print backgrounds" and press the "OK" button to close the dialog box.

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Save a Page's Background to your Hard Drive
To save a web page's background to your hard drive, just right-click on the background you like and choose "Save background As" If you plan on using the background (on your own webpage, for instance), make sure you have the permission of the background's creator first

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Get Extended Webpage Information
Curious about the number of graphics used on a particular webpage? Would you like to know if those graphics files are in your cache (need to get rid of them before the boss comes? ). You no longer have to wonder about such things; just select the "View" menu and choose "Page Info." A window with detailed page information will appear. Click on the particular page elements with which you would like more information.

malektips-Navigator 4.0 - Cycle Through Open Documents
If you frequently open documents in new windows or just generally have more than one webpage opened simultaneously, it can get confusing when you want to cycle through the open documents. You either have to click on the documents in the taskbar or press ALT-TAB to cycle through all of the open windows, not just Netscape windows. Well, there's a better way. Hold down the CONTROL and TAB keys to cycle through your open Netscape windows.

malektips-Navigator - Go Back or Forward Multiple Places
Tired of pressing the "Back" or "Forward" buttons multiple times to get back to your desired webpage? Click and hold the "Back" or "Forward" button. A popup menu will appear, letting you choose the page that you wish to revisit.

malektips-Navigator - Don't Type the Full URL
Do you visit a webpage, such as http://www.envprogramming.com, that starts with http:// and ends with ".com?" If so, just type the middle part into your browser, such as "envprogramming". Netscape may fill in the rest for you. This trick may not work if you are behind a firewall, using a proxy server, or on a local-area-network or Intranet.

malektips-Communicator 4: Removing Items from Pulldown/History
Previous MalekTips tips tell you how to clear out your entire Netscape history. What they don't tell you, however, is how to remove individual history items and how to remove websites from the Location 'down-arrow' button. So, here goes

malektips-Netscape 6 Installation - Choose Custom Install
When installing Netscape 6 (you can download a copy at http://www.netscape.com), you may want to try the Custom install. Netscape, by default, may install applications that you either already have on your system or do not want, such as Net2Phone, AOL ART file support, Flash, or other extensions/software.

malektips-Netscape Winamp?
I recently installed Netscape on my system as a backup web browser. The upgrade went well. However, I was quite surprised to notice that as soon as I opened Winamp, it came up with a light-blue and light-gray look and was labeled "Netscape Winamp". I don't recall asking for this change

malektips-View Netscape Bookmarks
Just upgraded to Win98 and thinking about using Internet Explorer? You may be concerned that when you use IE, you will not have your bookmarks at your disposal. This is not a problem. Just look under the "Favorites" menu in IE, and select "Imported Bookmarks." Presto! Your Netscape bookmarks are now available for use.

malektips-Make Text Easier to Read
Do you find webpage text too hard to read? If so, you can change the size of text displayed on webpages with Netscape 8.

malektips-Download and Install Netscape 8
Looking for a browser alternative to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? Consider the free Netscape 8 web browser. Besides supporting tabbed browsing and other common features, Netscape 8 can also warn you if you accidentally try to visit known spyware sites

malektips-Change or Clear the Home Page
Tired of seeing Netscape-related product information every time you restart the Netscape 8 browser? Would you like to start Netscape 8 with a blank page, or a webpage (or webpages) of your choice?

malektips-Clear the Search History
Next to the "Home" icon in Netscape 8 you will notice a textbox labeled with "G" and a "Search" button next to it. If you enter text in the box and click "Search", a Google search is performed for your entered keywords. Note that depending on future updates you may be able to use search engines other than Google.

malektips-Tables Not Rendering Correctly in Netscape
Do you have a webpage with a table that just will not render correctly in the Netscape browser? Don't give up! Here are some suggestions.

malektips-Table Blank Space
Is there some blank space in your tables when they are rendered by Netscape? A well-known bug in Netscape causes blank space to be rendered in certain conditions. Place your and tags directly before and after the contents of a particular table cell to help remove this unneeded whitespace.

malektips-View Webpages in Access
Ever need to view a webpage in Microsoft Access? Don't bother opening up Internet Explorer or Netscape - Access will do it for you. If you don't see a web bar in Access, click on the "View" menu, selecting "Toolbars." Now, check "Web." An Internet toolbar will appear.

malektips-about:mozilla Easter Egg
If you've been on the Internet for a while and used to access the web using Netscape, you may remember the "about:mozilla" easter egg. Enter in "about:Mozilla" in the address box and press enter, and an€ interesting€ screen appears from the "Book of Mozilla". This easter egg works in Mozilla Firefox as well, at least as of version 1.0 when this tip was written.

malektips-Edit the Add/Remove Control Panel Entries
Next to "Description:" you can enter in a new description for the item. For example, instead of "Netscape Communicator," you can just make this entry called "Netscape."

malektips-Netscape 8.02 Released - XML Fixes
Netscape has released version 8.02 of their browser. Fixes include the XML rendering problem with Internet Explorer, performance improvements, "crash fixes", and more

malektips-What Choice of Web Browsers?
Everywhere you turn in the computer world or on the Internet, people are talking about the important choice of web browsers. I constantly see nice three-dimensional pie graphs showing Netscape owning a certain amount of the browser market, Microsoft owning another percentage of the browser market, and other browsers like Opera and Lynx fighting it out for the rest.

malektips-Delete your Cache Files
ZoneAlarm Pro 5.x includes a Cache Cleaner that can remove temporary Internet files generated by using Internet Explorer and Netscape, plus other cache items generated by your machine.

malektips-What Are Cookies?
It has been suggested, if you use Netscape, to simply write-protect your "cookies.txt" file if you do not wish to receive cookies

malektips-Netscape Web Browsers
Do you prefer using Netscape to browse the web? If so, read this category for some tips on how to better use your software. Tips for the Netscape 8 web browser, which you can use to view webpages in either Mozilla or Internet Explorer-style.

dzfx-Set up a new user for Netscape 6.X
Set up a new user for Netscape 6.X

Netscape web Browsers

uwo-Download and Install Netscape for a MAC
This document describes how to use Fetch, provided as part of the UWONet (for MacIntosh systems) package, to download and install the Netscape distribution provided for members of the UWO community via anonymous FTP. (For more information, see How Do I... Take the Internet Home and How do I... Down load Software Using Fetch.)

