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AllStream - How to Use Fetch for FTP? - Double click on Fetch to get it running. You'll be presented with a dialog box. In the spaces provided, enter the name of the host you're trying to reach, the user ID you'll be using, and the password. If you want Fetch to start in a particular subdirectory once you make the connection, enter that in the "Directory:" box. Click "OK" when you're done. You'll enjoy playing with the "running dog" icon as Fetch establishes your connection.

BrockPort - HOW TO FTP USING FETCH - In the mac lab, Fetch is kept in the Internet folder. Click twice on its icon to open it. Two windows will appear. You will first use the topmost one pictured below to log on to an FTP server.

UIS - How to Upload Your Files to UIS Servers Using FETCH on a Macintosh Computer - Make sure everything is ready. Have your files on a floppy disk or on the hard drive or desktop of your computer. Make sure everything is named in lowercase letters with no spaces between words. Use the "eight-dot-three" naming convention, i.e., the name should be eight letters or less, then type a period, then type the file extension, i.e., htm, html, gif, etc. Your initial page, or "home page" should be named "index.html" or "index.htm" .

Calart - USING FETCH - Fetch allows transfer of files between a remote host, such as Muse, and a Macintosh. Fetch is available at http://fetchsoftworks.com.

Schogini Systems - Fetch displays directories roughly the same way that the Macintosh system displays folders. Once you are connected the current directory is displayed as the title of a pop-up menu above the file list. You can change directory in several ways. Double-clicking the name of a directory in the file list (or selecting it and hitting enter) causes Fetch to enter that directory. The pop-up menu above the file lists lets you move to any ancestor of the current directory. Choosing the Change Directory... command from the Directories menu prompts you for a directory name and makes that the current directory. Finally, the bottom of the Directories menu lists directories you have visited on this host. You may re-enter any one by selecting it from the menu.

ODU.EDU - Using Fetch on the Macintosh - Follow these directions carefully, including the items directly below.

VETC - Use Fetch (Mac FTP) to Upload Your Files to the Server - Open Fetch. In the dialog box that appears you will need to provide the following information ….

MSCD - How To: Use Fetch (FTP) for Macintosh - Fetch is a Macintosh program for transferring files. It uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which allows a networked Macintosh to transfer files with any connected machine that supports FTP over a network or PPP connection.

ucdavis.edu - Transfering files using FETCH or FTP - GMT requires text files as input and produces a postscript file as output. Various files need to be tranfered to and from the UNIX platform. For example, you obtain hypocenter data and edit the data in a spreadsheet program, then save the file as TEXT. You then use FETCH or FTP to transfer the file over to your UNIX GMT directory to plot the hypocenters. Once this plot is created, you use FETCH or FTP to transfer the postscript file from the UNIX machine to your local computer and edit the postscript file in Adobe Illustrator or Canvas.


real-time - Fetch - Macintosh FTP Client - Fetch is an easy-to-use, full-featured FTP client for the Apple Macintosh.

SOFOTEX - Fetch Publisher's Description - Fetch is an easy-to-use, full-featured FTP client for the Apple Macintosh. It supports drag-and-drop transfers to, from and between FTP servers, as well as many web site maintenance task, such as changing permissions and moving items from one directory to another. Versions 4.0 and later are Mac OS X native, and feature a new Aqua user interface.

Brontobytes Networks - Fetch (Mac) FTP Configurations - From the Menu bar click on File and select New Connection. In the New Connection window, you will need to fill out the following fields: ….

DogBark - How to FTP Fetch - Fetch is a FTP utility that has become the de facto standard Macintosh FTP utility. It is a fairly straightforward program to use, but it can be intimidating in the beginning. Here are a few steps you can take to get going.

Stanford - Application Assembly and Integration - Instructions for How to Use Fetch or WS_FTP to GET a file from the UNIX Repository

WJH - Using FTP Fetch - Enter the Fetch program (It may be in the Apple menu or Network folder. If not, do a search on "fetch" from the finder using Find from the File menu.) - Enter the information requested. Normally the window pictured below will appear asking for connection information. If this window does not automatically appear, choose Open Connection from the File menu.