uwo-Use Netscape Communicator 4.7: Part 1 - Configuration
This document assumes that you have already have both Dial-up networking and TCP/IP installed on your system. If you not have these components installed, please refer to Installing Components Needed for Dialing In

uwo-Use Netscape Communicator 4.7: Part 2 - Getting Started
This document provides a brief overview of Netscape Communicator. It assumes that you have downloaded and installed Netscape Communicator using either the document " How do I... Download and Install Netscape Communicator v4.6 for Windows 95" or "How do I... Download and Install Netscape for a MAC" and "How do I... Use Netscape Communicator 4.7 Part 1 - Configuration"

uwo-Download and Install Netscape Communicator v4.6 for Windows 95
This document describes how to use WS_FTP, provided as part of the UWONet package, to download and install the 32-bit Netscape Communicator (Netscape v4.6) distribution provided for members of the UWO community via anonymous ftp. (For more information, see How Do I . . . Register for the Internet@Home and How do I ... Get Started With WS_FTP.) The Netscape Communicator archive is customized for UWO. It includes the following settings

uwo-Use Netscape Communicator 4.6: Part 1 - Configuration
Netscape Communicator is a network navigational tool, allowing you to access a wide variety of networked information. It can be used for electronic mail, the World Wide Web (WWW), and Usenet newsgroups. Netscape Communicator is a graphical user interface that provides transparent and seamless access to information services and sources available on the Internet.

uwo-Use Netscape Communicator 4.6: Part 2 - Getting Started
This document provides a brief overview of Netscape Communicator. It assumes that you have downloaded and installed Netscape Communicator using either the document "How Do I... Download and Install Netscape Communicator v4.6 for Windows 95" or "How Do I... Download and Install Netscape for a MAC" and "How do I... Use Netscape Communicator 4.6 Part 1 - Configuration" both available on-line at http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/.

uwo-Browse the Web with Netscape Navigator 4.7x
Navigator is the component of Netscape Communicator, which is used to browse the World Wide Web. It allows you to connect to computers on the Internet which hold information in the form of "web pages" which can contain text, pictures, sound, and more. This document has been prepared with reference to the 4.74 version of the Netscape Communicator suite.

uwo-Browse the Web with Netscape Navigator 4.6
Navigator is the component of Netscape Communicator, which is used to browse the World Wide Web. It allows you to connect to computers on the Internet which hold information in the form of "web pages" which can contain text, pictures, sound, and more.

uwo-Use Netscape Messenger 4.7 for E-Mail
Messenger is the electronic mail (e-mail) component in Netscape Communicator 4.7. This document has been prepared with reference to the 4.74 version of the Netscape Communicator suite. Before running Messenger for the first time, please make sure it has been properly configured. For more information about installing and configuring Netscape Communicator

uwo-Use Netscape Messenger 4.6 for E-mail
Messenger is the electronic mail (e-mail) component in Netscape Communicator 4.6. Before running Messenger for the first time, please make sure it has been properly configured. For more information about installing and configuring Netscape Communicator

uwo-Move My Mail and Address Book to Netscape Messenger
This document is intended for those who would like to switch to Netscape Messenger for their e-mail and who have been using another ITS supported e-mail package (e.g. Eudora or Pine). This document describes how to convert the mail folders and address books to Netscape Communicator. The following conversions are described:

uwo-Use Newsgroups with Netscape 4.6
Netscape allows you to interact with newsgroups. Newsgroups allow people to post and respond to messages in certain categories. These are non real-time discussions, which operate like a bulletin board. You can post a message and as other users around the world read it they can respond, to which you can respond to and so on.

uwo-Use Netscape Calendar - Part 1: Configuration
Calendar is only available with Netscape Communicator Professional Edition

uwo-Use Netscape Calendar - Part 2: Usage
Please refer to the Configuration instruction in the document How do I... Use Netscape Calendar - Part 1: Configuration at URL http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/web/netscape/cal1.html.

uwo-Fix GPFs in Netscape under Win 3.1
This information has been pulled together from various sources on the net. It is not claimed to be exhaustive, nor is it guaranteed to solve your problem. This documentation often suggests that you change some system settings or dsome files: be sure you know what you are doing (more or less). All disclaimers (meaning: its not my fault) apply!

uwo-Use the Western Directory
The Western Directory uses data from the campus LDAP server. This directory can be configured into Netscape Communicator or Outlook so that you can search it directly from a mail program (e.g. via the Address Book).

uwo-Enable Cookies in my web browser
This document will give you instruction on how to enable your browser for cookies and JavaScript

uwo-Navigating through the Western Directory
The Western Directory is accessed via a set of web pages that can be viewed from a web browser. There are two types of searches: search for people and search for units/departments.

math.nyu-Netscape Communicator
Web browser (Navigator), Web Authoring Tool (Composer) and Web Mail tool (Messenge

techwhack-Netscape 8 based on Mozilla Firefox goes into Beta
Mozilla Foundation’s efforts with Firefox have started to show its effects. They have seen millions of downloads by the web users ever since the first final version was launched a couple of months back. Now the browser has taken up around 5% of the web browsers market and reports say that for the first time in many years, Microsoft Internet Explorer has seen its market share drop to below 90%

windowsitpro-Netscape readies Java-only Web browser
Netscape Communications will have a beta version of its all-Java Web browser, dubbed "Javagator," ready for public consumption by March, the company announced on Tuesday. Netscape's "100% Pure Java" version of Navigator is aimed at Network Computers and other thin clients that support a Java virtual machine. The final version should be ready by June.

arts.state-modern Netscape browsers
Netscape 6/7 complies with important web standards such as CSS and XHTML, and includes full support for XML and the DOM. These technologies can help web builders create powerful sites. The browser is available free of charge for both PC and Mac users. Netscape 6.2 fixes bugs in earlier releases, and adds support for Mac OS X.

geog.ucsb-Netscape Web Browser
A web browser allows access to the myriad of links, or internet protocol (IP) addresses on the internet. Netscape and Windows Explorer are the two most commonly used web browsers, but not the only ones. Netscape is what you'll use for most of this course in order to view the Geography 13 web pages. Netscape runs on the IRIX operating system in the Descartes Lab, and on Windows NT/DOS in the Star Lab.

krstarica-Netscape Communicator
Netscape Communicator includes Netscape Navigator, an excellent, full-featured "smart" Web browser. It offers smart browsing, roaming access, support for multiple address books, an integrated three-paned mail/news interface, and a scalable address book

acedb-Links to Netscape web pages from ACEDB
It is now possible to link web pages to your ACEDB database. Although netscape must be available on the machine that you chose to run xace on, as it is the only web browser that ACEDB will be able to call on your system

dnr.state-Web Browsers
A Web browser is an application that allows you to view World Wide Web pages, the graphical portion of the Internet. There are many different browsers available with the most popular being Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator

osha-Website Assistance for Browsers, Plugins & Players
Netscape Navigator/Communicator versions 4.7 - 4.79 - on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP; SuSe & RedHat Linux, Windows 2000/XP on Linux; Unix/SunOS v2.5 - 2.9

lee-How to clear your Web Browser's cache files. Windows netscape navigator
From the Netscape Navigator menu bar select "Edit" and then click on "Preferences...".

Browsers Central
Built for the way you use the Web! Choose the browser that's fast, easy and FREE. Netscape 7.0 features Tabbed Browsing, Click-to-Search, Download Manager, and more. Visit our special Netscape 7.0 area and learn about these great new features.

sil-Web browser
Most papers presented in HTML (the document markup language of Web documents) are readable by any Web browser that supports in-line graphics and tables. Some Netspace enhancements are used (such as centering), but these are not crucial to the presentation of the papers. The papers have been successfully tested with these browsers:

cnet-Web browsers compared
Netscape 8 takes the best of both worlds. It runs both IE and Mozilla's search engines, should sites you want to visit render properly only with IE. Netscape 8 also includes tabbed browsing, and it's easy to use. Another browser actually built upon the Microsoft IE engine is Deepnet Explorer. Think of Deepnet Explorer as Internet Explorer the way you'd like it to be -- today.

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
To view the correct instructions, please select your browser from the following list

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
Adding the FreeTranslation buttons to Netscape 6.x / 7.x for Windows

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
Adding the FreeTranslation buttons to Netscape 6.x for Mac

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
Adding the FreeTranslation buttons to Netscape Navigator / Communicator 4.x for Windows

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
Adding the FreeTranslation buttons to Netscape Navigator / Communicator 4.5 for Mac

freetranslation-Add the FreeTranslation service to your browser
Adding the FreeTranslation buttons to Netscape Navigator / Communicator 4.x for Unix and Linux

sharewareorder-Full Screen for Netscape
Full Screen for Netscape is an add-on for Netscape that puts a new button on Netscape's main toolbar. It gives you the option of browsing the web with a full screen at the click of a button. Your toolbars, caption, menu and status bar are instantly removed from the screen but come back promptly when you touch your mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen.

biography-Netscape Communications Corporation
Netscape Communications Corporation was the publisher of the Netscape Navigator web browser as well as many other internet and intranet client and server software products

newsfactor-Does Netscape Deal Mean 'Game over' for Open-Source Browsers?
The settlement could mean more users for alternative browsers. "It's not good for competition to have one less player. This settlement makes it more important what we do," Jon Vonttzchner, CEO of Oslo, Norway-based Opera Software, told NewsFactor.

uleth-Introduction to Web Authoring Using Netscape
Netscape Communicator is a group of programs that works together to give you access to the internet. Navigator, one of the programs, is a web browser, allowing you to view web sites. Page Composer is the program in this group that helps you create your own web pages.

hhmi-Netscape and the Shockwave Plug-in.
Netscape Communicator, Netscape 4.0--Browser crashes after loading multiple Shockwave movies. This is a bug within Netscape Communicator and Netscape 4.0 and/or the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in.

real-time-Web Browser Support Netscape 7.x
Web Browser Support Netscape 7.x

zdnetasia-Netscape ready to launch antiphishing browser
Netscape has promised that the final version, like the previous ones, will include features to better safeguard systems while people surf the Web. Netscape 8 is also expected to have a cleaner look and feel, but not to be dramatically different from the public beta released in March.

kkic.library.nd-Remote Access to Electronic Resources
If your browser is configured to use the old proxy server, please read below.

ibiblio-Netscape Communications
From Netscape Communications Corp (URL is: ). Downloads and displays images incrementally while you read pages, which also display incrementally, making it the best browser at the time of this writing for those who connect to the web via modems

Lee-How to Clear Your Web Browser's History. Macintosh OS X Netscape Navigator
How to Clear Your Web Browser's History. Macintosh OS X Netscape Navigator

teachx.rutgers-You need a "modern" browser
Other web browsers may work, but if you have trouble you may need to switch to one of the above browsers. All of them are free, and can be downloaded from either the the Mozilla web site, the Netscape web site or the Microsoft web site.

Netscape Communications Corp. was supposed to be the next Microsoft. Its trailblazing World Wide Web browser and lightning pace of development helped reset the thinking of the entire computer industry--and earned it an overwhelming 85% share of the Web browser market, to boot. It was Netscape that pioneered the Internet business model of giving software away to build up market share and then sell related products. The company even posed the first serious threat to Microsoft in years--and forced the software giant to double-time its Net efforts.

isi-Javascript and frames capable browser
A Javascript and frames capable browser is needed to use the system. We recommend Netscape version 2 or newer. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 seems to have some difficulty. Version 4 or newer should work.

ironspider-Download link for netscape web browsers
Download link for netscape web browsers ,Netscape

webstyleguide-"Browser-safe" colors
The color management system currently used by Web browser software is based on an 8-bit, 216-color (not 256) palette. The browser-safe color palette is a solution devised by Netscape to solve the problem of displaying color graphics in a similar way on many kinds of display screens, with browsers running under different operating systems (such as Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX).

real-time-Web Browser Support Netscape 4.x
Enclosed are steps for some common configuration questions for the Netscape 4.x browser. However, in order to take advantage of new web technology, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Netscape 7 or Mozilla.