Washington - Fetch FTP on Your Macintosh - The Macintosh graphical interface makes Mac programs familiar and easy to use. But, until recently, if you wanted to transfer files between a remote computer and your Macintosh, you had to use FTP--a somewhat cryptic file transfer program with a character-based interface.

maricopa - Using Fetch to FTP - You will get a screen that looks like this. The "Open Connection" dialog box will automatically pop up when you enter the program but all the boxes, except the host box, will be empty. Usually you will type in the information yourself, especially if you are going off campus. But several of the most used servers on campus are ready for you in the shortcuts box at the bottom of the window. Type in:

ACT - Introduction to Fetch and FTP - To connect to another computer using FETCH you start FETCH, and you will be presented with a dialog box like the one below.

Wayne State University - Fetch File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Software - Fetch is an easy-to-use, file transfer client for the Apple Macintosh. Fetch supports FTP and SFTP, the two most popular file transfer protocols on the Internet.

Binghamton - Using Fetch to FTP Files on a MacIntosh - FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. It is the standard method of transferring files between computers on the Internet. There are a number of implementations of FTP available. Depending upon the implementation, FTP commands will either be entered on a command line or through a graphical user interface. Typical FTP operations include connecting to a remote computer, listing files and directories, and copying files from one system to another. FTP can also be invoked from a Web browser by entering a URL which begins with ftp:// (eg. ftp://ftp.binghamton.edu). Fetch is a user-friendly Macintosh FTP client.

NAU - Using Fetch to FTP - Once you've connected to the DANA server, you will get a window that looks something like this. (Except that your title bar should have dana.ucc.nau.edu and the directory would be your UserID rather than mjb9.)

Information Services - Using FTP Fetch - Fetch is a free-standing FTP client for Macintosh -- that is a program for sending documents to and receiving them from a separate computer. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is just the technical specification by which the sending and receiving computers understand each other. FTP is built into web authoring applications such as Home Page. This is what you use when you upload or download HTML, GIF and JPG files to and from the web server.

WikiPedia - Fetch (FTP client) - Fetch is a full-featured GUI-based Mac OS-only FTP client made by Fetch Softworks. The latest version of Fetch is 5.0.2; the long-awaited version 5 was released on May 24, 2005. In addition to basic FTP functionality, Fetch includes such features as editing files without having to download them and re-upload them. As of version 5.0, SFTP is also supported.

Cornell - Fetch: FTP for Macintosh - FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files over the Internet. Fetch is the FTP program distributed with the Macintosh version of Bear Access. You can use Fetch to retrieve copies of files from public servers that house collections of useful programs and archives of other information. You can also use Fetch to transfer copies of files from your computer to an FTP server on which you have an account (for example, a departmental computer or the CU People system).

MTSU - Transferring Files with WS_FTP (PC) and Fetch (Mac) - These programs can move any kind of information: images, data, and executables. At MTSU, FTP and Fetch are often used to upload HTML files from the personal computers on which they were written to frank, the mainframe server on which they will be stored. The programs are also useful for downloading files which an instructor may make available from a class account.

1Plan Host - Using Fetch for Macintosh - Fill in the boxes below …..

csupomona - FTP with Fetch - Fetch is a Macintosh FTP program that allows the user to transfer files to and from a remote computer using the mouse, folder icons etc...

Graphics3 - How to use Fetch for FTP - Double click on Fetch to get it running. You'll be presented with a dialog box. In the spaces provided, enter the name of the host you're trying to reach, the user ID you'll be using, and the password. If you want Fetch to start in a particular subdirectory once you make the connection, enter that in the "Directory:" box. Click "OK" when you're done. You'll enjoy playing with the "running dog" icon as Fetch establishes your connection.

Emporia - FTPing to the SLIM Server and Using Fetch (Macintosh) - This page contains instructions for using the FTP program Fetch, a Macintosh program, and includes instructions about connecting to the SLIM server. If you are using an IBM-compatible machine, you will probably want to look at and use the instructions for WS_FTP.


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