It displays web pages. Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first one ten years ago. Marc Andreessen made a better one eight years ago. In the mid-90's, dozens had perceptible market share, but few gained mind share. For several years, Netscape and Microsoft fought a marketing war, which Microsoft won

creativepro-Netscape 6.01 Released
Netscape has released a new version of Netscape 6.0, its Internet communications tool. The new version, 6.01, is available for download from Netscape's Web site. At press time, documentation outlining differences between Netscape 6.0 and 6.0.1 were not available.

creativepro-Netscape 6.01 Released
Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the availability of Netscape™ 6 Preview Release 2 via free download

creativepro-Netscape 6.01 Released
Netscape has released a new version of Netscape 6.0, its Internet communications tool. The new version, 6.01, is available for download from Netscape's Web site. At press time, documentation outlining differences between Netscape 6.0 and 6.0.1 were not available

creativepro-Don't Bother with Netscape 6
The first major new browser released by Netscape Communications since it was bought by America Online last year, Netscape 6 has some improvements, but they're overshadowed by several design flaws, according to Jim Heid, the Mac Focus author.

businessweek-Netscape 6.0 for the Mac: Crash Prone, but Promising
Just three years ago, America Online bought failing Netscape and promised to restore the once-dominant Web browser to its former glory. Well, we waited and waited. Meanwhile, Microsoft Internet Explorer continued to improve until it became the best browser on the Mac platform.

creativepro-Adobe Comments on Acrobat Problems in Netscape 6
Adobe Acrobat software leverages Netscape's plug-in architecture and installs a plug-in that allows certain Acrobat functions to be performed from within the Netscape 4.x Navigator. However, in its release of Netscape Navigator version 6, Netscape has altered the way the browser handles plug-ins.

wired-Netscape 6 Browsing for Users
Netscape Communications actually kept its promise to release the revamped Netscape 6 browser by year's end, releasing the final code this week to a browser market that's changed dramatically since it last released a browser in 1998.

creativepro-32 Months Later, Netscape 6.0 Ships
In what has been an even longer wait than for Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac, Netscape has finally released a totally re-written version 6.0 of its popular Internet browser.

creativepro-Netscape Unveils Redesigned Netscape.com, Launches Netscape 6
Netscape.com's New Look and Feel, Unmatched Content and Integrated Services Offers Internet Users the Resources They Need to Manage Their Lives at Work and at Home

creativepro-New Netscape Communicator 4.75 Now in Distribution
Netscape has released a new version of Communicator, its popular suite of Internet tools used for browsing Web content, e-mail and groupware access. The new version is 4.75.

creativepro-Netscape's Woeful Mac Support
I've just finished playing with the M18 version of Mozilla, the open-source pre-release of Netscape Communicator, and after staring at what has to be the most horridly non-Mac interface of any application I've seen in years, I suddenly realized what was making me so mad about Netscape

creativepro-Netscape 6 Preview Release 2 Available Today
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the availability of Netscape™ 6 Preview Release 2 via free download from www.netscape.com/download.

creativepro-New Beta Versions of Navigator, Mozilla Browsers Out
Netscape Navigator 6.0pr2 is the latest preview version of the world's second most popular browser. New features include Themes (or "skins"), new tabs for My Sidebar, and support for multiple e-mail accounts (including Netscape WebMail).

creativepro-Communicator 4.74 Goes Final; Numerous Fixes Detailed
In addition to the Netscape Navigator browser, Communicator features Smart Browsing, a three-paned, integrated mail and news interface, roaming access, pinpoint addressing, and a scalable address book. Netscape sources tell MacCentral it is recommended users back up their old address book to avoid possible compatibility problems.

creativepro-Netscape Goes Skinny Dipping
People love a race, whether it's between Olympic swimmers or Web browsers. Now that Netscape has dauntlessly stepped up to the blocks, challenging Microsoft to another battle for browser domination, it's time for the latest heat in this ongoing struggle. And so after I commented on Netscape 6's rocky start, readers flooded my mailbox.

creativepro-Browsing Through Netscape 6
Netscape unleashes a brand-new Web browser April 5, a mere two days after Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's landmark ruling that Microsoft wielded monopolistic powers to unfairly trounce Netscape in the browser wars. So Netscape, now entrenched inside the America Online empire, gets another shot at glory.

creativepro-Award-winning Internet telephony software integrated into Personal Toolbar of Netscape 6
Netscape, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced that Net2Phone's award-winning PC software is now fully embedded into Netscape's new Netscape™ 6 browser, providing Netscape 6 users with value-added, low-cost voice services from their PCs. Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 was released today and is available for download at Netscape Netcenter.

creativepro-Netscape Announces Availability of Javascript 1.5 in New Netscape 6 Browser
Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the availability of JavaScript 1.5, the latest version of its industry-leading scripting language. Netscape™ 6 Preview Release 1, available for free public download today, features full support for JavaScript 1.5, allowing Web developers to create powerful new Web applications

creativepro-Netscape Launches Next-Generation Netscape 6 Browser, Available Today for Download on Netscape Netcenter
Netscape™ 6 Preview Release 1 via free download from Netscape Netcenter. The new Netscape 6 software builds upon the success and popularity of Netscape Navigator and the Company's commitment to improve and innovate its products to bring increasing value and utility to Internet users worldwide.

creativepro-Netscape 6 to Debut at Internet World
The browser war is about to heat up. Next week Netscape will launch the public beta version of Netscape 6. According to Macworld UK story, AOL CEO Steve Case will unveil the new browser during his keynote address.

creativepro-Netscape's Revolutionary Gecko Browser Technologies Adopted by IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems
Netscape Gecko - its revolutionary smaller, faster, and more powerful browser engine technology - will be used by technology industry leaders IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems. These companies will use the cross-platform Netscape Gecko browser engine to extend the convenience and power of the Web from the traditional desktop computer to a wide range of Internet devices such as set-top boxes and browsing appliances.

creativepro-Mozilla reaches 14th milestone, release close
Mozilla, the open-source web browser development project initiated by Netscape, is coming close to the release of its first complete, ready-to-download web browser application.

creativepro-Microsoft far outpaces Netscape in corporate browser race
In a study of 308 corporate enterprises, Zona found that 59 percent of respondents are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as their primary browser, while 41 percent of respondents are using Netscape Communications Corp.'s Navigator or Communicator, Zona reported Tuesday

creativepro-Netscape Update Adds Features, Improves Security
Netscape Communications Corp. has released new versions of Netscape 7 for Mac OS 8.6 and higher, and Mac OS X 10.1 and higher. the new versions are ready for download from Netscape's Web site.

creativepro-Netscape Usage Down to 3.4 Percent
New data on worldwide usage of Web browser software shows Netscape is once again being clobbered by rival browser Internet Explorer and now has an estimated market share of 3.4 percent, according to Internet researcher WebSideStory Inc.

creativepro-Netscape 7.0 Arrives, Promises Better Performance
Add another volley in the Web browser wars. Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online Inc., announced today the release Netscape 7.0. Promising better performance, new features, a new toolbar, an expanded Netscape Network and enhanced access to entertainment and music features like the new Radio@Netscape Plus.

creativepro-Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 Available
Netscape today released Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1, an early version of the next generation of its Internet communications software for multiple platforms, including the Macintosh.

creativepro-Netscape Flaw Leaves Cookies Unsecure
A security flaw in Netscape Communications Corp.'s Navigator Web browser can let malicious Web site operators view the information stored in cookies on a user's computer, according to a security note published on Netscape's Web site.

creativepro-Netscape Suit Against Microsoft In-depth
MacCentral brought readers news yesterday that AOL Time Warner subsidiary Netscape Communications Corp. has brought a suit against Microsoft Corp., citing anticompetitive practices. The suit seeks both an injunction against Microsoft and triple damages. MacCentral has obtained a copy of the brief Netscape filed in United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

creativepro-Netscape Sues Microsoft, Citing 'Anti-Competitive Conduct'
Today AOL/Time Warner subsidiary Netscape Communications Corp. announced it has filed suit against Microsoft Corp. over Microsoft's alleged anticompetitive conduct. "This anticompetitive conduct also formed the basis of the government's antitrust case against Microsoft," stated Netscape.

creativepro-Netscape 6.2 Improves Reliability, Performance on OS X
Netscape Communications Corp. has released a new version of its Web browser, Netscape 6.2. The new version incorporates many improvements and bug fixes, and is better optimized than previous releases for Mac OS X.

creativepro-Netscape Releases Communicator 4.77
Netscape Communications Corp. today uploaded a new version of its Communicator software to its FTP servers. The new version can be downloaded now

uwo-Install UWO Certificate Authorities Certificate into web browsers
Install Certificate into Netscape Communicator

oakton-File Transfer (FTP) with a Browser
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way you can move files from one computer location (network) to another. To make an FTP connection you can use a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) or a dedicated FTP software program, referred to as an FTP 'Client'. If you have ever used Fetch (Mac), WFTP (PC) or FTP (Win 95), you are already familiar with some clients for file transfer. Web browsers, like Netscape, can be another ftp tool that is particularly easy to use.

sup-Browser Requirements
Below are recommended browsers for viewing our site in various operating systems. If our browser recommendation does not result in a better experience with our website, please let us know by emailing us at feedback@www.sup.org. We appreciate your help in making the site better!

washingtonpost-How to Upgrade your Web Browser
Plan to download a new browser about every six months. That's about the time it takes for companies such as Netscape and Microsoft to produce, release and download their major upgrades. Learn to get a copy of the latest Netscape or Explorer browser in the toolbox above

washingtonpost-Netscape Navigator 3.01 Upgrade Guide
To get the most out of WashingtonPost.com and the Web, you should download, install and set up the latest version of Netscape Navigator. This guide is written for Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh computers. Upgrading will cost you $69, but you will get free upgrades to future Netscape browsers for a full year.

washingtonpost-Browser Basics
Let's start from the very beginning. You are viewing and navigating this web page in the display area, or window. Use the scroll bars at the right or below to move up and down through the page

wellesley-Setting Your Default Web Browser to Netscape 4.7x
Setting your default web browser on a Windows PC

oreillynet-Netscape Web Browsers
Let's get one thing straight. Mozilla is not Netscape. To the seasoned mozilla.org developers and the Mozilla developer community, this is a well-known fact. But for the average consumer and computer user, Mozilla and Netscape are sometimes viewed as the same thing. Reading the discussion boards, the mailing lists

vnisoft-Configure your Netscape® Navagitor to Read VNI Fonts
Configure your Netscape® Navagitor to Read VNI Fonts

vnisoft-Configure Netscape® Navagitor to Read VNI Fonts
Configure Netscape® Navagitor to Read VNI Fonts

vnisoft-To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape 2.x for Windows
To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape 2.x for Windows

vnisoft-To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape 1.x
To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape 1.x

vnisoft-To Configure Your Web Browser for the Macintosh
After downloading and running the program VNI Fonts Installer, run your browser software (eg. Internet Explorerr, Mosaic, Netscape) and follow these steps:

vnisoft-To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape
To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape

vnisoft-To Configure VNI Fonts for Netscape
Note for AOL users: The browser that comes with the AOL software does not allow the user to change font settings. You must upgrade to AOL 3.0 and install either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

techwhack-Netscape Browser 8.0 has no E-Mail Support
It is unfortunate that browser companies take the false route of fooling customers into believing that the product they are using is outdated or not safe. This happened to me when I went on to Netscape’s website to check out the newly launched Netscape Browser version 8

informationweek-Netscape's Challenge
One of the beautiful things about open source is the ability to view the ongoing evolution of new products. So, even though Netscape unveiled the first commercial beta of its next-generation Web browser last week, anyone could have downloaded the latest build of Mozilla (www.mozilla.org), the open-source version of the browser, last month and seen 80% of its functionality.

activeworlds-Integrated Web Browser
If you are a Netscape user, you can continue to use Netscape to view web pages outside of Active Worlds, even if you have Internet Explorer installed. Internet Explorer does not need to be your default web browser in order for Active Worlds to take advantage of its functionality.

netwinsite-Netscape's Web Browser
Performance seems really bad when using with Netscape's Web Browser on Windows 2000. When running your own DBabble server on Windows 2000, and using Netscape's web browser on the same machine as the server is running to connect to it, you may find that you often get no reply for 10-20 seconds. This is because Netscape tries to use all of the CPU doing nothing while waiting for a reply to a web request, so the DBabble server does not get a chance to run. Either increase your process priority in the Control Panel-System-Advanced-Performance Options to background services, or increase the DBabble server priority setting.

thestandard-Bugs delay AOL Netscape beta
The beta version of the Netscape 8 browser was scheduled to be publicly available on Thursday, but the release date will slip by a week or two, an AOL spokesman said in a statement sent via e-mail. An early version of the browser seen by the IDG News Service late last month crashed many times under normal use

jwz-resignation and postmortem
Netscape has been a great disappointment to me for quite some time. When we started this company, we were out to change the world. And we did that. Without us, the change probably would have happened anyway, maybe six months or a year later, and who-knows-what would have played out differently

pbskids-What browser should I use to best view the Web site?
We want this site to look its very best for you. Yes, YOU. So if you want to make sure that even the regular bits of text look as funky as we'd like, you should use a browser from Netscape (Netscape 4.7 or higher) or Microsoft (Internet Explorer 5 or higher). Why? Just so it will all look nice. Niceness. What better reason can you think of? The ZOOM web site should work well and look good in Netscape 4 and Explorer 4, as well as Mozilla and Safari.

utoronto-Browser Security
Netscape's security settings are a little easier to set up, but you have far fewer options to choose from. To set up Netscape's security go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences. Click on Advanced in the left frame and you will be presented with a list of security options in the right frame. The only available options for ActiveX, Java, and JavaScript are enable or disable.

gargaro-Usability Testing - Netscape Navigator Vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer
Two similar pieces of software were evaluated in this usability test - Netscape Navigator (Netscape) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). The purpose of this test was to:

pcworld-First Look at Netscape 6.1
On Wednesday Netscape Communications begins fumigating its buggy Netscape 6.0 browser with an improved beta upgrade

wired-Netscape Denies Browser Escape
Netscape Communications is denying reports that it's bailing out of the PC browser market it once dominated. To further that point, the company has issued the first beta of its new Netscape 6.1 browser.

news.com-Industry says ho-hum to Netscape suit
High-tech industry lobbyists issued a collective yawn after Netscape Communications filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Microsoft claiming the software giant's business practices crushed the upstart's browser

salon-Netscape's folly
Netscape's folly, The loser in the browser wars has filed a private antitrust suit against Microsoft. But the company doesn't deserve to win

news.zdnet-Netscape 6.0: Best ... or buggiest?
Netscape 6.0 is the delayed version of the America Online/Netscape Communications browser that is due to ship before the end of this yea

ourpla-netscape web browser
The first common graphical web browser was Mosaic. Marc Andreeason was the main author, at a university, then left and started Netscape with others and they made the Netscape browser, which MicroSoft? went to war with using InternetExplorer

neurosis.hungry-Demo of Browser Security Hole
HotJava on Windows NT appears to allow class files to be loaded via the bug (I have not yet tested on Solaris). Netscape allows download of image files with certain proxy server configurations on all platforms.

smartcomputing-Essential Browser Plug-Ins
You may think that all you need for Web browsing is your browser. Unfortunately this is only half true. Many Web sites have content that you cannot view simply by using a Web browser. The content on those sites is delivered in a format that a Web browser can't read

matisse-netscape web browser
A WWW Browser and the name of a company. The Netscape (tm) browser was originally based on the Mosaic program developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

newsmonster-web browsers
NewsMonster is based on the popular Mozilla and Netscape web browsers. This allows NewsMonster to integrate directly into your web browsing and allows the user to stay in a familiar environment. Tired of switching back and forth between your web browser and your favorite aggregator? Wish you had features liked tabbed browsing?

ebay-Web Browser Recommendations
eBay is designed to work with most Web browsers. For best results on eBay we recommend you always use the latest version of your browser.eBay works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, and Netscape Navigator 7.0.

petitiononline-Save the Netscape Browser
We are requesting that you please consider the opinions of the loyal Netscape browser users, knowledgeable people, most of which started using the Netscape browsers way before AOL "discovered" the Internet, before sealing the fate of future Netscape browser developments

upenn-Netscape 2.0
Netscape 2.0, the latest revision of the world's "favorite" Web browser, continues to set the standard for Web browsers with new features, extensions, and creative methods of interacting with the rich and rapidly expanding Internet world

dmdc-What browsers will work with the Operation Transition web sites?
To use the Operation Transition web sites, you need a web browser that supports cookies, frames, JavaScript, and SSL security technology, and have those capabilities turned on during Operation Transition web site sessions. (Examples of browsers that support these capabilities are the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, which you can download at no charge from the web sites of those corporations.)

classweb-Advanced Settings in Netscape
There are two categories in the Advanced section of the Netscape Preference settings menu that bear scrutiny. First, click on the Advanced category itself. This is where you dictate whether your web browser will "understand" newer web features such as Java, JavaScript, cascading style sheets, and cookies

news.com-Netscape readies antiphishing browser
Netscape, a unit of Time Warner subsidiary America Online, has been recharging its browser activity in recent months, prodded by the success of its open-source spin-off, the Mozilla Foundation, and by the prospects of increased revenue through browser-based search queries

planetpdf-Netscape v.6 Web browser less PDF-friendly
Sarah Rosenbaum, Acrobat Group Product Manager with Adobe Systems Incorporated, has released an alert describing the loss of at least two key Adobe Acrobat features for users of the currently available 6.0 version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator. It no longer supports PDF Forms or byteserving

planetpdf-Loss of certain Adobe Acrobat functionality in Netscape Navigator v. 6
Sarah Rosenbaum, Adobe Acrobat Group Product Manager with Adobe Systems Incorporated, has released the following bulletin about the loss of two key features in Adobe Acrobat for users of the current version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator, v.6.0:

browsers.netscape-about netscape
Netscape has many resources to make it easier for you to use your Netscape browser. Whether you're installing Netscape for the first time or are a power user, you'll find something of interest here.

usersupport-Web Browser Support
Web Browser Support

usersupport-Netscape 3 Setup
Netscape 3 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 3 Settings
Netscape 3 Settings

usersupport-Netscape 4.05 Setup
Netscape 4.05 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 4.05 Settings
Netscape 4.05 Settings

usersupport-Netscape 4.08 Setup
Netscape 4.08 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 4.08 Settings
Netscape 4.08 Settings

usersupport-Netscape 4.5 - 4.7 Setup
Netscape 4.5 - 4.7 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 4.5 - 4.7 Setup
Netscape 4.5 - 4.7 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 7 Browser Setup
Netscape 7 Browser Setup

usersupport-Netscape 7 Browser Settings
Netscape 7 Browser Settings

usersupport-Netscape 4.51-4.7
Netscape 4.51-4.7

usersupport-Netscape 4.51-4.7 Setup
Netscape 4.51-4.7 Setup

usersupport-Netscape 4.51-4.7 Settings
Netscape 4.51-4.7 Settings

software.ericsink-Memoirs From the Browser Wars
Netscape didn't even exist yet, but things happened fast. Just a few weeks after I started coding, Jim Clark rode into town and gathered a select group of programmers from NCSA. Mosaic Communications Corporation was born. It was interesting to note that certain people on the NCSA browser team were not invited to the special meeting. I can still remember hearing about how ticked off they were to be excluded

training-classes-Introduction To Netscape 7
This course introduces Netscape Navigator, a fast and functional Web browser. Students will learn how to explore the Web and find useful information

training-classes-Introduction to Netscape Servers
This is an overview course of the eight SuiteSpot servers. Beginning with an overview of Internet Services and deploying an Internet, this course will then cover each of the eight Netscape servers with an emphasis on functions. Some basic programming interfaces will be covered for each of the servers.

training-classes-Netscape Application Server
This course addresses a key component of the Netscape Application Platform, the Netscape Application Server (NAS), and is specifically targeted at developers who want to understand and implement this technology. This course will begin with an overview of the Server's features and then examine its capabilities and benefits

training-classes-Netscape Directory Server: LDAP Enable Applications
This course is part of a series on Netscape Servers. This course begins with an overview of Directory Server and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Next, the functions, filters, attributes, and customization of the HTML Gateway is covered. Finally, students will learn about LDAP client development in Java

training-classes-Netscape Navigator 4.0 Internet Introduction
This course provides readers with a method of accessing this information and making best use of the tools at their disposal. Readers will be introduced to the concept of the Internet, often referred to simply as " Web, and gain a broad understanding of how The Web works. They will become proficient at using the Netscape Navigator Web browser, learning how to search for, find and access information on the Web using a variety of different software tools. They will be able to communicate information with others by means of E-mail and Newsgroups. the

training-classes-Navigating And Exploring The Internet 2002
This introductory course teaches students the fundamental skills they need to know in order to use the Internet. Skills students will learn include understanding and sending e-mail, learning about the Web, and using browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to view Web pages

training-classes-Netscape Communicator 4.6 User Fundamentals
This course prepares the learner to locate obtain and exchange information using Netscape Navigator

training-classes-Netscape Directory Server and eDirectory
The is the third course in a four part series that introduces the learner to Netscape Directory Server. It covers the setting up of and the working of the preconfigured Netscape/LDAP driver. Finally it covers the concepts and customization of the eDirectory-to-eDirectory driver.

training-classes-Netscape 6 User Fundamentals
This course addresses how to use Netscape Navigator which includes My Sidebar customizable searches and themes; Netscape Mail; Netscape Instant Messenger; and Netscape Composer

whoi-Upgrade your Web Browser
Many Web sites use features that exceed the capabilities of the Netscape 4.x browsers. CIS advises users of the older Netscape browser versions to upgrade to version 7.x as soon as possible. Call the Helpdesk at ext. 2439 for help in performing the upgrade or download it yourself from the Netscape Web site at http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/default.jsp.

nova-Web Browser Recommendations
SeqWeb Version 2 supports the following platforms with the following web browsers

itd.memphis-Netscape announces new Browser
Netscape announces new Browser and download it

businessweek-Flock, the New Browser on the Block
Web browsers don't look much different than they did a decade ago, when Netscape Communications's initial stock offering catapulted software for navigating the Web into the public eye. You click on a site, look around, watch or listen to something, click somewhere else -- all by your lonesome self

ischool-web browsers
The number of main menu items for each release of both Netscape and Internet Explorer were documented to see if any trends existed. For this project, a main menu was defined as a menu occuring in the menu bar at the top of the application. For certain versions of Netscape, a menu item could be either text or a graphic; both were counted as main menu options

infoworld-New Netscape browser supports Internet Explorer
The Netscape browser does not actually include the IE engine, but uses the engine that is part of Windows. As such, the browser only works on Windows computers.

techweb-Netscape 7.0
Netscape Communications Corporation, Mountain View, CA, www.netscape.com) Part of America Online (AOL), Netscape specializes in Web software, including the Netscape Web browser

The latest full browser release from Netscape for Windows and Mac. Introduced in 2002, components include Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, Integrated AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape Composer, Netscape Address Book and Netscape Radio, which utilizes RealPlayer 8 to deliver music playback to your PC. See Netscape

techweb-Netscape Application Builder
A development environment for Netscape Application Server (renamed Sun ONE Application Server in 2002) that allows for the creation of multi-tiered applications and the automatic generation of Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets and SQL queries, etc. See Netscape Application Server.

techweb-Netscape Application Server
A Web-based application server from the Sun-Netscape Alliance that supports C, C++ and Java applications, Java servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Enterprise JavaBeans. In 2000, it was superseded by iPlanet Application Server, which became Sun ONE Application Server in 2002 when Sun officially ended its Alliance agreement with AOL

techweb-Netscape Sun ONE Application Server
A J2EE-compliant, Web-based application server from Sun. It supports C, C++ and Java applications, Java servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Enterprise JavaBeans. Sun ONE Application Server was formerly iPlanet Application Server, which was formerly Netscape Application Server.

techweb-Sun-Netscape Alliance
(Sun-Netscape Alliance, Santa Clara, CA) A joint venture of Sun and Netscape to market Netscape's Web-based software products. The Alliance was formed when AOL acquired Netscape in 1999 to take advantage of the fact that the bulk of Netscape software was already running on Sun hardware. Netscape product names were replaced by the iPlanet brand name

techweb-Netscape Extension Builder
A toolkit that enables developing extensions to Netscape Application Server (renamed Sun ONE Application Server in 2002) that integrate with enterprise applications and Internet services. Prebuilt extensions are provided for BEA Tuxedo, SAP, PeopleSoft, CICS, IMS and MQSeries. See Netscape Application Server

techweb-Netscape color palette
A palette of 216 colors that Netscape displays the same on its Windows and Mac browsers. If other colors are used in images, Netscape will dither them, and the results will differ between the platforms

techweb-Netscape Communicator
An earlier suite of Web browsing and groupware tools from Netscape that were packaged as a bundle starting with Navigator 4.0. Communicator refers to any Netscape Navigator product with a version number less than 6.0. It included the Navigator browser, Netscape Messenger e-mail client, Netscape Collabra threaded discussions, Netscape Composer HTML editor and Netscape Conference, which provided audio and videoconferencing, whiteboard, text chat and collaborative browsing

techweb-Netscape Navigator
A Web browser for Windows, Macintosh and X Windows from Netscape that provides secure transmission over the Internet. Soon after its introduction in 1994, Navigator, or just "Netscape," as it is commonly called, quickly became the leading Web browser on the Web. Initially a purchased product, Netscape was forced to give it away after Microsoft developed Internet Explorer and offered it free of charge. After Microsoft integrated Internet Explorer into Windows 98, Microsoft's browser became the market leader.

techweb-Netscape Netcaster
component of the earlier Netscape Communicator that provided a push model delivery system based on Marimba's Castanet Tuner. Users were able to subscribe to content channels on the Internet and receive information updates in the background while working on other applications.

techweb-Netscape Messenger
The e-mail client in Netscape Communicator. It has been superseded by Netscape Mail. See Netscape Communicator.

techweb-Netscape LiveWire
A suite of management and development tools from Netscape for creating Netscape Web sites. It includes a site manager for maintaining HTML links, a compiler for developing server-side JavaScript applications and a library that provides SQL connectivity to a variety of databases. Initially a separate product, LiveWire was included starting with Version 3.0 of Netscape Enterprise Server.

techweb-Netscape Extension Builder
A toolkit that enables developing extensions to Netscape Application Server (renamed Sun ONE Application Server in 2002) that integrate with enterprise applications and Internet services. Prebuilt extensions are provided for BEA Tuxedo, SAP, PeopleSoft, CICS, IMS and MQSeries. See Netscape Application Server.

techweb-Netscape Enterprise Server
A Web server from Netscape that runs under NT, Solaris and HP-UX. It supports JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology, Java servlets and Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS). It was superseded by iPlanet Web Server and renamed again in 2002 as Sun ONE Web Server. See Sun ONE Web Server and Sun-Netscape Alliance.

techweb-Netscape Constellation
Netscape Constellation

Netscape has been around almost as long as the web, however, only with their latest browsers have they started fully supporting web standards. If you are using Netscape 4 you should seriously consider upgrading your browser to either the newest netscape, or one of the other alternatives offered here. Netscape can be obtained

battellemedia-Netscape Tosses Hat Back In Browser Ring
Netscape Web browser that is based on the open-source Firefox Web browser, but also supports Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) browser engine. IE is part of Windows and is used by the great majority of Web users.

javatester-Configuring Your Web Browser
Windows 2000 is reported by IE as Windows NT 5.0 and Windows XP is reported by IE as Windows NT 5.1. Firefox v1.0.7 says it is Netscape version 5.0. Beats me why

eosdis.ornl-Using Netscape to Get BOREAS Data With the Web
Netscape is the only Web browser currently available that can make FTP connections to a VAX (which is where the BOREAS data is stored). NCSA Mosaic and Microsoft Explorer do not work with VAXes running VMS and Multinet. Several other browsers were tested, and only Netscape worked correctly

A company, Netscape Communications, Inc., that created the revolutionary Netscape Navigator Web browser. Netscape.com is now an Internet hub for the AOL/Time Warner online presence and will shortly be the name of a low-cost version of AOL.

infoanarchy-netscape navigator
Netscape Navigator 7 can be downloaded for free from Netscape's Web site, also an Internet portal service. It includes most features found in an open-source Gecko-based browser Mozilla version 1.1, (1.3 is the current, latest edition) but also includes

classweb.hs.iastate-Appearance Settings in Netscape
The role of a web browser is to interpret the encoded commands on a web-formatted file and display the document to the reader as per the document's instructions. There are many aspects of web page display and browser behavior that can be modified through settings in each computer's web browser. Some of this flexibility is negated by web page developers who over-design (over specify) the format of their documents.

dis.unimelb-Configuring Web Browsers (proxy server settings) for NETSCAPE
Configuring Web Browsers (proxy server settings) for NETSCAPE

sharewareorder-Save With Images for Netscape
Save With Images for Netscape - Save with Images adds a new menu item to Navigator's "File" menu. It enables you to save the entire web page you are browsing with all its images to your hard drive for future off-line viewing. It is FAST. No more annoying Internet waits. Save With Images gets its speed by cache accessing instead of waiting out another download

amazing-space.stsci-Web Browser
This activity was designed for use with Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher). Earlier versions of Netscape Navigator/Microsoft Internet Explorer will not work.

opencampus-Required Browser Settings for Netscape
If you are taking an Online, Hybrid, or Web-enhanced course through Open Campus and you are using the Netscape web browser, YOU MUST APPLY THESE REQUIRED BROWSER SETTINGS. Click HERE and follow the instructions.

helpdesk.ufl-Which web browser should I use
UF Software CD includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and Mozilla. All of these browsers offer standard options, as well as extended multimedia options. Since these companies offer web browsers with similar abilities, your browser selection will based on your personal preference and the limitations of your computer

canadacouncil-About Web Browsers and the Canada Council Web Site
This site is best viewed in a web browser that supports web standards. Web standards make it possible for us to provide the latest features and functionality for our web visitors. Example Netscape 7 or higher

irs-Netscape browsers
Netscape browsers may be upgraded by downloading a recent version of the browser. Navigator and Communicator can be downloaded at http://www.netscape.com . You should be aware that this download is likely to be at least 10 MB, which will take a considerable time on a dial-up connection (version 6.2 is 27 MB, and the base installation of version 4.79 is 17 MB).

Netscape 6.2 complies with important Web standards, including full support for XML and the DOM. These technologies can help web builders create powerful sites that work well. The browser is available free of charge. Netscape 6.2 fixes bugs in earlier releases, and adds support for Mac OSX.

macupdate-Netscape X 7.2
Netscape 7.2 is a real godsend. It is quick, it is stable, it has an integrated mail client and address book. Good junk mail controls (not as impressive as Apple's Mail, but good). Rendering is great so far. Tabbed browsing is superior to Safari inasmuch as if 3-4 tabs are loading at once, you are not blocked out of changing tabs until loading is complete.

siber-Netscape Navigator 4.0
Navigator now does KOI8-R <-> CP1251 translation, so you do not need to install KOI8-R fonts and keyboard. Just install standard (for Windows) CP1251 fonts and keyboard. And then you need to do several things to educate Navigator about cyrillic fonts

ieer-Instructions for Netscape
If you have Netscape version 4.0 as your web browser and you wish to view Russian documents, follow these instructions

softpanorama-Netscape 5 Saga
The importance of Netscape5 development is partially political -- it was one of the central selling point for open source in Eric Raymond argumentation. From the other point if Netscape might largly disappear from Windows desktops if IE implement non-compatible protocols that everybody will use or implement partially compatible protocols much better

usu-Connect to the USU Proxy Server using Netscape
To connect to the USU Proxy Server on the USU campus, you must first reconfigure your web browser. An alternative to manually reconfiguring your web browser is to use the Toggle Proxy software that sets and resets your browser to the proxy server

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